From 01/27/2009 to 02/25/2009


05:03 pm Revision b33b6f55: Fix mixed pvm/hvm clusters and instance listing
The current implementation of the combining of the instance lists will
only do this for instances whose all four-fiel...
Iustin Pop
05:03 pm Revision b399ce1e: Fix xen-hvm and KERNEL_ARGS
xen-hvm doesn't have KERNEL_ARGS, and I just changed blindly all old
extra_args to HV_KERNEL_ARGS. This makes xen-hvm...
Iustin Pop
02:50 pm Revision f3e2e4c6: Update some version-related constants
Since we are quite close to final RPC and hooks APIs, we update the hooks and
protocol_version constants.
Iustin Pop
01:24 pm Revision 4d6443f4: Convert the hooks document to restructured text
This also updates the hooks document to 2.0.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
01:23 pm Revision 2c2690c9: Update some hooks settings
While reviewing the hooks document, I realised we are not correctly
exporting the instance properties.
This patch fi...
Iustin Pop


05:25 pm Revision 07813a9e: Remove the extra_args parameter in instance start
This patch removes the extra_args parameter and instead switches the
instance to the HV_KERNEL_ARGS hypervisor option...
Iustin Pop
05:25 pm Revision a985b417: Simplify a little the hypervisor routines
Instead of “instance.hvparams”, we use a shorter “hvp” name to make readability
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
05:24 pm Revision f9d6542d: Add definitions for the root_args hypervisor param
This patch adds a new hypervisor parameter for the hypervisors that can
actually start and instance with external ker...
Iustin Pop
03:57 pm Revision 876860a3: Convert iallocator.sgml to restructured text
This is a no-contents change, this doc will need update to conform to
2.0 message contents (and also the code will ne...
Iustin Pop
03:56 pm Revision ffa6869f: Convert the admin guide to restructured text
The RST format holds a little bit less information, as all the <file
class="directory"> and <userinput> tags are gone...
Iustin Pop
02:59 pm Revision dfff41f8: gnt-instance info: remove hvattr descriptions
Having hvattr descriptions is only confusing for the user, because even
if they explain better what an attribute is a...
Guido Trotter
01:23 pm Revision 9854f5d0: Make gnt-instance info work with offline nodes
This simply makes LUQueryInstanceData return the same information as for
a static query when one or both of the nodes...
Iustin Pop


02:20 pm Revision 8df5db55: Don't build documentation for the Main modules
This fixes the doc issue which exists since the addition of hbal. Now
make doc makes sense again.
Iustin Pop
02:18 pm Revision 38f63ae6: Change the total disk/mem to Double
Since we only use the totals for computations, and we always convert
them via fromIntegral, let's just store them dir...
Iustin Pop
02:15 pm Revision 962367fe: A no-code change s/disk/dsk/
This just makes indendation nicer in many expressions. Iustin Pop
02:05 pm Revision 0335fe4a: Compute the p_mem / p_dsk statically
This patch changes the computation of p_mem / p_dsk from on-demand
(whenever the cluster stats are computed) to after...
Iustin Pop


12:45 pm Revision 5c562aa4: dumb-allocator: avoid allocating on drained nodes
This was forgotten when drained nodes were added.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
11:56 am Revision f29266b4: Also generate HTML format for the man pages
This would help in generating online-viewable docs, which could link to
the man pages.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


05:49 pm Revision 74aa2478: Update version numbers to beta2
Note that the RAPI change is in a docstring (i.e. example), not in code.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop


02:44 pm Revision 3213d3c8: Show more details for failed xen commands
This patch also logs the output of the xm commands in case of failures;
some corner cases were forgotten in the last ...
Iustin Pop
02:43 pm Revision 36e23a40: Update the install and admin documents
This is not a real update, just a quick pass changing the obvious parts.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


04:50 pm Revision 4dc76b24: QA: add support for burnin rename
This patch adds support for optionally doing the rename burnin test, and
adds an example to the sample QA file. To di...
Iustin Pop
04:50 pm Revision ae48ac32: Fix some bugs in reboot
There are two issues fixed in this patch:
- first, the recent RPC changes caused loss of data in hard reboot
Iustin Pop
04:50 pm Revision 2e39ab98: Burnin: fix rename
In rename, we must stop different names in the first and second phases,
so we create two different opcodes for this p...
Iustin Pop
03:05 pm Revision 2fb85b64: Update NEWS for beta 2
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
02:17 pm Revision f6eaed12: Convert IOErrors for /proc/drbd into our errors
If /proc/drbd can't be opened, this raises an IOError, but all the
error-handling behaviour in backend treats only Bl...
Iustin Pop
02:16 pm Revision 04be7ec6: DEVNOTES: we have no --enable-rapi anymore
Remove it from the suggested development ./configure line
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
02:09 pm Revision 1cd8141c: Convert default root partition to msdos style
As discussed with 2.0 msdos partition style should be the default in the
instance OS, so we're changing the default i...
Guido Trotter
01:08 pm Revision 3448aa22: watcher: fix checking of boot IDs
The recent change (commit 2151) to the watcher to make it handle offline
nodes also saves the offline attribute to th...
Iustin Pop
01:08 pm Revision f07521e5: watcher: autoarchive old jobs
This patch adds auto-archiving of jobs older than 6 hours to the
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


03:53 pm Revision d53264c0: Documentation updates
Iustin Pop
03:48 pm Revision 9dc6023f: Simplify the checkInstanceMove function
This patch flattens the two folds into one, by simply building the whole
list of moves instead of the double recursi...
Iustin Pop
03:40 pm Revision 256810de: A small optimization in node computation
Currently we always compute the available node list for moves (for an
instances) based on the nodes of the initial ta...
Iustin Pop
03:40 pm Revision 1fd47ca2: Container: add a 'keys' function
Iustin Pop
03:35 pm Revision d4f62d4e: Replace a foldl by foldl'
Iustin Pop
03:10 pm Revision 4e25d1c2: Split checkMove into two
This cleans up and splits the individual instance move into a separate function. Iustin Pop
02:58 pm Revision aaaa0e43: Change the balancing algorithm
This patch changes the balancing algorithm to not iterate linearly over
the instances (in a random, but fixed order),...
Iustin Pop


10:05 am Revision dd4c56ed: Add RAPI support to hn1
This patch moves a function to Utils and changes hn1 to be able to take
data from RAPI.
Iustin Pop
10:00 am Revision 27f96567: Implement oneline-output for hbal
Iustin Pop
09:51 am Revision 9b9a5931: Do not try both http and https against the server
This patch changes the tryRapi function so that if the http request
succeeded, we don't try https too.
Iustin Pop
09:46 am Revision d7cf83bf: Simplify some JSON transforms
... hopefully this is more clear. Iustin Pop


11:26 pm Revision aab26f2d: Add compatibility with rapi v1
The patch adds compatibility with RAPI v1, and this required some new
JSON functions as valFromObj doesn't behave nic...
Iustin Pop
06:17 pm Revision bf4a90af: RAPI: documentation updates
This patch fixes the version and does some update to the RAPI resources
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
05:54 pm Revision 6e99c5a0: RAPI: fixes related to write mode
This patch fixes many small issues related to write functions:
- update documentations w.r.t. how to add users
- ...
Iustin Pop
05:35 pm Revision bfc30ec0: Some small improvements to the fake hypervisor
This patch modifies the fake hypervisor to substract the memory “used”
by “running” instances from the free memory, s...
Iustin Pop
05:34 pm Revision c0e4a2c3: Implement the backward-compatible ‘-s’ disk option
This patch adds back to the instance creation command (gnt-instace add,
gnt-backup import) the ‘-s’ short form option...
Iustin Pop
03:49 pm Revision d8dcf3c9: SetInstanceParams: export nic changes to hooks
Currently we export the old instance "as is" and any nic changes get
lost, so hooks won't know of a different ip, bri...
Guido Trotter
02:28 pm Revision ea5a5b74: Remove two fixed FIXME and convert one to TODO
The cli FIXME is not something broken, but rather some better handling
feature we'd rather have, and the two backend ...
Guido Trotter
01:38 pm Revision 1f8588f6: RAPI: format error messages as JSON
This patch changes the format of the HTTP error messages from text/html, which
is hard to parse from RAPI clients, to...
Iustin Pop
01:38 pm Revision 77e1d753: Make RAPI return 502/504 errors for luxi errors
This changes the RAPI error codes for luxi errors; a timeout error is
now reported properly as 504, while any other l...
Iustin Pop
01:37 pm Revision 6bb258a7: Fix ganeti-rapi startup with missing certificate
This patch displays a nicer error message compared to the default
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
10:28 am Revision a30b2f5b: Implement reading data from RAPI v2
Iustin Pop
10:27 am Revision 1b7cf8ca: Some more utility functions
Iustin Pop
10:26 am Revision e5f02e15: Fix a bug in Cluster.fixNodes
We need to lookup the moving accumulator, of course. Iustin Pop


10:14 pm Revision b8b9a53c: Make RAPI return the same data format as gnt-*
This patch changes the RAPI endpoint return the same data format as the
input files. This will allow using it instead...
Iustin Pop
09:55 pm Revision 01f6a5d2: Change the input file formats
This patch changes the format of the input node and instance lists. It
removes the list of primary and secondary inst...
Iustin Pop
08:13 pm Revision 0f6be82a: job queue: log the opcode error too
Currently we only log "Error in opcode ...", but we don't log the error itself.
This is not good for debugging.
Iustin Pop
07:35 pm Revision 5c44da6a: LUSetInstanceParams: Fix nic handling
Use constants.VALUE_NONE rather than hardcoding the string "none"
If we're adding a nic fill the ...
Guido Trotter
07:35 pm Revision e4640214: ConfigWriter.AddInstance check instance mac
There is a race condition in CreateInstance, since the mac address is
generated early and only added to the config (a...
Guido Trotter
07:35 pm Revision 295728df: Instance Creation: generate nics earlier
We want the real nic to be shown to the hooks and the allocators, so
we'll generate them in CheckPrereq. We also writ...
Guido Trotter
07:09 pm Revision fd965830: Handle better broken disks
While running burnin:
File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/ganeti/", line 497, in __str__
val += ",...
Iustin Pop
07:05 pm Revision d3b4cf9f: Update the command line scripts man pages for 2.0
This patch updates the gnt-* scripts to show the new 2.0 syntax. It's
not guaranteed to be 80% complete.
Iustin Pop
07:04 pm Revision f1de3563: Some command line scripts fixes
This patch changes the gnt-node and gnt-job list commands to accept
argument and list only the selected items, which ...
Iustin Pop
07:04 pm Revision 25ae22e4: Do not check 'None' disk IDs for duplicates
In case of 'None' logical or physical IDs, we don't need to check them
for duplicates. This case can happen for DRBD ...
Iustin Pop
07:04 pm Revision e7d81ba0: Prevent race condition on MAC addresses
This patch adds a temporary set for MACs that have been requested but
are not yet in the configuration (as part of an...
Iustin Pop
07:04 pm Revision 633b36db: Always use the same short option for iallocator
This patch changes the scripts so that the short name for the
“--iallocator” option is always ‘-I’.
Reviewed-by: ult...
Iustin Pop
07:03 pm Revision 4082e6f9: Some batcher fixes
Currently the batcher hypervisor parameter must be a dict with one
element (e.g. {"xen-hvm": { "acpi": true }}). This...
Iustin Pop
07:03 pm Revision 5b460366: Some small fixes
This patch removes the admin_ram LUQueryInstances field (is broken
anyway) and fixes the VNC address checks in the Xe...
Iustin Pop
07:03 pm Revision 8aec325c: Fix LUQueryInstances fields.
The query fields are now regular expressions. We need to quote the dots,
otherwise invalid fields will be accepted bu...
Iustin Pop
11:15 am Revision 9b977740: Apply the right permissions to /etc/hosts
In the current Ganeti version when modifying /etc/hosts we mistakenly
give it the permissions of the temporary file w...
Guido Trotter
09:34 am Revision 1dff8e07: Fix RPC result handling in _AssembleInstanceDisks
For (status, data)-style RPC calls, the result data is in the ‘payload’
attribute. This was missed in the conversion ...
Iustin Pop
09:33 am Revision 320d986d: Man page updates for the ganeti daemons.
This patch adds new man pages for the master and RAPI daemons, and
updates the node daemon and watcher man pages.
Iustin Pop
09:32 am Revision 5de4474d: master daemon: allow skipping the voting process
This patch introduces a 'force' mode for the master daemon startup where
the voting process is not done, but the user...
Iustin Pop
09:31 am Revision 7e6411e3: Remove a duplicate line in sed_vars
LOCALSTATEDIR is added twice to the sed variables.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
09:31 am Revision 4b98ac29: ConfigWriter: add checks for duplicate disk IDs
This patch adds a safety check for duplicate disk logical/physical IDs,
in order to prevent possible software bugs.
Iustin Pop
09:30 am Revision 1fae010f: Switch the instance_shutdown rpc to (status, data)
This patch changes the return type from this RPC call to include status
information and renames the backend method to...
Iustin Pop
09:30 am Revision 489fcbe9: Switch the instance_reboot rpc to (status, data)
This small patch changes the return type from this RPC call to include
status information and renames the backend met...
Iustin Pop


10:37 pm Revision a7654563: Initial support for reading from RAPI
Iustin Pop
08:29 pm Revision aed77cea: FileStorage: abort creating over an existing file
In FileStorage there is a TODO:
decide whether we should check for existing files and
abort or not
After Ganeti ate...
Guido Trotter
06:23 pm Revision 6633774e: gnt-instance fix a typo in AddInstance
It's hvparams, not opts.hvparams.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
06:23 pm Revision 43e99cff: _GenerateDiskTemplate: correct file disk index
Currently when adding disks the base for the index is not taken into
account, and disk 0 is added twice.
Guido Trotter
12:20 pm Revision f8e7ddca: gnt-cluster, pass hvparams directly to dict()
If hvparams is not set it will be [], so dict() will transform it to an
empty dict, which is safe in all cases.
Guido Trotter
12:20 pm Revision f2ffd244: ganeti-noded: Create LOCK_DIR if missing
We need this directory for locks, so if for any reason it's not there
we'll create it. The permissions are the standa...
Guido Trotter
12:19 pm Revision ccd905ac: HTS_USE_VNC, rename and remove KVM
Currently we use the HTS_USE_VNC constant only to copy the vnc password
file. While KVM uses vnc it currently has no ...
Guido Trotter


06:32 pm Revision ae07a1d3: Sort instance data in gnt-node info
The patch sorts the instance list in gnt-node info output, in order to
make it more readable (and stable).
Iustin Pop
06:05 pm Revision 82e12743: Some fixes to node add and re-add
The patch changes the pre-checks in node-add and re-add:
- if the node is not already in the cluster, refuse to re-...
Iustin Pop
05:06 pm Revision a5728081: Instance parameters: force typing
We want all the hv/be parameters to have a known type, rather than a
random mix of empty string, boolean values, and ...
Guido Trotter
04:47 pm Revision c9d443ea: Implement modification of the drained flag
This patch adds LU and cli-level support for modification of the node
drained flag. It is similar to the offline chan...
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision 733a2b6a: Prevent allocations on drained nodes
This patch adds checks for drained nodes in the logical units that
allocate or move instances around. We also update ...
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision 22f0f71d: cluster verify: show correctly drained nodes
This patch changes slightly the output of gnt-cluster verify for drained
nodes, and also adds a note with the total n...
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision 5bf07049: ConfigWriter: handle the drained node flag
This patch changes the master candidate pool computations in
ConfigWriter to properly handle drained nodes. They are ...
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision e8d47209: burnin: do not use drained nodes
This patch updates burnin not to use drained nodes (similar to the
handling of offline nodes).
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision 7d26425f: dumb allocator: do not use drained nodes
This patch changes the dumb allocator not to use drained nodes (similar
to offline nodes).
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 0b2454b9: Allow query of the drained node attribute
This patch exports the drained attribute:
- LUQueryNodes accepts now the drained field
- RAPI exports it for node...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision af64c0ea: Add a ‘drained’ attribute to node objects
This attribute will be used to prevent any allocation on the node (any
of replace-disks with new secondary this node,...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 33bc6f01: Some error message cleanups
Reviewed-by: imsnah Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 9c793cfb: Cleanup of DRBD8._CheckMetaSize
This patch converts the _CheckMetaSize method to raise exceptions
instead of logging and returning False. This fits n...
Iustin Pop
04:44 pm Revision 1063abd1: Change the disk assembly to raise exceptions
This big patch converts the bdev Assemble() methods and the supporting
functions to raise exceptions instead of retur...
Iustin Pop
04:44 pm Revision 0c6c04ec: Change BlockDev.Remove() failure result
Currently, the Remove() methods of block devices return True/False.
This doesn't permit any error detail reporting.
Iustin Pop
04:44 pm Revision e1bc0878: Switch the blockdev_remove rpc to (status, data)
This converts the backend and cmdlib modules to a (status, data)
implementation of the blockdev_remove rpc call. bdev...
Iustin Pop
04:44 pm Revision 746f7476: Change BlockDev.Shutdown() failure result
Currently, the Shutdown() methods of block devices return True/False.
This doesn't permit any error detail reporting....
Iustin Pop
04:44 pm Revision cacfd1fd: Switch the blockdev_shutdown rpc to (status, data)
This converts the backend and cmdlib modules to a (status, data)
implementation of the blockdev_shutdown rpc call. bd...
Iustin Pop
04:43 pm Revision 53c14ef1: Convert blockdev_assemble rpc to (status, data)
This converts the RPC call blockdev_assemble to the new-style result
format. Note that we won't usually have error in...
Iustin Pop
03:40 pm Revision 7a6b9510: RAPI: fix a pylint warning
Child classes of _R_TAGS must define TAG_LEVEL, but for good style let's
define it also here to at least ensure we do...
Iustin Pop
01:59 pm Revision 12649e35: LUSetInstanceParams: use the correct hvparams
In LUSetInstanceParam we used to save the dict without defaults for the
instance params as hv_inst, but to use the po...
Guido Trotter
12:53 pm Revision 5c418644: KVM: Correct CheckParameterSyntax docstring
The comment is not really true anymore, as we have a lot of parameters
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
12:53 pm Revision 9798fcae: KVM: Fix _CallMonitorCommand error message
1) Only instance_name is available
2) There was a missing string parameter
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
10:13 am Revision 68289c75: Fix one more RAPI QA test
This was skipped in the previous QA patch.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


05:17 pm Revision 11344a50: KVM: Add usb mouse type parameter
In some cases 'mouse' may work better than 'tablet', so we'll handle
both by allowing the user to specify a parameter...
Guido Trotter
05:16 pm Revision 8745c3d7: KVM: allow netboot
With this patch we allow KVM instances to be booted off the network.
The only issue is that this is not compatible wi...
Guido Trotter
05:16 pm Revision 37f88dc6: KVM: actually support different nic types
When executing the KVM runtime we load the nic type from the runtime
hvparams and use it to specify the nic model typ...
Guido Trotter
05:16 pm Revision c2672466: KVM: export hvparams in the runtime
They'll be used to set the nic type when we execute the runtime, since
the nics are processed later. We need to save ...
Guido Trotter
05:16 pm Revision 1213604d: KVM: actually support different disk types
By passing the relevant if= value to the disk we support different disk
types. The only change is that we'll translat...
Guido Trotter
05:16 pm Revision 5155ede7: Xen-HVM: Improve the invalid disk/nic type error
Copy the message from the KVM one, adding a missing 'the' and a list of
possible values, to help the user in his deci...
Guido Trotter
05:15 pm Revision 43440815: KVM: parameters for different disk and nic types
- Add a bunch of NICs and DISKs types
- Specify which one are valid disks and nics for KVM (the new ones
toghether ...
Guido Trotter
05:15 pm Revision d08f6067: Rename the device type constants
These are not HVM specific, so have been given an HT generic name.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
05:15 pm Revision 377d74c9: s/HT_HVM_VNC_BASE_PORT/VNC_BASE_PORT/g
The VNC base port has nothing to do with HVM itself, and is general to
VNC itself, so we're removing the HT_HVM prefi...
Guido Trotter
04:04 pm Revision 024e157f: Add a new instance query flag ‘disk_usage’
This patch adds a new instance query flag called disk_usage that
retrieves the overall space used by an instance on e...
Iustin Pop
04:03 pm Revision 821d1bd1: Uniformize some function names in
Currently, the names of the functions in that are actually
RPC procedures and are called from ganeti-noded...
Iustin Pop
04:03 pm Revision 82463074: bdev: add and use two utility functions
This patch adds two utility functions for raising BlockDeviceError
exceptions and for running functions while ignorin...
Iustin Pop
04:03 pm Revision 23829f6f: rpc.call_blockdev_find: convert to (status, data)
This patch converts the call_blockdev_find - which searches for block
devices and returns their status - to the (stat...
Iustin Pop
12:41 pm Revision 0105bad3: Export the cpu nodes and sockets from Xen
This is a hand-picked forward patch of commit 1755 on the 1.2 branch
(hand-picked since the trees diverged too much s...
Iustin Pop
12:31 pm Revision 1268d6fd: Fix handling OS errors in AddOSToInstance
This patch fixes the error handling in the add OS to instance function
with regard to invalid OSes. Previously, we di...
Iustin Pop
11:24 am Revision d3da87b8: backend.DrbdAttachNet: don't ignore Open() errors
Currently the return value or errors from the block device Open() method
are ignored. This patch catches any BlockDev...
Iustin Pop
11:24 am Revision 0959c824: cmdlib: simplify some rpc error handling cases
By using the RemoteFailMsg() or the payload field of RpcResult, we can
simplify a few functions in cmdlib.
Iustin Pop
11:24 am Revision f2def43a: RpcResult: add a new payload field
For results which use the (status, payload) response type, it's easier
to define a ‘payload’ field on the result hold...
Iustin Pop
11:24 am Revision 4978db17: LUCreateInstance: only set running flag at the end
In lockless queries, it's better if we see the instance in ADMIN_down
rather than ERROR_down during the time it's ins...
Iustin Pop


11:04 am Revision 9dd363eb: KVM: don't boot from a virtio cdrom
Apparently it's not supported. Also add -boot command line parameters
to kvm, since they seem to help booting from th...
Guido Trotter
11:04 am Revision ec91c05d: KVM: don't boot from cdrom with no cdrom
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
11:04 am Revision 66d5dbef: Support cdrom image and boot order for KVM
The cdrom image has the same meaning than in Xen HVM, and so does
boot_order, even though it has a slightly different...
Guido Trotter
11:03 am Revision 30948aa6: Get rid of constants.HT_HVM_DEFAULT_BOOT_ORDER
Confusingly, as a leftober from 1.2, there was a
constants.HT_HVM_DEFAULT_BOOT_ORDER constant, with a value opposite ...
Guido Trotter


03:06 pm Revision 49b1d36e: QA: switch RAPI to https
Since we by default now use SSL for RAPI, we need to switch the QA
tests to SSL too.
Reviewed-by: amishchenko
Iustin Pop
10:09 am Revision ee69c97f: Fix rapi job listing
This patch fixes a couple of issues with the job listing:
- in case of a non-existing job, nicely raise 404 instead...
Iustin Pop


04:09 pm Revision 2ed6a7d6: rapi: fix SSL mode and use SSL by default
This patch fixes the SSL mode (by actually constructing SSL parameters
from the command line options) and enables SSL...
Iustin Pop
04:08 pm Revision e10a3aea: Small improvement to the init.d example file
The start_action function is changed so that it can be called with
arguments - this could be used to parse a defaults...
Iustin Pop
03:37 pm Revision 8b2d1013: KVM: add VNC TLS and X509 parameters
With this parameters VNC for KVM is able to be protected by tls,
optionally with an x509 certificate, and optionally ...
Guido Trotter
03:36 pm Revision 8447f52b: KVM: allow binding vnc to a file
Before we forced the VNC_BIND_ADDRESS to be an ip. Now we also accept a
path, and bind the instance to it, or to a fi...
Guido Trotter
12:45 pm Revision 2e7b8369: Fix some issues for lockless queries
This patch converts some more jobs with only queries into cheaper luxi
queries (no job created), and fixes some fallo...
Iustin Pop
11:47 am Revision a5b9d725: Revive RAPI QA tests for 2.0-style RAPI
This patch fixes the RAPI QA tests to work with today's RAPI code and
also does some other minor improvements:
- QA...
Iustin Pop


09:14 pm Revision 3d103742: rapi: fix 'bulk' processing and add locking option
This patch fixes the 'bulk' parameter (before any non-empty
specification was considered True, in conflict with the d...
Iustin Pop
09:14 pm Revision 9031ee8e: rapi: cleanup and update to latest 2.0 API
This patch cleans up and updates the RAPI interface:
- queries are changes to luxi queries instead of jobs, where p...
Iustin Pop
05:11 pm Revision bc8e4a1a: Enable lockless node queries
Similar to the instance list, this patch enables lockless node queris.
“gnt-node list” accepts now the “--sync” flag ...
Iustin Pop
05:11 pm Revision 85414b69: rapi: fix authentication and queries
For queries, we don't want to require authentication. We fix this by adding an
override GetAuthRealm in the rapi daem...
Iustin Pop
05:11 pm Revision 66baeccc: Add one new luxi query: cluster info
This is the last query that RAPI executes via opcodes and is purely
static (config values only). As such, we can conv...
Iustin Pop
12:31 pm Revision 81a49123: ssconf: add some more keys and some fixes
This patch adds the online node list and instance list to the ssconf
keys. In order to do distribute correctly the in...
Iustin Pop
12:30 pm Revision ec79568d: Implement lockless query operations
This patch adds the framework for, and enables lockless OpQueryInstances. This
means that instances will be shown in ...
Iustin Pop


06:05 pm Revision 00ad5362: KVM: Make GetAllInstancesInfo concurrency-safe
Or actually more so. If this function gets called while instances get
shut down, it might try to report information o...
Guido Trotter
06:04 pm Revision 1de62f37: Correct a typo in ReadPidFile's docstring
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
05:42 pm Revision 7b80424f: Fix unittest encoding breakage
Due to the fact that we sanitize now the output from environment
scripts, the unittest needs to be adjusted. My bad f...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision c4ed32cb: Allow gnt-node evacuate to use an iallocator
This is a partial implementation of fully automated node evacuation:
we allow passing an iallocator and all instance ...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 40ef0ed6: Add gnt-node migrate
This is a (modified) forward-port of commit 1190 on the 1.2 branch:
This is the same as gnt-node failover, and is ...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 26f15862: An attempt at fixing some encoding issues
This patch unifies the hardcoded re-encoding attempts into a single
function in This function is used to ta...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision d1687c6f: lvmstrap: allow removable devices too
For testing or just in case a device is exported by a bad driver with
the 'removable' flag set, this patch adds a fla...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 216842d7: Documentation: update the gnt-os manpage
This patch updates the gnt-os man page and the common footer page for
ganeti 2.0.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
12:55 pm Revision bafc1d90: Small patch for handling errors in node add
This small path hopefully fixes the handling of ssh verify errors in
node add (note: untested).
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
12:55 pm Revision a162cf5b: ssh: more details on failure
In case we fail without output from the ssh command, we should at least
add the exit code or any other failure reason...
Iustin Pop
12:45 pm Revision a3f9f296: Give a sane permission to the known_host file
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter


04:49 pm Revision 15552312: A couple of small changes to the OS environment
This patch correctly exports the mode of disks (rw/ro) and also exports
the instance OS.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
01:23 pm Revision bd0ff7c2: Whitespace change: bad indentation in
This patch only changes some indentation in
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
01:23 pm Revision a1b805fb: Return error messages in node add ssh handling
When the rpc call node_add fails, we don't have any error message. This
patch changes the call to return (status, dat...
Iustin Pop


11:48 am Revision e9d622bc: gnt-instance: support no_PARAMETER value
Since parameters get set to False if a no_ is prefixed don't try to
interpret those boolean values, and pass them unc...
Guido Trotter
11:48 am Revision 7a735d6a: LUQueryClusterInfo: filter hvparams
We don't need to show hvparams for hypervisors which are not enabled on
the cluster.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter


05:51 pm Revision 3be34f57: KVM: advise about VNC support on GetShellCommand
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision 8470c8db: KVM: enable VNC if a VNC_BIND_ADDRESS is defined
We'll also enable a tablet usb device, as suggested by the kvm man page.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision 56fee73b: KVM: Allow the HV_VNC_BIND_ADDRESS parameter
Reviewed-by: iustinp Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision 2928f08d: LUAddNode: copy the vnc password file also for KVM
Before we used to copy the file if xen-hvm was enabled on the cluster,
no we'll do that if any enabled hypervisor is ...
Guido Trotter
05:51 pm Revision fd4daa3a: Add HT_KVM to HTS_REQ_PORT
HT_KVM doesn't technically require a port, but if it has one it can give
vnc displays to instances.
Reviewed-by: ius...
Guido Trotter
05:50 pm Revision df5ab9f0: KVM: make the kernel and initrd arguments optional
Under KVM we don't strictly need a kernel and initrd. If some are passed
we'll use them, otherwise the guest OS will ...
Guido Trotter
05:47 pm Revision a2faf9ee: KVM: add the HV_SERIAL_CONSOLE parameter
Up until now a KVM instance was forced to have a serial port.
With this change this is no longer mandatory, by defaul...
Guido Trotter
05:47 pm Revision 5431b2e4: GetShellCommand: get hvparams and beparams
Sometimes the hypervisor will use the instance hv and/or be parameters
to determine the best shell command. This is n...
Guido Trotter
05:09 pm Revision e9ce0a64: Implement software release version checks too
Currently the LUVerifyCluster only reports the protocol version changes,
not software ones. This is useful to know/mo...
Iustin Pop
05:09 pm Revision 5ffaa51d: gnt-instance list: accept input names
Currently gnt-instance list will refuse to take arguments, and always
return the full list of instances. This patch a...
Iustin Pop
05:08 pm Revision a7f5dc98: LUQueryInstances: keep the given order of names
Currently LUQueryInstances keeps the ordering of instances only in some cases,
and in others it will reorder the list...
Iustin Pop
05:08 pm Revision 2a21bc88: locking.LockSet: don't modify input arguments
Currently LockSet.acquire() sorts in place it's input argument if it's a
list. This is not good, since callers might ...
Iustin Pop
05:08 pm Revision f12eadb3: Re-wrap some lines to keep them under 80 chars
This non-code change rewraps some lines in to keep them under
80 chars.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop
05:08 pm Revision a76f0c4a: Check that instance exists before confirm. queries
Currently we ask the user for confirmation, and only after (try to)
remove, failover or migrate the instance. This do...
Iustin Pop
05:03 pm Revision 18cb43a2: RAPI: tag work
Generalize tag work for instances/nodes/cluster tag management.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Oleksiy Mishchenko
05:03 pm Revision 4e5a68f8: RAPI: rlib1 removal
The resources we still need moved to rlib2.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Oleksiy Mishchenko
05:02 pm Revision fc72a3a3: RAPI: Implement /2 resource
Reviewed-by: iustinp Oleksiy Mishchenko
04:52 pm Revision dc824c9f: RAPI: Deprecate version Rapi version1
It is impossible to keep backward compatibility due to
significant changes in the Ganeti core.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Oleksiy Mishchenko


09:06 pm Revision 68c6f21c: Fix gnt-cluster modify -H and offline nodes
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop
09:06 pm Revision d34b16d7: Actually mark drives as read-only if so configured
This patch correctly marks the drives as read-only for Xen, and raises
and exception for KVM since it doesn't support...
Iustin Pop
04:46 pm Revision df0fb067: Fix some issues related to job cancelling
This patch fixes two issues with the cancel mechanism:
- cancelled jobs show as such, and not in error state (we ma...
Iustin Pop
01:09 pm Revision e4f08c46: Initial import
This is the initial import of release 0.0.3. Iustin Pop


06:44 pm Revision 73cd67f4: Xen: use utils.WriteFile for the instance configs
Also raise HypervisorError rather than OpExecError.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
06:44 pm Revision 78f66a17: Xen: use utils.Readfile to read the VNC password
Also raise HypervisorError rather than OpExecError.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
05:41 pm Revision 332d0e37: Implement disk verify checks in config verify
This patch adds a simple check that the 'mode' attribute of top-level disks is
correct. It does not recurse over chil...
Iustin Pop
05:41 pm Revision 6ec66eae: Fix the mode attribute of newly-created disks
Currently, only the LUSetInstanceParams correctly sets up the mode
attribute via a manual operation. We remove this a...
Iustin Pop
05:41 pm Revision 479636a3: Rework the multi-instance gnt commands
This patch changes the multi-instance gnt-* commands (gnt-instance
start/stop, gnt-node evacuate/failover) such that ...
Iustin Pop
05:41 pm Revision 5278185a: Fix single-job archiving (gnt-job archive)
This is a simply typo from the conversion to multi-job archiving.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
01:31 pm Revision 074ca009: KVM and Xen: add the HV_ROOT_PATH parameter
This parameter allows a different path to be passed to the instance
kernel. The new parameter is mandatory, and by de...
Guido Trotter
01:31 pm Revision 637ce7f9: KVM: implement GetShellCommandForConsole
This is a class method, because it calls _InstanceSerial, which is
another class method. The patch changes it to clas...
Guido Trotter
01:30 pm Revision 0df4d98a: KVM: classify _Instance{Monitor,Serial,KVMRuntime}
Those methods need nothing from the instantiated class, and just
manipulate strings, and fetch some class global vari...
Guido Trotter
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