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Revision d569956e


Added by David Gibson about 10 years ago

Add a hook to allow hypercalls to be emulated on PowerPC

PowerPC and POWER chips since the POWER4 and 970 have a special
hypervisor mode, and a corresponding form of the system call
instruction which traps to the hypervisor.

qemu currently has stub implementations of hypervisor mode. That
is, the outline is there to allow qemu to run a PowerPC hypervisor
under emulation. There are a number of details missing so this
won't actually work at present, but the idea is there.

What there is no provision at all, is for qemu to instead emulate
the hypervisor itself. That is to have hypercalls trap into qemu
and their result be emulated from qemu, rather than running
hypervisor code within the emulated system.

Hypervisor hardware aware KVM implementations are in the works and
it would be useful for debugging and development to also allow
full emulation of the same para-virtualized guests as such a KVM.

Therefore, this patch adds a hook which will allow a machine to
set up emulation of hypervisor calls.

Signed-off-by: David Gibson <>
Signed-off-by: Alexander Graf <>


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