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Revision 60e26a91


Added by blueswir1 almost 14 years ago

Update OpenBIOS images to SVN revision 218. Changes:
r186: Revert broken r161, fix identification string printing (Igor Kovalenko)
r187: Fix NetBSD reset problem
r188: Add a TODO for Sparc
r189: Fix some Sparc32 compile warnings
r190: Fix some Sparc64 compile warnings
r191: Add prototypes for [v]snprintf
r192: Add a common header file for libgcc functions
r193: Implement obmem for NetBSD loader
r194: Add Make dependencies for some files, unify Sparc32/64 build.xml files
r195: Remove debug messages
r196: Add a.out support for SILO
r198: Add a CPU node
r199: Add (bogus) memory nodes
r200: Add idprom node
r201: Make serial console usable
r202: Add MMU node and ops
r203: Add trap table setting function to client interface
r204: Fix MMU translation
r205: Handle 32 bit windows, remove now unused files
r206: Support for simple boot device selection
r207: Fix TLB entry generation
r208: Fix printing of exception messages
r209: Set up tick_cmpr, update assembly flags
r210: Add a clock-frequency node
Fix available and total memory
Implement a static list of mmu translations
Map more pages
Add a fake unmap method
r212: Fix builtin.c dependencies
r213: Add FCode boot loader for Solaris etc.
r214: Add correct reset vectors
r215: Add T1 and T2 CPUs
r216: Fix wrong translations
r217: Add bootargs property for kernel command line
Finally fix the very obscure problem which prevented normal and especially
FCode boot: too small heap (used for Forth memory)!
Remove forced arch_init and boot hacks

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