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c2fca018 03/09/2010 09:15 pm Lance Albertson

Fix logic for when to install grub

1c9956c3 03/09/2010 07:47 pm Lance Albertson

disable grub2 support for now until a solution is found

8000c2d8 03/09/2010 02:49 am Lance Albertson

fix logic for when to install grub

07d32070 02/14/2010 12:39 am Lance Albertson

Fix grub installs for 2.x

  • Add functions for setting up grub devices in the chroot, and adding the file
  • Dynamically set the boot and root partition numbers since it changes
    depending on the layout
  • Add file for grub-2.x so that it works correctly
13eb5d4c 02/14/2010 12:03 am Lance Albertson

Move boot_dir higher, and fix TARGET variables

5edb4a94 02/13/2010 02:19 am Lance Albertson

If the grub config is using UUID, ensure it gets updated

Other fixes include only skip setting up grub, don't skip setting up the serial

c3d1b43e 02/12/2010 08:07 pm Lance Albertson

Tell sed to follow symlinks

ad81a23e 02/12/2010 07:45 pm Lance Albertson

Fix logic to be correct

9404f8cd 02/12/2010 02:45 am Lance Albertson

Add proper console option to kernel options

Also fix grub-2.x so that it points to the correct file to munge, and also run
update-grub once its done.

91767b54 02/12/2010 01:23 am Lance Albertson

Add support for setting up serial consoles with grub

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