From 03/08/2009 to 04/06/2009


11:21 am Revision 77921a95: Disable synchronous (locking) queries
This patch raises an error in the master daemon in case the user
requests a locking query; accordingly, all clients w...
Iustin Pop
11:21 am Revision 2c404217: Fix the output of watcher on non-master nodes
Currently the watcher spews errors message on non-master nodes. This
cleans it up.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
11:21 am Revision 6dfcc47b: Change the watcher to use jobs instead of queries
As per the mailing list discussion, this patch changes the watcher to
use a single job (two opcodes) for getting the ...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision 7dd106d3: Fix Xen soft reboot via polling
This patch fixes the Xen soft reboot ("xm reboot") via polling for a specific
time for either changed domain ID or de...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision 5d60b3bd: Add a new ssconf file with the cluster tags
Since the cluster tags are/should be more-or-less static, add them as an
ssconf key, so that querying them is possibl...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision e566ddbd: Add some more debugging info to masterd
This patch will log data about queries, which are today completely
invisible (at the default log level) in the master...
Iustin Pop


05:11 pm Revision f06d91f2: Release 2.0rc2
This updates the NEWS file and bumps up the version number.
Reviewed-by: ultrotter
Iustin Pop


09:26 am Revision c5bd8d89: Updated new in preparation for the 0.0.7 release
Iustin Pop
09:12 am Revision 6ef35e3c: More documentation updates
This removes most of the content of the README file (obsoleted by new
algorithm and man pages), modifies the Makefile...
Iustin Pop
08:58 am Revision d0003b35: More man page updates
This moves some data from README to the man pages and has other general
Iustin Pop
12:32 am Revision 9cded5d3: Add checks for missing disk space
This small patch adds disk space checks to the Cluster.checkData
function, and simplifies a little the warning messages.
Iustin Pop
12:32 am Revision 190ce47c: Include DRBD overhead in sda/sdb size
For Ganeti 1.2 which doesn't have the ‘disk_usage’ instance query field,
we need to manually include the DRBD overhea...
Iustin Pop
12:12 am Revision d2ac5526: Documentation updates
This patch adds a man page for hscan and updates the README and other
man pages with the latest changes.
Iustin Pop


11:33 pm Revision 0ee8fd76: Update all needed node fields on f_mem change
This fixes the setFmem function which didn't compute other related
fields after free memory change. Ideally, this sho...
Iustin Pop
12:40 pm Revision 53f00b20: Fix interaction between down instances and nodes
If an instance is down, it's memory is not reflected in the node used
memory, and thus the node free memory is higher...
Iustin Pop
12:24 pm Revision f82f1f39: Add a new instance field denoting run status
This patch modifies Rapi, the Cluster.loadData and hscan serialization to load
and save the instance run status. At i...
Iustin Pop
12:07 pm Revision a1c6212e: Show the x_mem/i_mem in node list
This patch adds checking of cluster data in the binaries and display of
node's x_mem/i_mem in the node list.
Iustin Pop
12:02 pm Revision 5d1baf63: Add functions to check and fix cluster data
This patch adds a checkData function which goes over the node list and computes
the unaccounted memory, returning a l...
Iustin Pop
11:55 am Revision 8c5b0a0d: Add a new node filed x_mem
Nodes can have some memory unaccounted for, due to (e.g.) hypervisor
overhead, rounding errors in reporting, etc.
Iustin Pop
11:52 am Revision 209b3711: Split common CLI functionality into a module
This patch moves the common CLI functionality (as much as currently
possible) into a separate module. This means we o...
Iustin Pop
02:18 am Revision 6e75a445: Remove unused and obsolete function
The Node.str function is very old and is not useful since the node
objects have much more fields today. This patch re...
Iustin Pop
01:25 am Revision 04be800a: Add node memory field to Node objects
This patch adds a new n_mem field to the node objects, and implements
read/save/show support for it. The field is not...
Iustin Pop
01:12 am Revision 47a8bade: Pass actual types to node/instance constructors
This patch changes the parameters passed to the node and instance
constructors from generic Strings (which are then p...
Iustin Pop
01:06 am Revision 670b57ad: Small change in hscan
This fixes a mistake between Int/Integer. Should be more careful :) Iustin Pop
12:51 am Revision 127e0396: Add hscan to Makefile
Iustin Pop
12:50 am Revision 1b7a5835: Add the hscan tool
This patch adds an hscan tool that loads data from clusters via RAPI and
writes it to files that can be later used of...
Iustin Pop
12:48 am Revision 7847a037: Some small changes in preparation for hscan
This patch does some small changes:
- fixes a comment
- export more node functions (unneeded now, but hscan will ...
Iustin Pop


11:00 pm Revision 740ec004: Add a separate type for the [(Int, String)] list
This is added for better readability, since this is very often used in
Iustin Pop
04:48 pm Revision 19777638: Handle correctly offline nodes in cluster scoring
This patch changes two things with regard to offline nodes:
- first, it only calculates the various coefficients ac...
Iustin Pop
01:20 pm Revision 352806f7: Show offline nodes in the node status list
This patch adds a new ‘-’ flag for the node status which denotes offline
Iustin Pop
01:26 am Revision 40d4eba0: Restrict move list based on offline node status
This patch changes the Cluster.checkInstanceMove function to restrict
the target move list based on which nodes are o...
Iustin Pop
12:48 am Revision ec18dca9: Add command line support for offlining nodes
This patch modifies hbal (only, hn1 not yet) for setting nodes offline. Iustin Pop
12:45 am Revision c2c1ef0c: Add a new 'offline' Node attribute
This patch adds a new node attribute - offline - which will serve to
skip nodes from the target candidate list.
Iustin Pop
12:43 am Revision 2cd85a1b: More fixes to the Makefile
Iustin Pop


11:48 pm Revision 80d0d2f1: Small doc update in Node.hs
Iustin Pop
08:58 pm Revision 7ae514ba: Some updates to the apidoc rules
Iustin Pop
08:28 pm Revision 968de7fc: Fix/enhance makefile rules after the rename
Iustin Pop
07:17 pm Revision 10e37f3b: Add a .gitattributes file
This will enhance the ‘dist’ rule by skipping unneeded files. Iustin Pop
07:16 pm Revision 669d7e3d: Introduce a namespace for the modules
The modules are moved from the ‘top’ namespace to ‘Ganeti.HTools’, in
compliance with standard practices.
Iustin Pop
03:07 pm Revision 8a088b79: Fix _NOQUOTE regexp
Allow expressions longer than one character to match.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Guido Trotter
03:06 pm Revision 53d47a06: Mainloop: avoid calculating timeout every time
set timeout_needs_update to False after calculating the timeout.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Guido Trotter
03:06 pm Revision 2e668b38: Raise on invalid gnt-cluster queue commands
# gnt-cluster queue foo
Failure: prerequisites not met for this operation:
Command 'foo' is not valid.
Guido Trotter


09:35 am Revision 9857c181: Update NEWS for version 0.0.6
Iustin Pop


09:25 pm Revision 29ac5975: Abstract the version format into a function
This patch moves the version string creation into a function in Utils
which shows some more information.
Iustin Pop
09:12 pm Revision b0045e4d: Add a man page for hn1 and update the hbal one
A new man page and typos fixed in hbal.1. Iustin Pop
01:53 pm Revision a9211170: Add a manpage for hbal
Iustin Pop
01:49 pm Revision 7ef4d93e: Add a --version option
This patch adds a -V, --version command line option that shows the
program version and also updates the hn1 usage str...
Iustin Pop
01:41 pm Revision 6dc960bc: Move a function around in hbal.hs
This just reorders some functions for a more logical ordering. Iustin Pop
01:35 pm Revision ab271fc1: Show the step counter in the solution list
This patch changes the solution list to include a step counter so that
it's more clear these are successive steps (in...
Iustin Pop
01:16 pm Revision 9b91b5a3: Use gnt-instance migrate instead of failover
This patch changes the gnt-instance failover to migrate, and fixes a bug
in the formatting of commands.
Iustin Pop
01:14 pm Revision 7eff5b09: hbal: added a verbose setting and changed output
This patch added a verbose output and changed the output so that by
default it is less verbose and more clear.
Iustin Pop
11:11 am Revision 19493d33: Add a new move FailoverAndReplace
This patch adds a new instance move, FailoverAndReplace, which promotes
the old secondary to primary and then uses a ...
Iustin Pop


10:00 pm Revision 00b51a14: Some more docstring updates
Iustin Pop
09:11 pm Revision 142538ff: Enhance the command list for the solution
This patch moves the formatting of the command list to Cluster.hs and
enhances it with separator messages between the...
Iustin Pop
08:53 pm Revision 79ac6b6f: Add a new ReplaceAndFailover move
This patch adds a new replace secondary and failover move (equals to
“r:x f”), which can improve the solution (since ...
Iustin Pop
08:52 pm Revision fd934a28: Some whitespace changes
Aligned the comments in Instance.hs Iustin Pop
07:57 pm Revision 7dfaafb1: Convert hbal from multiple rounds to a step-method
Currently hbal does multiple rounds, stopping when a rounds doesn't
bring improvements. With the recent changes to no...
Iustin Pop
09:14 am Revision ca8258d9: Rework the solution printing in Cluster.hs
This abstracts the individual placement solution so that it can be used
Iustin Pop


10:23 pm Revision 0a0f2533: Remove the restriction of one-move-per-round
The current code restricts each instance to one move per round. This is
bad, as an computation restarted in the middl...
Iustin Pop
10:16 pm Revision ced859f3: Add a header to node lists and print more data
This prints the total memory/disk and also adds a header. Iustin Pop
10:07 pm Revision c622fa7c: Rename the maxRes to r_mem
This is to keep in style with the other memory variables. Iustin Pop
09:54 pm Revision 04247752: Display the reserved memory too in node lists
This is useful and not easy to compute otherwise. Iustin Pop
09:31 pm Revision 8b42a5db: First try to embed VCS id in binaries
This patch attempts to embed the VCS id in binaries, based on the way
other projects seem to do this.
Iustin Pop
02:08 pm Revision 19498d6c: kvm: use the correct vnc bind address
There is a bug in kvm, when binding vnc to a specific address the
constant 'vnc_bind_address' is passed in, instead o...
Guido Trotter
01:54 pm Revision e0eb13de: Add the 2.0-specific node flags to the design doc
This patch adds the newly-introduced node flags to the design document,
as they currently are missing from there.
Iustin Pop
01:54 pm Revision dc30b0e4: Fix the --net option to gnt-instance add
Similar to the --disk fixes a while ago, --net is broken too. This patch
fixes it.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


10:22 am Revision ea22656b: Fix the Makefile clean rule
This removes obsolete entries from the clean rule and adds the hbal
Iustin Pop
10:18 am Revision 34a6e127: Change the N1 score to percent of N1 failures
Since for a very many N+1 failures in a cluster, we could actually
degrade the N1 CV by making a node N+1 compliant, ...
Iustin Pop
10:08 am Revision d6be0775: Add two new variables in the cluster score
This patch adds two new variables to the cluster score:
- variance of the failN1 attribute
- variance of the rese...
Iustin Pop
10:07 am Revision dfc749e6: Add the node reserved memory percentage
This patch adds the node attribute “reserved memory percentage” that is
derived from the maximum reserved memory for ...
Iustin Pop
09:14 am Revision c5c295bc: Record the running cluster CV in placements
This patch adds a score variable to the placement type, so we can record
the changes in the cluster CV for later disp...
Iustin Pop
09:13 am Revision 0c1df6fd: Also print cluster coefficients in hn1
This patch adds printing the initial and final cluster coefficients in
hn1 too, to better understand the found solution.
Iustin Pop


10:20 pm Revision af53a5c4: Beautify the cluster status list
This patch removes the primary/secondary instance lists from the node
status and also removes the tabbed formatting w...
Iustin Pop
09:35 pm Revision 671b85b9: Beautify solution list
This patch makes the tabular solution list nicer, by changing from tabs
to explicit widths.
Iustin Pop
09:14 pm Revision 289c3835: Limit string literals to 80-char columns
Learned how multi-line string literals work in Haskell :) Iustin Pop
05:02 pm Revision 6b405598: Xen: Remove one hardcoded constant
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Guido Trotter


10:47 pm Revision bbd1d273: Add a news file and make the 0.0.5 release
Iustin Pop
10:37 pm Revision a0529a64: Beautify: strip common suffix from names
This patch automatically removes the longest common (domain, i.e.
starting with a dot) suffix from the node and insta...
Iustin Pop
09:50 pm Revision d6109e64: hbal: allow, but warn on, N+1 failed clusters
Based on the node changes, we remove the N+1 check and only show a
warning instead.
Iustin Pop
09:46 pm Revision d10b27ef: Change the node N+1 check model
Currently, we fail a new instance placement if the new node status is
not N+1 compliant. This means that an allocatio...
Iustin Pop
09:36 pm Revision 2cf878a5: Show which nodes are not N+1 compliant in output
This patch adds a '*' character to nodes which are not N+1 compliant to
the output, to help with understanding pre- a...
Iustin Pop
05:12 pm Revision cc962d58: watcher: fix startup sequence locking the master
Currently, the watcher startup sequence does:
- open a luxi client
- get the instance list
- get the node boot ...
Iustin Pop
05:12 pm Revision c614e5fb: Handle ghost instances in temp DRBD map
Currently cluster-verify doesn't handle the (admitedly invalid) case where we
have reservation for instances that wer...
Iustin Pop
05:12 pm Revision 82759cb1: Fix error handling in replace-disks with new node
Currently the _CreateSingleBlockDev function only raises OpExecError and not
BlockDeviceError. This means that we don...
Iustin Pop
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