From 12/23/2008 to 01/21/2009


08:23 pm Revision ca77edbc: ShutdownInstance: log instance name, not object
When an instance fails to shut down we currently log its whole object,
rather than just the instance name.
Guido Trotter
08:23 pm Revision c087266c: KVM live migration: handle failure
If the KVM live migration ends up in a 'failed' state it has been
aborted at the kvm level, and the machine is still ...
Guido Trotter
08:23 pm Revision 90c024f6: KVM: change a few IOError with EnvironmentError
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
08:23 pm Revision 30e42c4e: KVM: instance migration
The tcp port used for migrating KVM instances is selectable at
./configure time. We use a single port as nodes are lo...
Guido Trotter
08:22 pm Revision 1f8b3a27: KVM: add the _InstancePidAlive function
Throughout the kvm code we very often look for the instance pidfile
name, read it, and check if the process is alive....
Guido Trotter
08:22 pm Revision f02881e0: KVM: fix RebootInstance
RebootInstance was broken, because it just used to call StartInstance
with wrong parameters. With this patch we still...
Guido Trotter
08:22 pm Revision 6567aff3: KVM: retry the instance shutdown command
When we ask the instance to shutdown sometimes the command won't work,
especially if the instance isn't fully booted ...
Guido Trotter
08:20 pm Revision 4390ccff: Xen: implement auxiliary migration functions
These are used, for the xen hypervisor, to copy the xen config file to
the remote node. This breaks migration for ins...
Guido Trotter
04:15 pm Revision 61cf6b5e: Automatically release DRBD minors on success
This patch converts the DRBD minors reservation protocol from explicit
release to automatic release on the success pa...
Iustin Pop
04:12 pm Revision c979d253: Fix some more pylint errors
Two are real errors (invalid names) and one is style error (overriding
name from outer scope).
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
12:48 pm Revision dc458d00: One more gitignore rule
This was forgotten in the recent “switch to explicit ignore rules”.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
12:48 pm Revision 1b8acf70: Log the rpc call name in the RPC errors message
Currently the rpc module logs the error description and target node in
rpc calls logging, as such:
2009-01-21 00:5...
Iustin Pop
12:30 pm Revision 0d68c45d: Change the instance status attribute to boolean
Due to historic reasons, the “should run or not” attribute of an
instance was denoted by its “status” attribute havin...
Iustin Pop
12:03 pm Revision cd42d0ad: Implement the new live migration backend functions
MigrationInfo, AcceptInstance and AbortMigration are implemented as
hypervisor specific functions, and by default the...
Guido Trotter
11:55 am Revision 38e250ba: KVM: save and remove the KVM runtime
At instance startup time we save the kvm runtime, and at stop time we
delete it. This patch also includes a function ...
Guido Trotter
11:55 am Revision ee5f20b0: KVM: split KVM runtime generation and startup
Before we used to generate the kvm command line and then just run it.
With this patch we split the generation from th...
Guido Trotter
11:54 am Revision 6906a9d8: Add calls in the intra-node migration protocol
Currently the hypervisor is expected to do all the migration from the
source side. With this patch we also add the op...
Guido Trotter
10:33 am Revision 89f28b76: Update the objects.Disk formatting method
With the addition of minors, this needs to show them too.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop


08:12 pm Revision a1d79fc6: KVM: add a _CONF_DIR
Currently we keep pid files and control files. In the conf dir we'll
also keep the data to start the instance anew, a...
Guido Trotter
08:12 pm Revision c4fbefc8: KVM: Remove sockets after shutdown
Abstract the monitor and serial socket naming in two functions, and
reuse them to cleanup the files after shutdown.
Guido Trotter
08:11 pm Revision c4469f75: KVM: fix class docstring
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
08:11 pm Revision fdf7f055: Xen: use epydoc in MigrateInstance docstring
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
07:50 pm Revision 920aae98: ShutdownInstance: report hypervisor error
When StopInstance raises an HypervisorError, report it in the logged
message to ease with debugging.
Reviewed-by: iu...
Guido Trotter
07:50 pm Revision 55224070: ConfigObject docstring, close an open parenthesis
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
07:50 pm Revision 7577196d: Fix a typo in luxi's docstring
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
07:19 pm Revision d21d09d6: Update the logging output of job processing
(this is related to the master daemon log)
Currently it's not possible to follow (in the non-debug runs) the
Iustin Pop
06:47 pm Revision ae59efea: .gitignore: Don't exclude whole /autotools/ dir, but only files
This way newly added files will be not be excluded by default. Fixes
also a small whitespace error in
Michael Hanselmann
06:26 pm Revision 96841384: Convert RenameInstance to (status, data)
This allows the rename failures to show the ouput of OS scripts.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
06:26 pm Revision b903ba35: Update gitignore rules
As per Michael's comment, gitignore should not ignore a couple of real
files from the autotools/ directory.
Iustin Pop
04:20 pm Revision 32388e6d: Fix adding of disks to an instance
The ConfigWriter.AllocateDRBDMinor requires the instance name, not the
instance object. The LUSetInstanceParms is pas...
Iustin Pop
04:20 pm Revision 5dc626fd: Fix burnin problems when using http checks
The urllib2 module has very bad error handling. This patch changes to urllib
which is simpler, and we derive a custom...
Iustin Pop
04:20 pm Revision 6d2e83d5: Make cluster-verify check the drbd minors space
This patch adds support for verification of drbd minors space in cluster
verify: minors which belong to running insta...
Iustin Pop
04:20 pm Revision 2f907a8c: Fix a couple of epydoc warnings
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop
01:18 pm Revision 767d52d3: DRBD: check for in-use minor during Create
In order to prevent errors with old, in-use DRBD minors, we check and
abort at create time if our minor is already in...
Iustin Pop
01:18 pm Revision f65f63ef: Add a TailFile function
This patch adds a tail file function, to be used for parsing and returning in
the job log OS installation failures.
Iustin Pop
01:18 pm Revision 51596eb2: Unify some unittest functions
This patch adds unified temporary file handling to the
testutils.GanetiTestCase class, which adds easy creation and a...
Iustin Pop
12:12 pm Revision 1492cca7: Some small fixes in cmdlib
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop
12:11 pm Revision 20e01edd: Convert AddOSToInstance to (status, data)
This allows the install and reinstall instance to return (hopefully)
relevant log files from the OS create scripts.
Iustin Pop
12:11 pm Revision dd279568: Convert the start instance rpc to (status, data)
This will record the failure cause in starting up the instance in the
job log (and thus to the user).
Reviewed-by: u...
Iustin Pop


07:22 pm Revision 7d81697f: Fix handling of failures in create instance disks
Commit 2302 only modified _CreateBlockDevOnPrimary to the new style
result, but _CreateBlockDevOnSecondary was forgot...
Iustin Pop
04:35 pm Revision c5e489f7: Move the default MAC prefix to the constants file
Instead of having the default live in the gnt-cluster script, we move it
to the constants file. The patch also fixes ...
Iustin Pop
04:33 pm Revision 6b12959c: Use instance.all_nodes instead of hand-building it
This patch replaces a few obvious uses of [instance.primary_node] +
list(instance.secondary_nodes) (or similar usage)...
Iustin Pop
04:32 pm Revision 99c7b2a1: Fix non-drbd instance creation
Commit 2294 introduced a new instance.all_nodes property, which
unfortunately is working incorrectly for non-drbd ins...
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision 7c5abcae: Small simplification in MapLVsByNode
We don't need to pre-create the node entries in lvmap, since they will
be created at recursion time.
Reviewed-by: ul...
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision de12473a: Split the block device creation in two parts
Some callers of _CreateBlockDev need recursive behaviour, but not all.
The replace secondary first creates (manually)...
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision 428958aa: Combine the two _CreateBlockDevOnXXX functions
Since only two boolean parameters differ between these two functions, we
combine them as to have less code duplicatio...
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision dab69e97: Switch call_blockdev_create call to (status, data)
This allows errors to be visible at the user level instead of just node
daemon logs.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision 796cab27: Small change in the instance disk creation path
For future propagation of error messages from backend to cmdlib and to
the job log, just having True/False return fro...
Iustin Pop
01:10 pm Revision 6c626518: Block device creation cleanup
Currently when creation LVM-based instances, we always get the
extremely-confusing message "ERROR Can't find LV /dev/...
Iustin Pop
12:43 pm Revision e6c1ff2f: Use the same root for both _data and _meta LVs
Currently we use a different UUID for the _data and _meta volumes of a
DRBD disk. This is confusing as it's hard to a...
Iustin Pop


06:24 pm Revision 998c712c: Fix LUExportInstance
Due to deficiencies in our block device implementation, it is a must to
call SetDiskID on disks before passing them t...
Iustin Pop
03:09 pm Revision aa089b65: burnin: only call self.GrowDisks() if needed
In case we pass --disk-grow 0[,0..] then we should not call GrowDisks as it
prints confusing log lines.
Iustin Pop
01:02 pm Revision cfcc5c6d: Instance: add a new all_nodes property
Since we often need the list of all nodes of an instance, we add a new
"all_nodes" property that returns all nodes of...
Iustin Pop
12:43 pm Revision aeb83a2b: Fix gnt-backup export with short names
We need to pass the fully-qualified node to _CheckNodeOnline, not the short
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
12:41 pm Revision 320eda24: burnin: add option to not remove instances
This patch adds a burnin option to keep instances at the end, so that
debugging after a burnin failure is easier.
Iustin Pop


12:00 pm Revision 25e7b43f: Some docstring updates
This patch rewraps some comments to shorter lengths, changes
double-quotes to single-quotes inside triple-quoted docs...
Iustin Pop
12:00 pm Revision 14d57a8b: ganeti-noded: reduce log noise
The source port/addr is currently logged three times for each
connection, and this is unnecessary. We change two log ...
Iustin Pop


11:57 am Revision 801cda94: burnin: update migration to latest log formatting
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop


05:21 pm Revision 99bdd139: Forward port of the burnin migration
This is again a copy of the latest 1.2 burnin code related to migration.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
05:21 pm Revision 53c776b5: Forward port the live migration from 1.2 branch
This is forward port via copy (and not individual patches cherry-pick)
of the latest code on the 1.2 branch related t...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision a2d59d8b: Port replace disk/change node to the new DRBD RPCs
In replace disks to new secondary, since Attach (and therefore
call_blockdev_find) is not modifying the devices anymo...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision 6b93ec9d: Forward-port DrbdNetReconfig
This is a modified forward-port of DrbdNetReconfig and their associated
RPCs. In Ganeti 2.0, these functions will be ...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision f96e3c4f: backend: rename AttachOrAssemble to Assemble
Since now the Assemble function is different than Attach, we rename this
backend function to show that the intent is ...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision 2d0c8319: drbd: change the semantics of Attach vs. Assemble
Currently, both the Attach and Assemble methods for DRBD8 devices will use and
alter the device state. This is subopt...
Iustin Pop
05:20 pm Revision f87548b5: bdev: Do not call Assemble() on children
The caller of dev.Assemble() (backend._RecursiveAssembleBD) is doing an
explicit recursion over all the children of t...
Iustin Pop
04:43 pm Revision ea33068f: Fix modification of instance memory
... as found by the QA script - bug was introduced by me in commit 2117.
Reviwed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
04:14 pm Revision 836d59d7: burnin: redo the output formatting
Since we added many more tests in burnin, the output became almost
unreadable. This patch changes the output to an in...
Iustin Pop
03:25 pm Revision eb61f8d3: burnin: move start_stop at the end
Traditionally the start/stop test was the last, so move it back to there
(added as last option in commit 854).
Iustin Pop
03:25 pm Revision 0b0a150a: QA: add burnin parameters (parallel, http-check)
This patch adds burnin parameters for --parallel and --http-check
options to the burnin script.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
03:16 pm Revision 24b0d752: Increase resync speed to 60MB/s
This is a forward-port of commit 2219 on the 1.2 branch.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
03:03 pm Revision 5178f1bc: burnin: introduce instance alive checks
This patch adds instance alive checks after most start operations. The
check is done in a custom way:
- the instanc...
Iustin Pop
10:04 am Revision 4bffa7f7: Small typo in ganeti-watcher
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop


06:06 pm Revision 4040a784: Skip offline nodes in gnt-cluster commands
This patch makes gnt-cluster copyfile and command skip the offline
Reviwed-by: ultrotter, imsnah
Iustin Pop
03:25 pm Revision 5c22d16e: burnin: Add tests for add/remove disks and NICs
This patch adds testing of add/remove disks and NICs to the burnin.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
02:42 pm Revision 19708787: Heavy redo of gnt-instance info output
In 2.0, we have more parameters in drbd's logical_id, and passing the
results over json makes them unicode which look...
Iustin Pop
02:42 pm Revision 4cfb9426: Fix some errors in instance modify --disk remove
The RpcResult introduction still left some bugs (after multiple patches):
- we don't correctly check the result typ...
Iustin Pop
12:27 pm Revision f57c76e4: Fix an error handling case in instance info
The checking for invalid instance names in LUQueryInstanceData is broken
since commit 1642.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
11:14 am Revision afee0879: Introduce a very simple LU to force config updates
This LU can be used to force a push of the config in case it's needed,
for example after an upgrade to update the ssc...
Iustin Pop


06:24 pm Revision 8a113c7a: Add a new ssconf file with the ganeti version
The patch adds a new ssconf file containing the ganeti version.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
05:34 pm Revision 7d585316: Work around a DRBD sync speed race condition
This is modified forward-port of commit 1544 on the 1.2 branch:
When DRBD is doing its dance to establish a connec...
Iustin Pop
04:58 pm Revision 90e722d1: burnin: Add activate/deactivate disks
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
04:58 pm Revision cfacfd6e: burnin: use the new replace_disks constants
This patch updates burnin to the latest replace disks constant, and
changes the constants' values to be more accurate...
Iustin Pop
04:26 pm Revision 729164d0: burnin: do not use offline nodes
This patch makes burnin skip the offline nodes in it's builtin node
selection. It also removes an extra line.
Iustin Pop
04:26 pm Revision 94a02bb5: Fix gnt-os for offline nodes
We shouldn't query offline nodes in gnt-os. This patch adds an utility
function to ConfigWriter that returns the name...
Iustin Pop
02:52 pm Revision 186ec53c: Silence warning on node list for offline nodes
The warning in node list is meant for nodes that return wrong
information, but for offline nodes this case is normal....
Iustin Pop
02:52 pm Revision 7d88772a: Rework the daemonization sequence
The current fork+close fds sequence has deficiencies which are hard to
work around:
- logging can start logging bef...
Iustin Pop
02:22 pm Revision 7e9366f7: Cleanup replace-disks modes and options
In 1.2, due to the md+drbd7 legacy, we had a complex choice of replace
modes, and the new drbd8 modes where forced in...
Iustin Pop


06:39 pm Revision 82e37788: Fix cluster verify/node net test for offline nodes
For offline nodes, we shouldn't add them to the NV_NODELIST and
NV_NODENETTEST tests since they most likely won't suc...
Iustin Pop
06:05 pm Revision 3247bbac: rpc: Add a method for easy check of remote results
The patch adds a new method to the rpc.RpcResult class called
"RemoteFailMsg" which is useful for the RPC calls which...
Iustin Pop
04:16 pm Revision 56e7640c: Add an instance_migratable rpc call
This is a forward-port of commit 1194 on the 1.2 branch:
This call will check whether an instance is up on its pri...
Iustin Pop
02:03 pm Revision cf8df3f3: bdev: forward-port ReAttachNet/DisconnectNet
This is plain copy of the 1.2 ReAttachNet and DisconnectNet methods on
the DRBD8 device, with the logger to logging m...
Iustin Pop


07:02 pm Revision 5282084b: backend: Remove symlinks by disk name
This is a modified forward-port of commit 1184 on the 1.2 branch:
backend: Remove symlinks by disk name, not using...
Iustin Pop
07:02 pm Revision b2e7666a: Pass instance name to rpc call blockdev_close
This is an extract of commit 1166 on the 1.2 branch (Add a rpc call for
drbd network reconfiguration), but only the b...
Iustin Pop
07:02 pm Revision 03dfa658: Fix the _RemoveBlockDevLinks() function
This is a forward-port of commit 1163 on the 1.2 branch:
This fixes the removal of the instance symlinks (probably ...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 3c9c571d: Remove instance's symlinks
This is a forward-port of commits 1150 and 1151 on the 1.2 branch:
Add _RemoveBlockDevLinks auxiliary function, cal...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision ec596c24: Catch BlockDeviceError when starting instance
This is a forward-port of commit 1149 on the 1.2 branch:
_GatherAndLinkBlockDevs used to raise the errors.BlockDevi...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 9332fd8a: Create symlinks to intances' block devices
This is a forward-port of commit 1148 on the 1.2 branch:
Change the _GatherBlockDevs private function, called only ...
Iustin Pop
07:01 pm Revision 069cfbf1: Simplify hypervisor block_devices structure
This is a partial forward-port of commit 1136 on the 1.2 branch:
The hypervisor doesn't need to be passed the whol...
Iustin Pop
04:38 pm Revision 2b17c3c4: _AssembleInstanceDisks: fix rpcresult handling
Commit 2117 changed _AssembleInstanceDisks to correctly parse the
failure status of the new RpcResult structure, but ...
Iustin Pop


11:57 am Revision e09fdcfa: Fix some pylint-detected issues
Two bad indentation cases and a missing variable.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
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