Update version.py and ChangeLog for 0.6.1
[snf-image-creator] / image_creator / dialog_util.py
2013-08-23 Nikos SkalkotosExtend the allowed cloud name characters
2013-06-19 Nikos SkalkotosCreate a new cloud wizard page
2013-06-18 Nikos SkalkotosChange the metadata file format to json
2013-06-18 Nikos SkalkotosComply with kamaki 0.9
2013-06-11 Nikos SkalkotosCode Cleanup
2013-05-27 Nikos SkalkotosShare the md5sum and meta file if image is public
2013-03-28 Nikos SkalkotosAdd missing docstrings
2013-03-26 Nikos SkalkotosRename DiskDevice class to Image
2012-10-19 Nikos SkalkotosAdd the media source in the background title
2012-10-03 Nikos SkalkotosFix missing imports introduced in 023e1217b32385ba
2012-09-04 Nikos SkalkotosCode cleanup and refactoring