From 04/03/2012 to 05/02/2012


07:27 pm Revision 370ce61c: Merged all email files into one to make it easier to manage. Changed code acco...
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:14 pm Revision 552eaedd: Minor fixes in formset UI. Existing routes are checked against all routes
Leonidas Poulopoulos


12:08 pm Bug #2322 (Closed): Issue when rule is missing from device
Applied in changeset commit:"736b67bf664f35ea529cc1c2055791f8912089ca". Leonidas Poulopoulos
12:07 pm Revision 8188d3e9: Updated changelog with v0.8.6 changes
Leonidas Poulopoulos
12:02 pm Revision 736b67bf: Addressed issue where rule with ERROR status kept on being checked. Closes #2322
Leonidas Poulopoulos
11:25 am Revision b17c9716: Added a moving dot gif to response to indicate ongoing activity
Leonidas Poulopoulos
10:43 am Bug #2322 (Closed): Issue when rule is missing from device
When a rule is missing from device (eg. manually removed) the rule entry enters an ERROR state with "rule missing fro... Leonidas Poulopoulos
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