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last changeTue, 26 Nov 2013 09:44:58 +0000 (11:44 +0200)
2013-11-26 Christos Stavrakakisdocs: Add ref to Changelog and NEWS for 0.14.10 master test
2013-11-26 Christos StavrakakisBump version to 0.14.10 0.14.10
2013-11-26 Christos StavrakakisAdd release date for version 0.14.10
2013-11-26 Christos Stavrakakissnf-deploy: Default packages should be wheezy
2013-11-26 Christos Stavrakakisdocs: Update snf-ganeti version in upgrade notes
2013-11-25 Christos StavrakakisRevert "docs: Fix typo to upgrade notes"
2013-11-25 Christos Stavrakakisdocs: Fix typo to upgrade notes
2013-11-25 Christos Stavrakakiscyclades: Rename script
2013-11-25 Christos Stavrakakiscyclades: Rename hotplug to hotplug_if_possible
2013-11-25 Christos Stavrakakiscyclades: Add script for adding name to NICs
2013-11-25 Christos StavrakakisBump version to 0.14.10rc3
2013-11-22 Dimitris AragiorgisGet the latest ganeti packages from wheezy repo 0.14.10rc2
2013-11-22 Christos StavrakakisBump version to 0.14.10rc2
2013-11-22 Christos Stavrakakiscyclades: Add name to Ganeti NICs
2013-11-20 Christos StavrakakisUpdate NEWS file 0.14.10rc1
2013-11-20 Constantinos... docs: Add upgrade notes for v0.14.10
10 years ago debian/0.15rc7-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc7-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc7 Release version 0.15rc7
10 years ago debian/0.15rc6-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc6-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc6 Release version 0.15rc6
10 years ago debian/0.15rc5-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc5-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc5 Release version 0.15rc5
10 years ago debian/0.15rc4-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc4-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc4 Release version 0.15rc4
10 years ago debian/0.15rc3-4precise Release version 0.15~rc3-4~precise
10 years ago debian/0.15rc3-3precise Release version 0.15~rc3-3~precise
10 years ago debian/0.15rc3-1precise Release version 0.15~rc3-1~precise
10 years ago debian/0.15rc3-2precise
10 years ago debian/0.15rc3-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc3-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc3 Release version 0.15rc3
10 years ago debian/0.15rc2-1wheezy Release version 0.15~rc2-1~wheezy
10 years ago 0.15rc2 Release version 0.15rc2
10 years ago feature-uinext-ember
10 years ago develop
10 years ago debian-release-0.15
10 years ago release-0.15
10 years ago feature-uinext-ember-o
10 years ago feature-command-logger
10 years ago feature-unicode-handling
10 years ago feature-uinext-ember-a
10 years ago feature-ci-extras
10 years ago feature-admin-interface
10 years ago feature-apidocs-0.15
10 years ago feature-volume-snapshots
10 years ago feature-pool-projects
10 years ago feature-pithos-account-listing-opt
10 years ago debian-feature-volume-snapshots
10 years ago feature-release-0.15-pithos-hashfilebug