From 04/05/2009 to 05/04/2009


04:51 pm Revision 81b7354c: Small optimisation in utils.WriteFile
Currently we always try to remove the new file, even if the rename
succeeded. This patch tracks the existence of the ...
Iustin Pop
04:51 pm Revision dd36d829: Fix luxi serialization in ganeti-masterd
Currently, lib/ used lib/ for encoding/decoding
messages, but the master daemon uses directly the...
Iustin Pop
04:45 pm Revision 99036060: Allow gnt-debug submit-job to take multiple args
Currently “gnt-debug submit-job” takes a single argument and has
non-trivial startup-costs; in order to exercise the ...
Iustin Pop
04:09 pm Revision d64769a8: Include node name in hypervisor validation errors
The current validation routine just says "failed", without specifying
the node name. This is very confusing, and we s...
Iustin Pop
04:09 pm Revision 8eb148ae: Fix gnt-cluster getmaster on non-master nodes
The current implementation of “gnt-cluster getmaster” doesn't work on
non-master nodes, which is a regression from 1....
Iustin Pop


01:57 pm Revision d1908b41: Release 2.0rc4
Reviewed-by: ultrotter Iustin Pop


05:15 pm Revision d09b6ed3: hbal: add a --quiet option
This option is the opposite of the --verbose option, and it allows
decreasing the verbosity level from the default of...
Iustin Pop


06:40 pm Revision ba6c6006: hbal: Simplify the oneline formatting
This patch moves the oneline format into a separate function for easier
Iustin Pop
06:40 pm Revision dcbcdb58: hbal: Early exit when we don't have any instances
For clusters with no instances, there is no point in computing either
the score or in running the algorithm. In this ...
Iustin Pop
06:40 pm Revision b0517d61: hbal: Add a new min-score option
This new parameter causes the algorithm to finish (or even not start at
all) if we reach/have a score better than it.
Iustin Pop
06:39 pm Revision b161386d: hbal: Change hardcoded tests to monadic composition
In some case we manually do “if isNothing … then Nothing else …”, which
can be very easily replaced with a monadic co...
Iustin Pop


07:13 pm Revision d09ebf6f: Update gnt-instance(8) for info
Add the --all argument, and reword a bit the basic information.
Reviewed-by: iustinp
Guido Trotter
07:13 pm Revision 220cde0b: gnt-instance info --all
Don't show all instances info by default, but require --all to be passed
for this time consuming operation.
Guido Trotter
05:36 pm Revision a6ab004b: LUDiagnoseOS: change locking and error handling
Since the “list OSes” call is exported via RAPI, this can be used pretty
easily to DOS the master daemon during long ...
Iustin Pop
11:43 am Revision ea9ddc07: Fix verify-disks with broken volume groups
When a remote node returns invalid LVM data, we check it, but we don't
stop and continue with the rest of the checks ...
Iustin Pop
11:43 am Revision 9a198532: Prevent errors when xenvg is broken cluster verify
When vg_name is not returned at all, we currently abort with an internal
error. This is because we don't catch KeyErr...
Iustin Pop


10:05 am Revision f438b9b3: Fix the makefile dist rule
It was missing a dependency on the Version.hs file, so right after “make
clean”, a “make dist” used to fail.
Iustin Pop
09:50 am Revision 48470548: Update NEWS file for the 0.0.8 release
Iustin Pop


03:12 pm Revision 8930eef2: Increase allowed missing memory to 512MB
Since Xen seems to “steal” some amounts of memory (depending on total
node memory), we increase the maximum allowed m...
Iustin Pop
02:13 pm Revision 7b255913: Update man pages with the env variables
This patch documents the environment variables in the man pages of hbal
and hn1.
Iustin Pop
02:07 pm Revision 8032b3b5: Add reading the file names from env vars
This patch adds support for selecting the instance/node file names via
two environment variables (HTOOLS_NODES, HTOOL...
Iustin Pop
02:00 pm Revision 45f01962: Implement error checks for extra arguments
Neither hbal nor hn1 take any arguments beside the options, so if any
are passed is most likely an unintended error. ...
Iustin Pop
01:00 pm Revision 050b0c38: Fix the makefile clean rule
Use the $HPROGS variable instead of hardcoding the program names. Iustin Pop
01:00 pm Revision 017382b7: Add a gitignore file
Iustin Pop


01:17 am Revision e0eb63f0: Implement writing the command list to a script
This patch adds support in hbal for writing the command list to a shell
script, with error checking and allowing for ...
Iustin Pop


12:02 pm Revision 3d7cd10b: hbal: Abort for invalid offline node names
Since it's easy to pass a wrong node name as offline, we should abort
instead of silently ignoring it.
Iustin Pop


02:11 pm Revision 949bdabe: A bunch of doc and other small fixes
This patch adds a couple of both externally and internally reported
- missing SGML tags (Issue 54), report ...
Iustin Pop


07:42 pm Revision 8c7aaa72: Trivial typo fix in error message
Reviewed-by: iustinp Alexander Schreiber


03:34 pm Revision 5bbefdec: Release 2.0rc3
Burnin tests were successful, release rc3.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop


02:53 pm Revision 2ab2b9f5: Distribute built documentation
This patch changes the way documentation is built in order to distribute
the generated output in the 'dist' archive, ...
Iustin Pop


11:21 am Revision 77921a95: Disable synchronous (locking) queries
This patch raises an error in the master daemon in case the user
requests a locking query; accordingly, all clients w...
Iustin Pop
11:21 am Revision 2c404217: Fix the output of watcher on non-master nodes
Currently the watcher spews errors message on non-master nodes. This
cleans it up.
Reviewed-by: imsnah
Iustin Pop
11:21 am Revision 6dfcc47b: Change the watcher to use jobs instead of queries
As per the mailing list discussion, this patch changes the watcher to
use a single job (two opcodes) for getting the ...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision 7dd106d3: Fix Xen soft reboot via polling
This patch fixes the Xen soft reboot ("xm reboot") via polling for a specific
time for either changed domain ID or de...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision 5d60b3bd: Add a new ssconf file with the cluster tags
Since the cluster tags are/should be more-or-less static, add them as an
ssconf key, so that querying them is possibl...
Iustin Pop
11:20 am Revision e566ddbd: Add some more debugging info to masterd
This patch will log data about queries, which are today completely
invisible (at the default log level) in the master...
Iustin Pop
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