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7b255913 04/20/2009 02:13 pm Iustin Pop

Update man pages with the env variables

This patch documents the environment variables in the man pages of hbal
and hn1.

d0003b35 03/23/2009 08:58 am Iustin Pop

More man page updates

This moves some data from README to the man pages and has other general

d2ac5526 03/23/2009 12:12 am Iustin Pop

Documentation updates

This patch adds a man page for hscan and updates the README and other
man pages with the latest changes.

04be800a 03/22/2009 01:25 am Iustin Pop

Add node memory field to Node objects

This patch adds a new n_mem field to the node objects, and implements
read/save/show support for it. The field is not currently used (except
in the node list) but will be used for checking data consistency and
instance up/down status.

352806f7 03/21/2009 01:20 pm Iustin Pop

Show offline nodes in the node status list

This patch adds a new ‘-’ flag for the node status which denotes offline

b0045e4d 03/14/2009 09:12 pm Iustin Pop

Add a man page for hn1 and update the hbal one

A new man page and typos fixed in hbal.1.