From 04/09/2012 to 05/08/2012


05:38 pm Revision c475b8f1: Include man page in debian package
Kostas Papadimitriou
05:32 pm Revision a393b350: Add debian packaging dir
Kostas Papadimitriou
05:31 pm Revision 17854c69: Update docs
- Update copyright
- Include initial man page
Kostas Papadimitriou
05:27 pm Revision 55b555a3: Add COPYRIGHT
Kostas Papadimitriou


06:10 pm Revision 8378faf2: Remove clint dependency
Add argparse and ordereddict dependency if Python < 2.7 Giorgos Verigakis
01:42 pm Revision 4e1a34e9: Fix `var not defined' bug introduced in 31231dee4f
Nikos Skalkotos
01:18 pm Revision 31231dee: Do not read more than the given size
Giorgos Verigakis
11:51 am Revision 23cbf878: Change default image URL
Giorgos Verigakis


03:21 pm Revision 863dd770: Switch to progress for progress bars
Giorgos Verigakis


04:46 pm Revision 098ca087: Use print instead of clint.textui methods
Giorgos Verigakis
04:33 pm Revision 7879b932: Use ansicolors for colors
Giorgos Verigakis


07:21 pm Revision 59dec327: Call superclass __init__ in ClientError
Giorgos Verigakis
07:20 pm Revision 72279cdf: Change contact email in docs/overview.rst
Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
06:57 pm Revision 30f8c7cd: Small update to docs
Giorgos Verigakis
06:17 pm Revision d9e46d62: Add missing headers in PUT
Giorgos Verigakis
02:37 pm Revision 16d445fe: Add status_code in Container already exists exception
Giorgos Verigakis


01:58 pm Revision d83a2834: Move default config paths inside config module
Giorgos Verigakis
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