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Revision 64836e81


Added by Dimitris Aragiorgis about 12 years ago

Fix a bug concerning TCP port release

Commit f396ad8 returns the TCP port used by DRBD disk back to the
TCP/UDP port pool using AddTcpUdpPort().

However, AddTcpUdpPort() writes the config on every invocation,
using _WriteConfig(). This causes two problems:

  • it causes critical errors logged by VerifyConfig(), after the DRBD
    disk removal, and until the actual instance removal.
  • if the code following AddTcpUdpPort() fails, the port is already
    returned back the pool, which causes the port to have duplicates
    (inconsistent config).

AddTcpUdpPort() is invoked in three cases:

  • during InstanceRemove() through _RemoveDisks().
  • during InstanceSetParams() in case of disk removal.
  • during InstanceSetParams() through _ConvertDrbdToPlain().

This commit fixes the problem by removing the _WriteConfig() call from
AddTcpUdpPort(), delegate it to Update() via the
TemporaryReservationManager and ensure AddTcpUdpPort() precedes

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>


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