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Added by edgar_igl almost 12 years ago

SH: Improve movca.l/ocbi emulation.

Author: Vladimir Prus <>

Fix movcal.l/ocbi emulation.
  • target-sh4/cpu.h (memory_content): New.
    (CPUSH4State): New fields movcal_backup and movcal_backup_tail.
  • target-sh4/helper.h (helper_movcal)
    (helper_discard_movcal_backup, helper_ocbi): New.
  • target-sh4/op_helper.c (helper_movcal)
    (helper_discard_movcal_backup, helper_ocbi): New.
  • target-sh4/translate.c (DisasContext): New field has_movcal.
    (sh4_defs): Update CVS for SH7785.
    (cpu_sh4_init): Initialize env->movcal_backup_tail.
    (_decode_opc): Discard movca.l-backup.
    Make use of helper_movcal and helper_ocbi.
    (gen_intermediate_code_internal): Initialize has_movcal to 1.

Thanks to Shin-ichiro KAWASAKI and Paul Mundt for valuable feedback.

Acked-by: Edgar E. Iglesias <>

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