Required Packages

DjNRO heavily depends on the following:

  • Python (<3 & >=2.6)
  • Django (>=1.2) - python-django
  • python-django-extensions
  • python-mysqldb (If you wish to use MySQL as the DB backend)
  • mysql-client-5.1
  • python-ipaddr
  • python-django-south (For database migrations)
  • python-django-tinymce (Flatpages editing made easier)
  • python-memcache (Yeap! You need that for Google maps locations caching)
  • python-django-registration (User activation made easy)
  • apache2 (We suggest apache - use your preferred one)
  • apache2-mod-rewrite
  • apache2-mod-wsgi
  • apache2-shibboleth : The server should be setup as a Shibboleth SP
  • A mail server - Tested with exim

Django Social Auth

User authentication via social media is carried out by the python-django-social-auth package. If your distro includes it, then go via your distro installation.

In any case we have included python-django-social-auth as an application inside the djnro Django project.

Django Social Auth: Requirements - Dependencies

  • python-django-social-auth
    • OpenId support depends on python-openid
    • OAuth support depends on python-oauth2