From 09/16/2007 to 10/15/2007


04:06 pm Revision 2f8598a5: Trivial typing fixups.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Alexander Schreiber
04:04 pm Revision b50f022f: Fix node daemon log file permissions
The creation of the log file for the node daemon lacks the mode
parameter, so after applying the current umask, the f...
Iustin Pop
03:16 pm Revision 8947cf2b: Do QA tests on “gnt-os“, including partially valid OSes.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
03:08 pm Revision 90ab92e3: Don't take unused parameter in{Info,Error}.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
02:45 pm Revision a2656173: Make “gnt-os diagnose” exit 1 if not all OSes are valid.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann


06:41 pm Revision d7e49c13: Small wording changes and fix checks.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
05:53 pm Revision 7900ed01: Remove some hardcoded names/paths from
This patch does the following:
- add constants.GANETI_RUNAS = "root", which is used to compute
the homedir (and...
Iustin Pop
05:33 pm Revision 4b62db14: Test “gnt-node evacuate” and “gnt-node failover” in QA.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
04:02 pm Revision 087b34fe: Add a generic write file function
Currently there are a few version of "write a file safely" in the code.
This patch adds a generic function that shoul...
Iustin Pop
03:30 pm Revision 71eca7c3: Do not walk the whole DATA_DIR on node leave
Since we remove only files from DATA_DIR and not from subdirectories,
let's not walk the entire tree, a simple listdi...
Iustin Pop
03:27 pm Revision 257f4c0a: Enhance GetHomeDir to accept either names or UIDs
Currently GetHomeDir accepts UIDs only. Enhance it to accept either a
user name or a user id, to allow for nicer usag...
Iustin Pop
03:26 pm Revision fbdb07b9: Reorder gnt-os simplify _GetAllOS and call it _DiagnoseByOS
Put some order in gnt-os putting helper functions above and command functions
below. Also add a new _DiagnoseOSName()...
Guido Trotter
02:19 pm Revision 216fe2f3: Fix ListOS which was broken
To do this we abstract the creation of the all_os dictionary, which was
produced in DiagnoseOS and use it both for li...
Guido Trotter


06:23 pm Revision 0e137c28: Some small improvements to the hooks environment
For the configuration update hook, it's useful to have a consistent name
for the target of the operation. As such, th...
Iustin Pop
06:23 pm Revision 6a4aa7c1: Implement post-configuration-update hook
This patch adds a special hook: the post-configuration update hook. This
hook has only a post phase that runs after a...
Iustin Pop
06:00 pm Revision 4167825b: Split the hooks env building in two parts
This patch moves some of the environment processing from _BuildEnv to a
new _RunWrapper command which does the string...
Iustin Pop
06:00 pm Revision 9a395a76: Move hook execution decision to HooksMaster
Currently, the HooksMaster creation and execution decision is in the
Processor class. This is not optimal, so we chan...
Iustin Pop
05:59 pm Revision f97a6b10: Remove cfg and sstore parameters to HooksMaster
The HooksMaster class doesn't use the cfg parameter, and it's better to
use it from the LU anyway (if needed). Let's ...
Iustin Pop
05:55 pm Revision 14e15659: Enable the ConfigWriter to keep track of updates
This allows external callers to determine if the configuration has been
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
05:47 pm Revision f5abe9bd: Docstring correction
Reviewed-by: iustinp Oleksiy Mishchenko
04:39 pm Revision 7e1394dc: Infrastructure for detailed instance restarts, part one
The beginning of the infrastructure for detailed instance restarts. Does
not affect behaviour if code yet.
Alexander Schreiber
03:04 pm Revision 59072e7e: Use the kernel's ability to generate UUIDs.
This removes the dependency on either the uuid module or e2fsprogs' uuidgen.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
11:02 am Revision 2f8b60b3: Add small function to read the homedir of a user
This can be used to replace hardcoded "/root/" paths.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


08:20 pm Revision 16abfbc2: Remove fping as a dependency for Ganeti.
This patch completely gets rid of fping
- replace all fping invocations with TcpPing calls
- update documentation ...
Alexander Schreiber
06:51 pm Revision 23269c5b: Colours and warnings.
- Implement colours in qa_utils.
- Print warning for cron script.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
06:06 pm Revision 01ca31ae: Some small fixes to utils.GenerateTable
This adds:
- fix the case when a dumb caller didn't stringify its values
- explicitly raise a ProgrammerError in ...
Iustin Pop
05:04 pm Revision 3023170f: Fix AskUser to not die on extra input
Currently, AskUser dies with -ESPIPE if the user gives more than one
character plus newline. This is because the pyth...
Iustin Pop
04:05 pm Revision 781b2b2b: Exit ganeti-watcher cleanly when there's no configuration.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
02:10 pm Revision a5bc662a: Implement gnt-node evacuate
This patch adds a new 'evacuate' subcommand to gnt-node. The command
will do a replace disks for all instances having...
Iustin Pop
01:58 pm Revision f00b46bc: Make Xen DomU kernel and initrd configurable at build time.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:09 pm Revision 832aef24: Add preliminary developer notes.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:00 pm Revision 2f31098c: Remove the shebang from modules
Since modules are not directly executables, remove the shebang from
them. This helps with lintian warnings.
Also mak...
Iustin Pop
11:12 am Revision 5a3103e9: Detect node restarts and reactivate disks.
- Change format of watcher state file to JSON.
- Move log path for watcher script to
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann


04:48 pm Revision c450e9b0: Implement node failover
This patch implements a simple failover command for failing over all
primary instances. This is just a batched form o...
Iustin Pop
04:01 pm Revision 86208a02: Do not install init script in PREFIX/bin.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
02:15 pm Revision b07a9f05: Refactor DiagnoseOS
The new version debugs Hidden OSes as well.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
12:13 pm Revision 0c434948: Fix a wrong exception name
This was introduced in rev 208.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
12:13 pm Revision 73702ee7: Separate error formatting out of cli.GenericMain
This patch moves the error formatting into a separate function that will
be exported so that scripts that execute mul...
Iustin Pop
10:42 am Revision fe4cc679: Revert a debugging 'raise' from rev 195
As far as I understand, this was just a debugging aid. Remove it so that
configuration errors are nicely handled.
Iustin Pop
10:39 am Revision 9f33ef86: Enhance cli.SubmitOpcode to use custom parameters
This patch allows the SubmitOpcode function to take a pre-created
Processor instance and a different feedback functio...
Iustin Pop


06:18 pm Revision 3ef10550: Add boot id to “gnt-node list”.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
06:12 pm Revision b9ea6acb: Add handler for errors.TagError
This patch adds a simple handler for TagError that prints the error
(better than having a stack dump).
Reviewed-by: ...
Iustin Pop
06:12 pm Revision 810c50b7: Add source file option for {add,remove}-tags
This patch adds a '--from' option to the {add,remove}-tags commands that
allows the command to read from a file or fr...
Iustin Pop
06:11 pm Revision cc425644: Update man pages for the tags operations
This adds documentation on the {list,add,remove}-tags commands to the
gnt-{cluster,node,instance} man pages.
Iustin Pop
06:11 pm Revision 75f49d9b: Change gnt-cluster.sgml to use refsect2
This brings this man page in conformity to gnt-node and (partially) to
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
06:11 pm Revision 846baef9: Implement command-line tags support
This patch adds generic functions for tag manipulations to and
modifies gnt-{cluster,node,instance} to export ...
Iustin Pop
06:10 pm Revision f27302fa: Change tags add/remove to process multiple tags
This patch changes the tags opcodes to work with multiple tags at once
instead of only one. As such, the opcodes and ...
Iustin Pop
06:10 pm Revision b60ae2ca: Fix super() calls for objects.Cluster
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
06:10 pm Revision 8f684e16: Fix tags operations for instances
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
05:42 pm Revision 334d1483: Extend GenericMain with a way to override options
This allows scripts to pass options to generic functions (options that
are not visible in the command line).
Iustin Pop
05:26 pm Revision 1977857b: Don't remove when doing maintainer-clean.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:48 pm Revision d5835922: Use indenting if supported by simplejson.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:03 pm Revision 9ff7e35c: Fix “make distcheck”.
- Move symlink to “ganeti” to top dir
- Add to tests to be run
- Make sure everything is bu...
Michael Hanselmann
11:59 am Revision eedbda4b: Add function to list files in a directory, excluding those beginning with a
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann


06:49 pm Revision 0ee60a28: Remove redundant check.
This isdir() check leads to a broken error message. Even fixing it creates some
cases in which the error message is n...
Guido Trotter
03:40 pm Revision 97a37b3f: Forgotten files from last commit, NEWS and
Reviewed-by: iustinp, ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
02:51 pm Revision 305a7297: Ship (and display) path for InvalidOS errors too.
- Document the expected change to errors.InvalidOS
- Always pass the additional argument
- Modify DiagnoseOS output t...
Guido Trotter
02:33 pm Revision 319856a9: Change configuration storage format from Pickle to JSON.
- Add NEWS file with major changes between versions.
- Bump RPC version number
- No longer serialize in RPC, but just...
Michael Hanselmann
01:41 pm Revision 694e2444: Fix OS Diagnose in light of the new OS Search path (Part One).
As of now only the last OS was taken into consideration by diagnose, fix by
storing them all and displaying for now o...
Guido Trotter


05:11 pm Revision 56bcd3f4: Second part of the OS search path cleanup
Abstract the _OSSearch function, to look for an OS in the search path
Make OSFromDisk accept an optional base_dir, ra...
Guido Trotter
02:21 pm Revision c26dabd7: Make parameter os_dir mandatory for _OSOndiskversion.
First part of the OS search path cleanup. _OSOndiskversion is only ever called
once, and with that argument set, so l...
Guido Trotter


03:50 pm Revision 99e8bbde: Add warning on gnt-node add operation.
People might not have read all the documentation and might not expect their ssh configuration
and specially keys to b...
Guido Trotter
10:41 am Revision 2007c9be: Print automake warnings.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann


05:31 pm Revision 6f1bebf9: Import utils into unittest.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann


12:39 pm Revision 7c3d51d4: Change constants.OS_DIR with constants.OS_SEARCH_PATH which includes all the
directories which can contain OS scripts.
The list defaults to the current one but can be changed at configure time....
Guido Trotter


07:02 pm Revision 68dccc07: Make the default export path configurable.
This is needed to improve FHS compliance for distribution integration.
The need was discussed on the alioth pkg-ganet...
Guido Trotter
04:03 pm Revision 081b1e69: Prevent race condition in CreateBackup().
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
04:00 pm Revision 283f9d4c: Add more QA tests.
Added tests:
- “gnt-cluster getmaster”
- “gnt-cluster version”
- “gnt-instance list”
- “gnt-instance reinstall”
Michael Hanselmann
03:20 pm Revision 8f106515: Specify in the helpstring that --with-ssh-initscripts expects an argument
Reviewed-by: imsnah Guido Trotter
03:18 pm Revision a181730e: Pass required ip_check parameter to OpCreateInstance in gnt-backup.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann


09:27 pm Revision 5d640672: Enhance QA.
- Test “gnt-backup export” and “gnt-backup import”.
- Move “ResolveInstanceName” to
- Fix tests for “gan...
Michael Hanselmann


05:22 pm Revision 24d48647: Integrate Leonardo's LSB init script patch
Reviewed-By: imsnah Guido Trotter
04:04 pm Revision f491c3a8: Rename constants for SSH init script by Iustin's request.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
02:41 pm Revision 26a4b8d7: Ignore man/*.in.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
02:41 pm Revision c6b8baba: Add configure option for init.d/ssh script. This is useful for distributions
with the script named differently than Debian.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Michael Hanselmann


06:03 pm Revision 5b209f0c: Remove mkdir from man/ because mktemp creates the directory before.
Thanks to Christoph Rauch for reporting the problem.
Reviewed-By: iustinp
Guido Trotter
03:03 pm Revision 26c7e094: Replace paths in ganeti-watcher.sgml.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
11:41 am Revision ff9c047c: Implement to/from dict conversion for ConfigObject(s)
This change allows instances of ConfigObject and its children to be
converted to and from standard python types. This...
Iustin Pop


05:59 pm Revision ec29fe40: Change class hierarchy in
It makes sense to make the TaggableObject a child of the ConfigObject,
since in this case we can derive the Instance,...
Iustin Pop
04:37 pm Revision 89e1fc26: Remove requirement that host names are FQDN
We currently require that hostnames are FQDN not short names
( instead of node1). We can allow short...
Iustin Pop
04:36 pm Revision 619fdc8e: Move a constant from ganeti-master to
The EXIT_NODESETUP_ERROR is a useful constant and ganeti-watcher could
use it too. This patch moves it to constants.p...
Iustin Pop
03:25 pm Revision e9f745aa: Fix tools/burnin w.r.t. OpCreateInstance.ip_check
Since we added a new, required parameter to OpCreateInstance, we need to
update burnin to build the correct opcode.
Iustin Pop
03:23 pm Revision 2057f6c7: Add __slots__ on TaggableObject
Unless we use __slots__ on all parents, we don't get the benefits that
__slots__ bring. This patch adds this attribut...
Iustin Pop


10:26 am Revision 804a1e8e: Ask for confirmation when touching multiple instances
This patch makes the new startup/shutdown multi-instance operations to
ask for confirmation when touching more than o...
Iustin Pop


05:24 pm Revision 47988778: Improve the cli.AskUser() function
This patch improves the AskUser function by allowing it to:
- choose from multiple choices (instead of only y/n)
- ...
Iustin Pop
04:52 pm Revision bdd55f71: Allow 'add instance' to not start the new instance
This patch allows 'gnt-instance add' to not start the newly-created
instance. It also allow 'gnt-instance add' and 'g...
Iustin Pop
09:56 am Revision bcf043c9: Change resolved hostname from dict to a class
The current result of utils.LookupHostname() is a dict, but this does
not allow static checkers to check the correctn...
Iustin Pop


03:42 pm Revision 07bd8a51: Implement cluster rename operation
This patch adds a new OpCode (and corresponding LU) that implements the
cluster rename functionality.
This is done b...
Iustin Pop
11:06 am Revision 4ab0b9e3: Fix a docstring
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter


05:04 pm Revision 4ca1b175: Cleanup up selective imports for utils and utils unit test.
Reviewed-by: iustinp, imsnah Alexander Schreiber
02:53 pm Revision 9716fdce: A few minor fixes in
This uses the recently-added Instance.FindDisk() method instead of
hard coded find-disk code.
It also renames one pa...
Iustin Pop
02:52 pm Revision decd5f45: Implement instance rename operation
This patch adds support for instance rename operation at all remaining
layers: RPC, OpCode/LU and CLI.
Reviewed-by: ...
Iustin Pop
02:18 pm Revision 2c30e9d7: Added TcpPing to do ping-alike via TCP connect(2) with defined source address.
To be used to replace the currently fping(8) based reachability test.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Alexander Schreiber
01:52 pm Revision 386b57af: Add support for rename operation in the OS API
This patch adds support for renaming at OS level. Because of this, we
need to bump up the version of the OS api from ...
Iustin Pop
12:12 pm Revision 312ac745: Allow start/stop of multiple instances at once
This is an initial version of the multi-instance start/stop, which
allows the gnt-instance startup and shutdown subco...
Iustin Pop
12:10 pm Revision fc95f88f: Add rename instance support to ConfigWriter
This patch adds support for renaming instances to the ConfigWriter
class. It's needed in here in order to guarantee t...
Iustin Pop
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