Workflow Agent

The workflow agent performs a simple mapping of file events to network actions:

  • Create and Modify events are translated to Upload actions
  • Rename events are translated to Move actions
  • Delete events are translated to a Delete action. If the Delete event targets a folder, the agent sends one delete action for each child item (folder or file)

The agent will skip events that have the Skip flag. This flag is set by the FileAgent to skip repeated identical events and process only the first, eg. the repeated change events that are raised while a file is being copied will result in a single upload action.

The agent will skip events for missing files, unless the event is a Delete.

Selective Synchronization

The Workflow Agent DOES NOT take part in selective synchronization

Startup behavior

During startup, the Workflow Agent checks the File State database to determine files whose upload/download actions were interrupted. For each file, the agent posts the appropriate action (Upload/Download) to the network agent.

Specifically, the agent loads all states whose FileStatus flag is not Unchanged, Conflict or Forbidden. Forbidden is set when a shared file can't be uploaded because the server denied access.