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Revision 14ac15d3


Added by Anthony Liguori about 11 years ago

Update SeaBIOS

- 7d09d0e Fix virtio compile errors on various gcc versions.
- 89acfa3 Support for booting from virtio disks
- 6d66316 smbios: avoid counting io hole as ram
- e5cd945 Fix error causing USB HID "boot" protocol to not be enabled.
- 0e88576 Add support for USB mice.
- dd5a8a6 When USB keyboard active, don't send keyboard commands to ps2 port.
- 5718d56 Document usb-hid.c functions.
- e438b0c Further parallelize init when using CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS.
- f59b5ac Handle unknown function addresses in tools/checkstack.py.
- 9ba1dea Simplify build by manually resolving external symbols in layoutrom.py.
- 698d3f9 USB EHCI should yield() whil waiting for controller to ack reset.
- f9a774c Add attribute((malloc)) declaration to internal malloc funcs.
- b7045ce Minor - remove redundant check from ata_try_dma.
- 67f6d37 Fix possible unitialized variable issue in usb msc.
- a7eb8fc Some improvements to optionrom preemption support.
- d28b0fe Refactor USB hub code.
- ba28541 Prep version for next release.
- 12bffd5 Update version to 0.6.0.
- 87ab2fb Improve USB EHCI timing.
- d705e5a Disable inlining on old compilers.
- bca0736 Force use of indirect function calls in inline assembler.
- d7eb27e Don't move EBDA while an optionrom is running (CONFIG_THREAD_OPTIONROMS).
- 7415270 Call to int1552 (from int1346) should set regs->dl.
- 9dc243e Adjust debug levels of device discovery.
- d9c9361 Default CONFIG_COREBOOT_FLASH on; make depend on CONFIG_COREBOOT.
- c35e1e5 Restore segment limits in handle_1589 code.
- 11cc662 Extend time for rtc to be ready.
- 4ed378a Backup and restore registers when calling out to user funcs.
- 68c5139 Enable irqs in kbd/clock calls that caller might "spin" on.
- f628244 Process event on ps2 keyboard irq even if event already read.
- a5d8458 Revert "Unify ps2 port data processing."
- b9ed5e2 Handle variable length return of ps2 port GETID command.
- 67a9eec Prevent ps2 irqs from messing up ps2 init.
- 6704cf9 Revert "Rework disabling of ps2 port irqs."
- 808939c Fix smp cpu detect on gcc 4.5.
- a979c1c Improvements to tools/checkstack.py.
- 190cc62 Add USB EHCI controller support.
- 0770d67 Some USB UHCI and OHCI fixes and cleanups.
- bfe7ca7 Minor - USB OHCI interrupt queue should be one larger.
- 09e2f7c Reduce size of USB 'struct uhci_td'.
- 406fad6 Dynamically allocate USB controller structures.
- 4547eb9 Replace USB encoded 'u32 endp' scheme with explicit struct fields.
- 8ebcac0 Further parallelize USB init by launching a thread per usb port.
- e908665 Introduce simple "mutex" locking code.
- 3b79f8b Only compile usb-hub.c and paravirt.c with 32bit code.
- 357bdfa Prefer passing a USB "pipe" structure over a USB endp encoding.
- 7fb8ba8 Add a generic "internal error" warning function.

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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