From 03/31/2013 to 04/29/2013


06:10 pm flowspy-0_9_8.tar.gz
Minor improvements Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:08 pm Revision 35e81722: Updated Changelog. Check before update
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:00 pm Revision d4e660c4: Add port checks plus a minor IP validation scheme
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:59 pm Revision acb313f6: Add badges iframe in footer
Leonidas Poulopoulos
04:18 pm Feature #3679 (New): suppress broadcast destination/source address
discard την .255 Michalis Mamalis
04:17 pm Bug #3678 (New): Allowed port range
Θα πρέπει οι allowed ports να είναι μέσα στο range 0-65535 (16 bit value) Michalis Mamalis


06:32 pm flowspy-0_9_7.tar.gz
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:59 pm Revision 861e8360: Add badges to rule status
Leonidas Poulopoulos


06:26 pm flowspy-0_9_6.tar.gz
v0.9.6: Added fragment type in match statement Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:23 pm Revision 5ea89abd: Update Changelog
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:12 pm Revision 23876499: Upodate translations
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:10 pm Revision 82d8e9a1: Deploy minor UI improvements/fixes
* Change button size
* Change 'Add Rule' button color
* Change wording from suspend to deactivate where it appears
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:09 pm Revision f86873f9: Change console button blinking color
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:08 pm Revision ae1a3e3f: Add fragment type in application form
Leonidas Poulopoulos
06:01 pm Revision a6e30e87: Add fragment type in views. Minor wording changes
* Add fragment type in critical values that trigger comm with the device
* Change wording from 'Suspending' to 'Deac...
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:58 pm Revision 59e24952: Add fragment type parsing in proxy
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:58 pm Revision 17dd87df: Add fragment type in notification mail
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:56 pm Revision e9592c36: Add fragment type in form clean
Add fragment type in RouteForm clean method. Not used yet but it
could be used in future checks for fragment type cla...
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:55 pm Revision dadbaed7: Add fragment type in admin
Leonidas Poulopoulos
05:54 pm Revision 95577dc2: Add fragment type model
* Add fragment type in models
* Add reconciliation checks for fragment type
* Generate south migrations
* Minor fi...
Leonidas Poulopoulos


06:41 pm Revision 7a1b3371: Move python path to top
Leonidas Poulopoulos
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