From 10/09/2007 to 11/07/2007


05:53 pm Revision 0834c866: Enhance secondary node replace for drbd8
This (big) patch does two things:
- add "local disk status" to the block device checks
Iustin Pop
04:33 pm Revision e3c826ec: Indentation fixes for docs.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
02:39 pm Revision 4677a909: Update docs for the removed --secondary-node option.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
01:48 pm Revision 7dd30006: Check whether init.d script is executable.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann


07:04 pm Revision 113b8d89: Adapt QA tests for removed --secondary-node option.
Michael Hanselmann
07:04 pm Revision 60d49723: Remove --secondary-node option.
Replace --secondary-node option with an optional parameter for --node. Michael Hanselmann
07:01 pm Revision cff90b79: Enhance DBRD8 disk replacement (same nodes)
This patch adds enhanced reporting and much more checks to the disk
replacement (when not switching the secondary).
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 9db6dbce: Implement degraded status for logical volumes
Logical volumes can be 'degraded' in a similar way to mirrored devices,
when their underlying storage has gone away (...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 0fbbf897: Add better error logging functions for LUs
Currently, some LUs use logger.Error, others just feedback_fn, etc. This
patch adds three functions to mcpu.Processor...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 03ece5f3: Enhance mirror operations for DRBD8
Currently, the mirror operations (add and remove children) test against
the instance's attributes. This patch changes...
Iustin Pop
07:00 pm Revision fc1dc9d7: Allow DRBD8 operation without backing storage
This patch adds the following functionality:
- DRBD8 devices can assemble without local storage (done by allowing
Iustin Pop
07:00 pm Revision 583e3f6f: Make DRBD8 disks show 'degraded' status if diskless
This patch enables the bdev.DRBD8 class report a degraded status if the
local disk is missing. This allows `gnt-insta...
Iustin Pop
07:00 pm Revision e739bd57: Change the way remove children is called in bdev
For some cases, we don't have to have access to the children of a device
in order to remove them (e.g. md over lvs, o...
Iustin Pop
06:55 pm Revision 222f2dd5: Add a support function to objects.Disk
This patch adds a function returning the device path if it is computable
from the disk object (and we don't need to i...
Iustin Pop


11:22 pm Revision e2e521d0: Small cleanup for error formatting
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop
07:59 pm Revision c7b46d59: Handle missing init script at cluster init
This patch adds a check in the prereq of LUInitCluster for the existence
of the init script. This allows a clean abo...
Iustin Pop
05:08 pm Revision cf5a8306: Fix a unhandled error case in device creation
The block device creation process is the following:
- device create
- device assembly (on primary or depending on...
Iustin Pop
05:06 pm Revision 65fe4693: Miscellaneous style fixes
This patch fixes some minor pylint warnings (unused variables, wrong
indentation, etc.) and a real bug in the recover...
Iustin Pop
02:19 pm Revision d74c2ca1: Test tag functionality.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
02:18 pm Revision 62843684: Merge three small cluster tests into one.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
02:14 pm Revision 24818e8f: Rename utils.GetUUID to utils.NewUUID.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
02:44 am Revision 8ee53a06: Bump protocol version up
The OS cleanup patches change the wire protocol. Increment the protocol number
by one.
Reviewed-By: iustinp
Guido Trotter
02:43 am Revision dfa96ded: Convert os_get to use OS rather than InvalidOS
In order to do this for simplicity we leave the OSFromDisk function as-is and
we convert the eventual exception to an...
Guido Trotter
02:43 am Revision 4e679f11: Simplify diagnose mangling/unmangling functions
The functions in ganeti-noded and still deal with the fact that an
InvalidOS error could be returned by Diagno...
Guido Trotter
02:43 am Revision 8fa42c7c: Make DiagnoseOS use the modified OS objects
Modify so that DiagnoseOS only returns OS objects rather than
InvalidOS errors, and make sure gnt-os under...
Guido Trotter
02:42 am Revision d2c807e4: Create OS from an InvalidOS error
Add a new FromInvalidOS static function to objects.OS that makes it easy to
create an object representing a broken OS...
Guido Trotter
02:42 am Revision 37482e7b: Make the OS object able to represent broken OSes
Till now the OS object just represents a correct OS instance. Change it so it
can represent a broken one too, by add...
Guido Trotter
01:26 am Revision 519bfbae: Add option to burnin only a given set of nodes
This patch adds a '-n' option to burnin that takes a comma-separated
list of nodes to perform the burnin on.
Iustin Pop


06:10 am Revision 00fe9e38: Make call_os_get a single node function
call_os_get is never called with a real list of nodes, so there's no point in
it being multi-node. Making it single-n...
Guido Trotter
05:37 am Revision 74b4217d: Fix two typos in a doc string
Remove a wrong "i" and add a missing ")" to the DiagnoseOS function doc string.
Reviewed-By: iustinp
Guido Trotter


08:55 am Revision 73415719: Implement tag searching
This patch adds a search command for locating tags on all objects of the
cluster using a regex pattern.
Iustin Pop


05:51 pm Revision 830da270: Test “gnt-cluster command”.
Also check whether file contents are correct for both “gnt-cluster command” and
“gnt-cluster copyfile”.
Michael Hanselmann
03:44 pm Revision 3f78eef2: Implement device to instance mapping cache
Currently, troubleshooting DRBD problems involves a manual process of going
backwards from the DRBD device to the ins...
Iustin Pop
03:43 pm Revision 79f87a76: Improve burnin with regard to drbd8
Allow burnin to use the new drbd8 template (for which case one needs to
disable replacement of disks, burnin does yet...
Iustin Pop
03:43 pm Revision be345db0: Update the dev_path on LVs on rename
When renaming a logical volume, we should change the dev_path (and other
internal variables) in order to be consisten...
Iustin Pop
03:10 am Revision 25a915d0: Revision 302 is broken, this fixes it
I forgot a pair of parentheses in that revision which break the common
case. This patch adds them.
Reviewed-by: ultr...
Iustin Pop


11:40 pm Revision 073ca59e: Fix printing of unconfigured DRBD devices
If the device is unconfigured (not yet did SetDiskID for it ever), it
might have a physical_id of None. This patch fi...
Iustin Pop
07:51 pm Revision d06565e0: Remove two trailing whitespaces
Ok, I've been battling with those for a while but it seems
in the end I forgot to get rid of them! :( Doing it explic...
Guido Trotter
07:48 pm Revision 2527691a: Move blank lines inside function messages
This patch changes whitespace only. It fixes all the functions in script/gnt-os
by putting a white line at the end of...
Guido Trotter
07:48 pm Revision dd96409a: Add empty line after each diagnose OS-Node set
Reviewed-By: imsnah Guido Trotter
07:46 pm Revision 107b0ccb: Modify the displayed format for gnt-os diagnose
Get rid of the tabulated form and create a simplier indented structure.
Now a valid OS looks something like:
OS: foo...
Guido Trotter
07:44 pm Revision 48f85f75: Change the way to compute the first os status message
Use both _DiagnoseOSStatus and _DiagnoseOSPath to calculate the message
associated with the first entry found on a n...
Guido Trotter
07:44 pm Revision 5efc50fc: Separate OS status and path
Make _DiagnoseOSStatus only return a status message for the OS diagnose object
and create a new _DiagnoseOSPath funct...
Guido Trotter
07:22 pm Revision 5d0fe286: Whitespace fixes
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop
04:31 pm Revision dfe11bad: Cleanup colouring functions.
Make the code somewhat smaller. Disable disk failure test for master for now.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal
Michael Hanselmann
03:54 pm Revision b1ffe1eb: Cleanup QA scripts.
- Split main() function into several small ones.
- Current work on disk failure tests. This is not yet finished.
- Fi...
Michael Hanselmann


10:12 pm Revision 80de0e3f: Revert "Implement multi-failover options"
This reverts commit 289, as the node failover functionality was already
implemented in gnt-node (as opposed to gnt-in...
Iustin Pop
05:19 pm Revision 22d31e49: Fix usage of OpReplaceDisks.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
04:57 pm Revision bcee9cb4: Small improvements to multi-instance selections
This patch fixes the documentation in a few cases and adds handling of
the situation where no instance is selected du...
Iustin Pop
04:56 pm Revision 36c87212: Implement multi-failover options
This patch adds the same style of multi-instance selection as in
shutdown/startup to the failover subcommand, with th...
Iustin Pop
04:56 pm Revision 24a40d57: More sane handling of errors during failover
Currently we ignore errors on instance shutdown (on the source node)
during instance failover. We should do this only...
Iustin Pop
04:55 pm Revision 50ff9a7a: Fix bridge checking in instance failover
The current code checks the bridge on the primary node of the instance,
but we need to check it on the destination no...
Iustin Pop


05:09 pm Revision 4cc2a728: Fix _UpdateEtcHosts to understand empty lines.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann


10:09 pm Revision 1a8c0ce1: Change the signature of some methods of mcpu.Processor
This patch moves the passing of the feedback_fn argument from the
(Exec|Chain)OpCode to the initialization of the Pro...
Iustin Pop
07:05 pm Revision ce838ee3: Remove a redundant assignment
The major is declared in the base class, we do not need to overwrite it.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
07:05 pm Revision 0ede5336: Fix some style issues (whitespace changes only)
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
06:02 pm Revision 233d06c5: Fix a non-clear error message
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
05:49 pm Revision a9e0c397: Implement replace-disks for drbd8 devices
This patch adds three modes of disk replacement for drbd8:
- replace the disk on the primary node
- replace the d...
Iustin Pop
05:47 pm Revision b00b95dd: Allow drbd8 devices to work without local storage
This patch adds functionality to drbd8 for:
- removing local storage
- initializing without local storage
- add...
Iustin Pop
05:44 pm Revision f3e513ad: Implement block device renaming
This patch add code for renaming a device; more precisely, for changing
the unique_id of the device. This means:
- ...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision cc0451f3: Convert ListOS to use the all helper function.
The predicate function gets build by a lambda function.
Also add a bit of debugging information to the 'unknown OS di...
Guido Trotter


04:32 pm Revision 78feb6fb: Import two itertools recipes
The two function 'any' and 'all' are copied as-is from the python 2.4
documentation for the itertools module. They ar...
Guido Trotter


01:25 pm Revision 65a15336: Add a custom str() method for objects.Disk
This is done in order to easy debugging of disk-related issues.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


02:22 pm Revision 153d9724: Modify two mirror-device related rpc calls
The two calls mirror_addchild and mirror_removechild take only one child
for addition/removal. While this is enough f...
Iustin Pop


05:43 pm Revision a1f445d3: Initial implementation of drbd8 template type
This is a partially working drbd8 template type. It does:
- add/remove
- startup/failover/shutdown
Not working i...
Iustin Pop
05:41 pm Revision f38478b2: Allow DRBD8 to sync after sb1-pri with no changes
Currently the way we shutdown or startup disks seems to make DRBD8
unhappy. Until we rewrite the sequence of (de)acti...
Iustin Pop
05:23 pm Revision b352ab5b: Fix a disk handling bug triggered by failover
This leaves an instance's disks configured for the primary node as after
disk activation we want to start the instanc...
Iustin Pop
04:30 pm Revision a2cfdea2: Add DRBD8 class for handling drbd version 8.x
This duplicates some code from the DRBDev class, but not very much, and
it will be expanded with the new functionalit...
Iustin Pop
04:30 pm Revision ae26a287: Move/rename _IsValidMeta to base drbd class
The DRBDev._IsValidMeta only checks for the metadata device size. Since
this is a useful check (but not complete) for...
Iustin Pop
04:24 pm Revision 5a47ad20: More abstractions from DRBD7 to base class
This moves the _SetFromMinor and _MassageProcData to the base class.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
04:24 pm Revision 0caf6485: Improve out-of-minors handling
Currently, the out-of-minors handling is not very good: though both MD
and DRBD functions for finding an unused minor...
Iustin Pop
04:23 pm Revision 770fe0f9: Move some methods from DRBDev to BaseDRBD
Since some of the methods and constants are valid for both 0.7 and 8.x
versions, we move them to the base class.
Iustin Pop


02:49 pm Revision aa4260ca: Some tiny style fixes
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
02:48 pm Revision 0f7f32d9: Split some DRBD functionality based on versions
This is a small split of some functionality from the DRBDev class into a
base drbd class that holds just a few things...
Iustin Pop
02:48 pm Revision fe96220b: Abstract more strings values into constants
Currently, the disk types are defined using constants in the code.
Convert those into constants so that we can easily...
Iustin Pop


04:02 pm Revision e8ae0c20: Implement disk failure QA test.
Testing failure on the primary node is currently disabled due to drbd problems.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
01:26 pm Revision 579d4337: Patch series for reboot feature, part 3
This patch series implements the reboot command for gnt-instance. It
supports three types of reboot: soft (hypervisor...
Alexander Schreiber
01:25 pm Revision bf6929a2: Patch series for reboot feature, part 2
This patch series implements the reboot command for gnt-instance. It
supports three types of reboot: soft (hypervisor...
Alexander Schreiber


06:00 pm Revision 007a2f3e: Patch series for reboot feature, part 1
This patch series implements the reboot command for gnt-instance. It
supports three types of reboot: soft (hypervisor...
Alexander Schreiber
05:36 pm Revision fafa5990: Fix unit tests for hooks.
Reviewed-by: imsnah Alexander Schreiber


06:27 pm Revision 6a438c98: Make “gnt-cluster verify” exit 0 if there's no problem with instances.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
05:45 pm Revision 86b8c6ae: tiny typing fixup
Reviewed-by: imsnah Alexander Schreiber
05:30 pm Revision f55ff7ec: Add the number of VCPUs in gnt-instance info
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
04:51 pm Revision 1d67656e: Allow force removal of instances
This patch adds a new option to the instance removal command
"--ignore-failures" that forces the removal of the insta...
Iustin Pop
11:28 am Revision 70d9e3d8: Replace more ssh paths with proper constants
The node's ssh keys filenames are now provided as constants; this should
allow easier customization.
Also, the user'...
Iustin Pop


04:06 pm Revision 2f8598a5: Trivial typing fixups.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Alexander Schreiber
04:04 pm Revision b50f022f: Fix node daemon log file permissions
The creation of the log file for the node daemon lacks the mode
parameter, so after applying the current umask, the f...
Iustin Pop
03:16 pm Revision 8947cf2b: Do QA tests on “gnt-os“, including partially valid OSes.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
03:08 pm Revision 90ab92e3: Don't take unused parameter in{Info,Error}.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
02:45 pm Revision a2656173: Make “gnt-os diagnose” exit 1 if not all OSes are valid.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann


06:41 pm Revision d7e49c13: Small wording changes and fix checks.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
05:53 pm Revision 7900ed01: Remove some hardcoded names/paths from
This patch does the following:
- add constants.GANETI_RUNAS = "root", which is used to compute
the homedir (and...
Iustin Pop
05:33 pm Revision 4b62db14: Test “gnt-node evacuate” and “gnt-node failover” in QA.
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Michael Hanselmann
04:02 pm Revision 087b34fe: Add a generic write file function
Currently there are a few version of "write a file safely" in the code.
This patch adds a generic function that shoul...
Iustin Pop
03:30 pm Revision 71eca7c3: Do not walk the whole DATA_DIR on node leave
Since we remove only files from DATA_DIR and not from subdirectories,
let's not walk the entire tree, a simple listdi...
Iustin Pop
03:27 pm Revision 257f4c0a: Enhance GetHomeDir to accept either names or UIDs
Currently GetHomeDir accepts UIDs only. Enhance it to accept either a
user name or a user id, to allow for nicer usag...
Iustin Pop
03:26 pm Revision fbdb07b9: Reorder gnt-os simplify _GetAllOS and call it _DiagnoseByOS
Put some order in gnt-os putting helper functions above and command functions
below. Also add a new _DiagnoseOSName()...
Guido Trotter
02:19 pm Revision 216fe2f3: Fix ListOS which was broken
To do this we abstract the creation of the all_os dictionary, which was
produced in DiagnoseOS and use it both for li...
Guido Trotter


06:23 pm Revision 0e137c28: Some small improvements to the hooks environment
For the configuration update hook, it's useful to have a consistent name
for the target of the operation. As such, th...
Iustin Pop
06:23 pm Revision 6a4aa7c1: Implement post-configuration-update hook
This patch adds a special hook: the post-configuration update hook. This
hook has only a post phase that runs after a...
Iustin Pop
06:00 pm Revision 4167825b: Split the hooks env building in two parts
This patch moves some of the environment processing from _BuildEnv to a
new _RunWrapper command which does the string...
Iustin Pop
06:00 pm Revision 9a395a76: Move hook execution decision to HooksMaster
Currently, the HooksMaster creation and execution decision is in the
Processor class. This is not optimal, so we chan...
Iustin Pop
05:59 pm Revision f97a6b10: Remove cfg and sstore parameters to HooksMaster
The HooksMaster class doesn't use the cfg parameter, and it's better to
use it from the LU anyway (if needed). Let's ...
Iustin Pop
05:55 pm Revision 14e15659: Enable the ConfigWriter to keep track of updates
This allows external callers to determine if the configuration has been
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
05:47 pm Revision f5abe9bd: Docstring correction
Reviewed-by: iustinp Oleksiy Mishchenko
04:39 pm Revision 7e1394dc: Infrastructure for detailed instance restarts, part one
The beginning of the infrastructure for detailed instance restarts. Does
not affect behaviour if code yet.
Alexander Schreiber
03:04 pm Revision 59072e7e: Use the kernel's ability to generate UUIDs.
This removes the dependency on either the uuid module or e2fsprogs' uuidgen.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
11:02 am Revision 2f8b60b3: Add small function to read the homedir of a user
This can be used to replace hardcoded "/root/" paths.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


08:20 pm Revision 16abfbc2: Remove fping as a dependency for Ganeti.
This patch completely gets rid of fping
- replace all fping invocations with TcpPing calls
- update documentation ...
Alexander Schreiber
06:51 pm Revision 23269c5b: Colours and warnings.
- Implement colours in qa_utils.
- Print warning for cron script.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
06:06 pm Revision 01ca31ae: Some small fixes to utils.GenerateTable
This adds:
- fix the case when a dumb caller didn't stringify its values
- explicitly raise a ProgrammerError in ...
Iustin Pop
05:04 pm Revision 3023170f: Fix AskUser to not die on extra input
Currently, AskUser dies with -ESPIPE if the user gives more than one
character plus newline. This is because the pyth...
Iustin Pop
04:05 pm Revision 781b2b2b: Exit ganeti-watcher cleanly when there's no configuration.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
02:10 pm Revision a5bc662a: Implement gnt-node evacuate
This patch adds a new 'evacuate' subcommand to gnt-node. The command
will do a replace disks for all instances having...
Iustin Pop
01:58 pm Revision f00b46bc: Make Xen DomU kernel and initrd configurable at build time.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:09 pm Revision 832aef24: Add preliminary developer notes.
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
01:00 pm Revision 2f31098c: Remove the shebang from modules
Since modules are not directly executables, remove the shebang from
them. This helps with lintian warnings.
Also mak...
Iustin Pop
11:12 am Revision 5a3103e9: Detect node restarts and reactivate disks.
- Change format of watcher state file to JSON.
- Move log path for watcher script to
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann


04:48 pm Revision c450e9b0: Implement node failover
This patch implements a simple failover command for failing over all
primary instances. This is just a batched form o...
Iustin Pop
04:01 pm Revision 86208a02: Do not install init script in PREFIX/bin.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Michael Hanselmann
02:15 pm Revision b07a9f05: Refactor DiagnoseOS
The new version debugs Hidden OSes as well.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
12:13 pm Revision 0c434948: Fix a wrong exception name
This was introduced in rev 208.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
12:13 pm Revision 73702ee7: Separate error formatting out of cli.GenericMain
This patch moves the error formatting into a separate function that will
be exported so that scripts that execute mul...
Iustin Pop
10:42 am Revision fe4cc679: Revert a debugging 'raise' from rev 195
As far as I understand, this was just a debugging aid. Remove it so that
configuration errors are nicely handled.
Iustin Pop
10:39 am Revision 9f33ef86: Enhance cli.SubmitOpcode to use custom parameters
This patch allows the SubmitOpcode function to take a pre-created
Processor instance and a different feedback functio...
Iustin Pop
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