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Revision 9f1d43b1


Added by Anthony Liguori about 9 years ago

Merge remote-tracking branch 'kraxel/usb.42' into staging

  • kraxel/usb.42:
    xhci: fix port status
    xhci: fix control xfers
    usb: add shortcut for control transfers
    usb-host: enable pipelineing for bulk endpoints.
    usb: add pipelining option to usb endpoints
    usb: queue can have async packets
    uhci_fill_queue: zap debug printf
    usb: add USB_RET_IOERROR
    usb: return BABBLE rather then NAK when we receive too much data
    usb-ehci: Cleanup itd error handling
    usb-ehci: Fix and simplify nakcnt handling
    usb-ehci: Remove dead nakcnt code
    usb-ehci: Fix cerr tracking
    usb-ehci: Any packet completion except for NAK should set the interrupt
    usb-ehci: Rip the queues when the async or period schedule is halted
    usb-ehci: Drop cached qhs when the doorbell gets rung
    usb-ehci: always call ehci_queues_rip_unused for period queues
    usb-ehci: split our qh queue into async and periodic queues
    usb-ehci: Never follow table entries with the T-bit set
    usb-redir: Set ep type and interface


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