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Added by Wesley W. Terpstra over 9 years ago

mips: rlimit incorrectly converts values

Byte swap was applied in the wrong order with testing for
RLIM_INFINITY. On mips bigendian from an amd64 system this results in
infinity being misinterpretted as 2^31-1.

This is a serious bug because it causes setrlimit stack size to kill
all child processes. This means (for example) that 'make' can run no
children. The mechanism of failure:
1. parent sets stack size rlimit to 'infinity'
2. qemu screws this value up
3. child process fetches stack size as a large (but non-infinite) value
4. qemu tries to allocate stack before execution
5. stack allocation fails (too big) and child process dies

Signed-off-by: Wesley W. Terpstra <>
Signed-off-by: Riku Voipio <>


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