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15d4014d 02/14/2012 12:16 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Turned expiration notification cron job into celery job

ddffea2d 02/13/2012 06:19 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added FQDN resolving in mail notification templates to denote the host that an action originated

a5d4c70f 02/13/2012 05:06 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Wording fix in form Exceptions

abad126d 02/13/2012 03:22 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Added source address to required fields

b36bd381 02/10/2012 03:38 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Altered tech_c mail fetch in views

c00eba1c 02/09/2012 05:56 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Replaced simplejson imports with json

f57f6e68 02/08/2012 01:36 pm Leonidas Poulopoulos

Removed utils/beanstalkc as it is now a deb package

7c900acb 02/04/2012 08:13 am Leonidas Poulopoulos

Fixed minor issue with rule owner on removal

88400e28 01/24/2012 08:59 am Leonidas Poulopoulos

Another admin file cleanup. Moved user profile into new file under accounts

dc9b0d59 01/24/2012 08:52 am Leonidas Poulopoulos

Admin files cleanup and reordering

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