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Revision d91427ea


Added by Iustin Pop over 14 years ago

Merge commit 'origin/branch-2.1' into feature/containers

  • commit 'origin/branch-2.1': (66 commits)
    Add automated disk repair changes to design doc
    Add review script
    Implement “gnt-node physical-volumes” command
    Add new opcode to list physical volumes
    storage: Use constants.py instead of local constants
    storage: Fix semantics for directory size
    Add “gnt-job watch” command
    jqueue: Fix error when WaitForJobChange gets invalid ID
    jqueue: Update message for cancelling running job
    cmdlib: Change tasklet logging to debug level
    rapi: Add /2/nodes/[node_name]/migrate resource
    gnt-node: Use new opcode to migrate node
    cmdlib: Add new opcode to migrate node
    rapi: Add default parameter to _checkIntVariable
    cmdlib: Add logging for tasklets
    cmdlib: Fix tasklets handling if no tasklets are added
    rapi: Add /2/[node_name]/evacuate resource
    Add information about storage units framework
    Add RPC calls for storage unit list
    Add first implementation of generic storage unit framework


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