From 04/03/2008 to 05/02/2008


12:36 pm Revision 8498462b: ssconf: update the SetKey docstring
SetKey is used, other than for adding new nodes, in another few cases. Update
the docstring to reflect this, so we do...
Guido Trotter
12:36 pm Revision 310bbdde: Delete
This completes the changes in r898 by actually getting rid of the old unused code which was left in the...
Guido Trotter


02:15 pm Revision ce862cd5: ganeti-masterd: Some docstrings work
- Add a docstring to IOServer's constructor
- Add argument description to PoolWorker's and JobRunner's ones
Guido Trotter
02:15 pm Revision dcf315e2: locking: remove obsolete comment
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter


03:51 pm Revision 808753d4: Remove deprecated disk templates from doc
Since local_raid1 and remote_raid1 are deprecated they are removed
from the docs. This patch removes some old documen...
Manuel Franceschini
12:30 pm Revision 470e7e06: hooks.sgml: Add cluster-verify hooks information
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision d8fff41c: Add cluster-verify hooks
Only post-hooks are run on cluster verify, and then their output is sent back
to the LU, which upon failure displays ...
Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision 1fce5219: Add a LU Hooks notification function
Previously LUs could be failed by pre-hooks, and post-hooks just had effects by
themselves. This patch allows a LU to...
Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision b07a6922: HooksMaster: Make RunPhase return the rpc output
Right now the hooks output is propagated from the nodes all the way up to
HooksMaster.RunPhase, which uses it for deb...
Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision 10cd4a29: Remove NoHooksLU.BuildHooksEnv
Since NoHooksLU defines HPATH as None, BuildHooksEnv will never be called (as
the LogicalUnit.BuildHooksEnv docstring...
Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision 8a3fe350: LogicalUnit.BuildHooksEnv, update docstring
The LogicalUnit.BuildHooksEnv docstring used to say that the node list should
not include the master node. This is ob...
Guido Trotter
12:29 pm Revision 7b7857ee: Remove non-existing arguments from some docstrings
A fewdocstrings in the HooksRunner backend class list arguments the relevant
functions do not take. Clean them up.
Guido Trotter


06:26 pm Revision 495beb42: Add file-based options to gnt-instance man-page
Reviewed-by: iustinp Manuel Franceschini
05:27 pm Revision 742f39ac: Support config version in ssconf
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
10:37 am Revision b74159ee: Disable forking in the master daemon
This patch adds a mechanism to disable utils.RunCmd in selected
programs. This is needed in the master daemon unless ...
Iustin Pop


06:24 pm Revision b6023d6c: Raise PrereqError when exporting file-based instance
This patch adds a check to LUExportInstance.CheckPrereq to raise an
error when an instance with file disks is exporte...
Manuel Franceschini
06:24 pm Revision 93cb65c5: Add file backend storage options to ImportInstance
This patch adds the file storage options to gnt-backup import which
would otherwise fail since the values of file_sto...
Manuel Franceschini
06:05 pm Revision 65a6f9b7: Split into several files
Before it was a huge file with more than 700 lines. No code changes were
made except for changing imports and class n...
Michael Hanselmann
04:02 pm Revision a4af651e: Move the 'cmd' lock from to ganeti-masterd
This patch removes the lock and the lock options from and moves
them to the master.
Later during development ...
Iustin Pop
04:01 pm Revision 685ee993: Convert cli.SubmitOpCode to use the master
This patch converts the SubmitOpCode method to use the unix
protocol and thus execute the opcodes via the mast...
Iustin Pop
03:15 pm Revision fd38ef95: Add check for major/minor in _FormatBlockDevInfo
bdev.FileStorage does not have major or minor fields, so gnt-instance
info for file backed instances fails with a Typ...
Manuel Franceschini
01:42 pm Revision 01fd6005: Make testSignal unittest not depend on default shell
This patch changes the code executed when testing the signal handling
of RunCmd. Since sh does not always point to ba...
Manuel Franceschini
12:47 pm Revision 8d528b7c: Move iallocator script execution to ganeti-noded
Currently the iallocator execution takes place in the master, which is a
violation of the current architecture, and w...
Iustin Pop
12:47 pm Revision 768f0a80: Fix iallocator instance info
The commit "IAllocator: some more info exported" broke the instance list
generation due to a wrong index variable. Th...
Iustin Pop


04:37 pm Revision 70f4497c: Extend utils.WriteFile
Add parameters to not check the path for absoluteness, implement a dry
run mode and automatically create a backup if ...
Michael Hanselmann
03:07 pm Revision 6286519f: IAllocator: some more info exported
This patch adds the following information to the exported info:
- hypervisor type (in the main dict)
- total memo...
Iustin Pop
03:07 pm Revision b2662e7f: IAllocator: simplify node info computation
Currently we try to convert the values returned by call_node_info to
ints, and if all succeed, we actually do the con...
Iustin Pop
03:03 pm Revision ddd9bc04: patch 1/4 extended HVM features for 1.2
This patch extends the config objects with the slots to handle
more HVM configuration items.
Author: schreiberal
Iustin Pop
02:57 pm Revision 4febe836: Move target creating symlinks in lib/ into Makefile.libcommon
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
12:54 pm Revision b2d72ffe: Add iallocator documentation
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop


06:56 pm Revision 66f93869: backend.FinalizeExport: safely initialize some vars
This patch initializes nic_count and disk_count with 0. This prevents
some reference errors if the snap_disks block d...
Manuel Franceschini
05:39 pm Revision b4de68a9: Style fixes for trunk
This small patch fixes:
- wrong indentation in two places
- use of 'os' variable that hides global scope os modul...
Iustin Pop
02:13 pm Revision b6e82a65: Implement replace secondary via the iallocator
This patch implements secondary replace via the iallocator. The new
opcode parameter 'iallocator' behaves like this: ...
Iustin Pop
10:35 am Revision 5e767b34: Implement memory size option for burnin
This simple patch adds memory size for the burnin instances, which helps
testing allocator algorithm response based o...
Iustin Pop
10:29 am Revision 29859cb7: Fix generalized relocate mode of IAllocator
The patch which generalized the IAllocator was half-true: it actually
put the selection of the node inside the IAlloc...
Iustin Pop


06:11 pm Revision 96bb2f71: Fix burnin ImportExport CreateInstance opcode
This patch adds the two attributes file_storage_dir and file_driver
to the CreateInstance opcode in the ImportExport ...
Manuel Franceschini
05:51 pm Revision 6d54548e: burnin: improve instance create message
When the allocator or a non-mirrored template are used the message shown by
burnin at instance creation time was wron...
Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision 4a7ff493: burnin: remove created exports
Make burnin remove exports after importing the instance back.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision 9ac99fda: Add gnt-backup remove functionality
This patch also fixes the LUExportInstance Prereq docstring.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
03:27 pm Revision 054a8696: Add instance rename to burnin
This patch adds the possibility to execute instance renaming when
doing a cluster burnin. The optional parameter --re...
Manuel Franceschini
03:05 pm Revision 2a139bb0: Generalize the replace_secondary mode in iallocator
Currently the replace_secondary mode is too restrictive. This patch
changes this to a general 'relocate' mode where t...
Iustin Pop
02:04 pm Revision eb0994e7: Implement replace_secondary in the dumb allocator
This patch allows the dumb allocator to perform the replace secondary
request type. This is done simply by not allowi...
Iustin Pop
02:03 pm Revision 27579978: Send required_nodes field to the iallocator scripts
This patch adds the 'required_nodes' field in the request dict for the
This means that the handmade-chec...
Iustin Pop
02:00 pm Revision b91bde14: Allow burnin to use an iallocator in instance creation
This patch adds iallocator support to burnin, currently only in instance
creation. This means that, depending on the ...
Iustin Pop
01:57 pm Revision d1c2dd75: Move all iallocator functions into a class
This patch moves all the iallocator function into a separate class that
is then somewhat easier to use. It doesn't br...
Iustin Pop


05:02 pm Revision a424ce50: Correctly filter out Domain-0 from domain list if requested.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Alexander Schreiber


04:22 pm Revision 455a3445: Only change instance status if not already so
This patch makes the _SetInstanceStatus only change the status of the
instance (in the config file) if it's not alrea...
Iustin Pop
04:22 pm Revision 6a408fb2: Reuse common code between MarkInstance{Up,Down}
This patch creates a new method ConfigWriter._SetInstanceStatus that
consists of the common code between MarkInstance...
Iustin Pop
04:04 pm Revision 8d14b30d: Abstract the json functions into a separate module
This simple patch adds a new module that holds the simplejson functions
for serialization/deserialization. This reduc...
Iustin Pop


09:22 pm Revision e7c6e02b: Add --readd option to “gnt-node add”
This allows us to readd a node after it failed and required a
reinstallation or replacement.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Michael Hanselmann
05:07 pm Revision 35a0d128: A pure whitespace change for style compliance
Reviewed-by: amishchenko Iustin Pop
04:57 pm Revision 538475ca: IAllocator part 3: LUCreateInstance changes
This (final) patch allows the instance's nodes to be selected
automatically based on the passed allocator algorithm.
Iustin Pop
04:56 pm Revision 901a65c1: Reorder checks in instance create
This patch reorders the checks in the instance create prereq so that all
checks and normalisations that are not node-...
Iustin Pop
04:56 pm Revision 298fe380: Implement 'out' direction on allocator tests
This patch adds the paths for searching for instance allocators and
makes the LUTestAllocator code run the allocator ...
Iustin Pop
04:56 pm Revision d61df03e: Allocator framework, 1st part: allocator input generation
In preparation for the introduction of automatic instance allocator,
this patch adds an allocator simulation opcode, ...
Iustin Pop


07:12 pm Revision b62ddbe5: Fix two pylint uninitialized variable errors
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
05:47 pm Revision c09f363f: Bugfix: wrong identifier in CheckPrereq message
Reviewed-by: iustinp Manuel Franceschini
03:43 pm Revision 2f505cb5: Modify burnin to support file storage backend
This patch does two things:
- adjusts burnin to work with the file storage backend patches
- adds the possibilty to d...
Manuel Franceschini
03:34 pm Revision e2fe6369: Move the disk size computation to its own function
This is currently hard-coded for the two drive case and will need to be
reworked for multi-disk support.
The patch i...
Iustin Pop
02:54 pm Revision 94285814: SharedLock: restrict assertion condition
When we release a shared lock if there are no exclusive waiter then the number
of shared waiters must be exactly equa...
Guido Trotter


05:54 pm Revision 40dacb4d: Make the init script start the master daemon too
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop


08:04 pm Revision e54c4c5e: Verify: make skipping checks possible
Add a general way to skip some checks at cluster-verify time and make the N+1
memory redundancy check optional.
Guido Trotter
08:04 pm Revision 2b3b6ddd: Verify: add N+1 Memory redundancy verification
For every node we check that we can host all the instances it's currently
secondary for belonging to the same primary...
Guido Trotter
08:03 pm Revision 26b6af5e: Verify: save instance config
Save the instance config after we queried it in an instance_cfg dict. This can
be used later by any function that wa...
Guido Trotter
08:03 pm Revision 36e7da50: Verify: add more instance information to node_info
The sisnt-by-pnode field contains all secondary instances of a node, grouped by
their primary node. This information ...
Guido Trotter
08:03 pm Revision 93e4c50b: Verify: add instance information to node_info
With this patch node_info is changed to store information about which primary
and secondary instances are configured ...
Guido Trotter
08:03 pm Revision 9c9c7d30: Verify: Add and populate node_info dict
During information gathering we collect information from call_node_info, and
then when we cycle trough the nodes add ...
Guido Trotter
07:38 pm Revision 1f9430d6: Rework the results of OpDiagnoseOS opcode
Currently, the opcode DiagnoseOS is the only opcode that return a
structure of objects.OS (which is a custom class, a...
Iustin Pop
06:56 pm Revision f1c66d13: Add generic opcode submit functionality to gnt-debug
This patch enhances gnt-debug to be able to submit any opcodes. The
opcodes are input from a json file containing a l...
Iustin Pop
06:46 pm Revision b77acb3e: Change client protocol to raise exception on failures
Currently the luxi.client.SubmitJob and Query methods return the unserialized
result without processing it at all. Th...
Iustin Pop
06:36 pm Revision 35049ff2: Add per-opcode results to job processing
This patch changes the definition of a job and introduces per-opcode
First, the result and status fields of...
Iustin Pop
04:41 pm Revision 57c177af: Move the OS search code into an abstract function
Based on the previous OS search code changes, we can now move the OS
search code into a generic look-for-file functio...
Iustin Pop
04:40 pm Revision c34c0cfd: Change backend._OSSearch return values
Currently, the function backend._OSSearch() returns the (first) base dir
in which this OS can be found. Thereafter th...
Iustin Pop
03:59 pm Revision 3cdef069: Fix example scripts build dependencies
Currently, the example scripts (the init.d and the cron script) do not
depend on the Makefile, so if configure is rer...
Iustin Pop
01:18 pm Revision ceb76b36: Verify: remove useless check in _VerifyInstance
The list of instances passed to _VerifyInstance is the one coming from
self.cfg.GetInstanceList(). So there's no poin...
Guido Trotter
01:18 pm Revision c5705f58: Verify: instance verification cleanup
The instance configuration is grabbed both in the _VerifyInstance function and
in the loop that calls it. Clean this ...
Guido Trotter
01:18 pm Revision a872dae6: Verify: fix crash when a node is down
Currently if ganeti-noded doesn't respond on a node gnt-cluster verify will die
when verifying primary instances for ...
Guido Trotter
01:18 pm Revision c840ae6f: Verify: fix ERROR message indentation
All ERROR messages in cluster verify are indented by four spaces, this one is
indented by two. Fixing this skew.
Guido Trotter
01:18 pm Revision 2f6eebee: Fix spelling mistake in
Of course instance creation don't have any modem, and the comment was just
talking about modes. Sorry to everybody ex...
Guido Trotter
12:15 pm Revision 11c05c42: Add lvm storage option to gnt-cluster man page
This patch adds the previously introduced lvm storage toggling
info to the gnt-cluster man page. It adds some info th...
Manuel Franceschini
12:12 pm Revision 16687b98: Small code style fix
Reviewed-by: imsnah Manuel Franceschini


08:45 pm Revision 2c313123: Bugfix instance create when file-storage-dir None
os.path.join does not like None as argument and fails with
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'starts...
Manuel Franceschini


07:28 pm Revision 1c6e3627: Two small code style fixes
Reviewed-by: imsnah Manuel Franceschini
07:01 pm Revision 45873083: Modify gnt-instance to support file backend
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Manuel Franceschini
07:01 pm Revision dc936b49: Add file_storage_dir,file_driver to OpCreateInstance
Reviewed-by: ultrotter, iustinp Manuel Franceschini
07:00 pm Revision b23c4333: Modify LURenameInstance to support file backend
This patch does two things:
- Modify LURenameInstance.Exec to rename directory
when a file-based instance is rename...
Manuel Franceschini
07:00 pm Revision 0f1a06e3: Modify LUCreateInstance to support file backend
- Modfiy _GenerateDiskTemplate to support file-based disk template
- Modify _CreateDisks to create directory needed f...
Manuel Franceschini
06:05 pm Revision a618b9ee: Bump version number to 1.3.0~alpha1
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
06:04 pm Revision d5fd92ed: Provide more flexible version numbers to the code
Having the individual parts in the code allows us to build version
numbers like "1.2" while leaving "3" out in a clea...
Michael Hanselmann
05:04 pm Revision e994fcba: Modify hypervisor to support file backend
The driver in the xen config file needs to be changed when dealing with
files rather then bdevs.
This patch does two...
Manuel Franceschini
03:54 pm Revision e0732b36: Remove support for Pickle configuration files
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
03:54 pm Revision 1c2d87fc: Add more explicit help for command line
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann
03:53 pm Revision f97c7901: Update copyright year, imports of cfgupgrade
Reviewed-by: iustinp Michael Hanselmann


02:18 pm Revision 283439c9: Implement selective job query
This patch implements query-ing of only selected jobs instead of all.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
02:15 pm Revision a14a17fc: Move some checks from to
The idea of and is that all protocol checks should be in
luxi, and should just offer some helpf...
Iustin Pop
02:12 pm Revision 00abdc96: A small capitalization change (OpCode.LoadOpcode)
This small patch fixed the opcodes.OpCode.LoadOpcode capitalization to
what was intented to be (as the comment says):...
Iustin Pop


06:29 pm Revision c1f2901b: Implement forking/master role checking in masterd
This patch adds checks for the master role and daemonize support to
The patch modifies the startup/s...
Iustin Pop
03:47 pm Revision 6f695a2e: Add FileStorage class
This is the representation of file VBDs on the backend. It's the first
implementation an supports only raw files.
Manuel Franceschini
03:45 pm Revision 5e04ed8b: rpc directory functions for file backend
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Manuel Franceschini
03:40 pm Revision a5d7fb43: ganeti-noded directory functions for file backend
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Manuel Franceschini
03:07 pm Revision 778b75bb: Backend directory functions for file backend
Add _[Create,Remove,Rename]FileStorageDir function which are needed for
file-based instance management. These functio...
Manuel Franceschini


07:53 pm Revision 2d4011cd: Fix SetVGName() to access object not dict
Reviewed-by: imsnah Manuel Franceschini
06:29 pm Revision 8ff612c2: Allow utils.Daemonize() to not close some fds
This patch implements an optional parameter to utils.Daemonize() which
allows that function to not close some file de...
Iustin Pop
03:44 pm Revision 7a1ecaed: Add a simple gnt-job script
This patch adds a very basic gnt-job script that allows job querying.
This goes on top of the previous master daemon ...
Iustin Pop
03:02 pm Revision 8f765069: Move the daemonize function to
Currently, in ganeti-noded we have the createDaemon function. Since
we'll need the same in other daemons, we move thi...
Iustin Pop
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