From 12/09/2007 to 01/07/2008


06:34 pm Revision 61854511: Fix a typo in the ‘gnt-instance’ manpage
Reviewed-by: schreiberal Iustin Pop
06:34 pm Revision 6634816b: Fix ‘make distcheck’ breakage introduced in r455
This patch fixes the ‘make distcheck’ breakage caused by missing test data in
the archive and missing handling of bui...
Iustin Pop
03:30 pm Revision b63ed789: Improve verify-disks: broken/missing LV detection
This patch improves the ‘gnt-cluster verify-disks’ command by adding
support for detecting broken volume groups and m...
Iustin Pop
03:29 pm Revision 5574047a: Activate logical volumes at Assemble() time
This patch changes the Assemble() method for logical volumes from a noop
to do a `lvchange -ay` on the logical volume...
Iustin Pop
03:28 pm Revision be1ba2bd: Improve speed of activating block devs
This patch fixes the double attach operation in bdev.AttachOrAssemble,
which was an indentation mistake in the first ...
Iustin Pop
01:22 pm Revision 3840729d: Add unittest for DRBD8 drdbsetup show parser
This patch changes the bdev.DRBD8._GetDevInfo to take a string instead
of a minor, separates the `drbdsetup show` inv...
Iustin Pop


12:05 pm Revision f3a55c90: Document variable MAC support to gnt-instance.
Document the ability to set and change the MAC address for instances.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Alexander Schreiber


05:31 pm Revision 1862d460: Allow instance MAC address to be set.
Allow the MAC address of an instance to be specified optionally during
instance creation and later to be changed via ...
Alexander Schreiber


04:00 pm Revision bf6fe28b: HVM proof-of-concept documentation
Update documentation to document the HVM proof-of-concept.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Alexander Schreiber


06:47 pm Revision 2a6469d5: Proof-of-Concept HVM support for Ganeti.
This patch implements a first proof-of-concept for HVM support in Ganeti.
Due to the nature of this patch, it is inte...
Alexander Schreiber
03:59 pm Revision 01121d61: Error handling for instance config file creation
Wrap error handling around creating the instance config file.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Alexander Schreiber
11:58 am Revision 631eb662: Use a generic Xen hypervisor interface.
Abstract the parts of the Xen hypervisor interface shared by both PVM and
HVM into a generic interface, subclass the ...
Alexander Schreiber


01:11 pm Revision 9c233417: Make utils.RunCmd() deal with interleaved stdout/stderr
Currently, RunCmd is written with the assumption that programs will have
a small stderr output, therefore we read the...
Iustin Pop


04:25 pm Revision 30989e69: Internal API change for instance console access.
Change the internal hypervisor API for GetShellCommandForConsole, we
now call it with the instance instead of just th...
Alexander Schreiber
04:05 pm Revision 2584d4a4: cleanup for hypervisor constants
Move constant definitions for hypervisor into
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Alexander Schreiber
01:04 pm Revision 79caa9ed: Specify hint as a named argument
hint is declared as a named argument for the LogWarning function. Make its
caller pass it naming it.
Reviewed-by: iu...
Guido Trotter


04:53 pm Revision 58acb49d: Add instance port support.
Extends the instance object by adding a port item, also adds changes
to print this port via gnt-instance info.
Alexander Schreiber
04:50 pm Revision bb987157: Make note about minimum version of drbd 8 required
Since 8.0.6 and lower have issues that break Ganeti's usage of drbd,
this patch notes the required version of DRBD.
Iustin Pop


05:18 pm Revision 36c68ff1: Handle ^C while trying to acquire the lock
When waiting for the lock and pressing ^C, the user will get a backtrace
as the KeyboardInterrupt exception is not ha...
Iustin Pop
03:13 pm Revision ed2d1409: Update the man page for ‘gnt-cluster’
This adds some information about the new ‘verify-disks’ command.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
03:13 pm Revision d2f311db: Modify ‘ganeti-watcher’ to run verify-disks
This patch modifies the watcher to run the ‘gnt-cluster verify-disks’
command and to log its output (if any).
Iustin Pop
03:13 pm Revision f4d4e184: Add the ‘gnt-cluster verify-disks’ command
This patch adds the OpVerifyDisks handling in and the
verify-disks command in the gnt-cluster script, which f...
Iustin Pop
03:13 pm Revision 2c95a8d4: Add LUVerifyDisks
This patch adds a new LUVerifyDisks that implements the OpVerifyDisks.
The algorithm is that by determining not-used ...
Iustin Pop
03:13 pm Revision 150e978f: Add a new OpVerifyDisks opcode
This patch adds the definition of a new opcode that will be used to
compute the list of instances with not-online dis...
Iustin Pop


06:25 pm Revision cb2037a2: Return more data in rpc.call_volume_list
Currently, the volume_list call returns only the volume size. However,
it is useful to also have two other things: th...
Iustin Pop
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