From 12/21/2011 to 01/19/2012


11:37 pm Bug #1895 (Closed): Checking "Run on startup" causes permission exception
Seems Win7 UAC prevents the creation of the startup shortcut Panagiotis Kanavos
11:24 pm Bug #1894 (Closed): High CPU utilization during synching
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:24 pm Feature #1893 (Closed): Add manual refresh operation
Polling will be relatively infrequent (every minute or more) which means we need a manual synch command, per account ... Panagiotis Kanavos
11:23 pm Feature #1892 (Closed): Convert polling frequency to user setting
Use a default of 1 minute Panagiotis Kanavos
11:20 pm Bug #1875 (Resolved): FileAgent doesn't generate move events
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:20 pm Bug #1880 (Resolved): The token in the URL must be Url Encoded
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:11 pm Support #1891 (Closed): How should the client behave when files are moved in the web client?
Panagiotis Kanavos
11:10 pm Revision 78ebfd2d: Added FileSystemWatcherAdapter.cs to raise Moved events from the sequence of D...
Modified PreferencesViewModel.cs to URLEncode the token when opening the Pithos site Panagiotis Kanavos
11:00 pm Bug #1890 (Closed): Wrong interpretation and handling of the List Objects results
The results of the List Objects operation are all objects, not just the objects changed since the IfModifiedSince tag... Panagiotis Kanavos


02:59 pm Revision f7ccec15: Changed GoToSite method to URL encode the token with Uri.EscapeUriString
Panagiotis Kanavos
02:53 pm Revision 9d6d2f6e: Missing change to ManualResetEventSlim
Panagiotis Kanavos


05:55 pm Feature #1882 (Closed): Change account folder creation to create a folder called Okeanos
The UI will prevent the user from creating any folder he likes. The root folder for each account will be called Okean... Panagiotis Kanavos
05:34 pm Bug #1881 (Closed): Warn or prevent users from creating the Pithos folder in an existing folder l...
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:04 pm Bug #1880 (Closed): The token in the URL must be Url Encoded
Also for the account? Panagiotis Kanavos
04:22 pm Bug #1876 (Closed): Folder operations create only a single file event for the folder, not the inc...
Panagiotis Kanavos
04:21 pm Bug #1875 (Closed): FileAgent doesn't generate move events
The FileSystemWatcher used by FileAgent doesn't create the Rename event that erroneously expected. It creates a seque... Panagiotis Kanavos


09:34 pm Revision 70aa5282: Added group views
Panagiotis Kanavos
09:34 pm Revision a70be145: Merge branch 'master' of \\\pk2010\Pithos\
Panagiotis Kanavos
08:59 pm Revision c99473ae: Replaces AutoResetEvent with manual reset event
Panagiotis Kanavos


07:32 pm Revision 0b346191: Added AutoResetEvent to pause processing of network actions while executing de...
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:22 pm Revision 3c76f045: Modifications to delete folder contents
Panagiotis Kanavos
07:55 pm Revision 14ecd267: Changes to delete check order
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:28 pm Revision 039a89e5: Further changes to reduce locking and switch to WAL journal mode for SQLite
Also added dictionary with deleted files with dates to filter upload/download of deleted files.
Should probably add a...
Panagiotis Kanavos
07:52 pm Revision 1b4a7550: Minor fixes and preparing to move
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:19 pm Revision e81dd1f6: Convert ActiveRecord update code to direct ADO calls to reduce locks
Panagiotis Kanavos
07:48 pm Revision b9f5b594: Changes for directories
Added copyright notices Panagiotis Kanavos
07:48 pm Revision 44b979b6: Merge branch 'master' of \\\pk2010\Pithos\
Panagiotis Kanavos
06:54 pm Revision f3d080df: Changes for directories
Added copyright notices Panagiotis Kanavos


11:02 pm Revision 4f6d51d4: Added directory object creation whenever a new directory is created
Showing the file property dialog box for directories Panagiotis Kanavos
10:09 pm Feature #1568 (Closed): Allow synching for multiple containers
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:09 pm Feature #1763 (Closed): Add verification for manually entered account info
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:09 pm Bug #1798 (Resolved): Adding a new file to the Pithos folder causes an SQLite error due to locking
Panagiotis Kanavos


05:07 pm Revision 56b53955: Added OS Version check to disable network connectivity detection in Windows XP
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:05 pm Feature #1613 (Closed): Add container creation code
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:05 pm Feature #1613: Add container creation code
Not needed since the local folder layout has changed. Containers will not be created by the clients in any case, so t... Panagiotis Kanavos
05:02 pm Feature #1698 (Closed): Add container creation command
No other client creates containers so the functionality will not be added to the Windows client
Not really needed, c...
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:00 pm Bug #1784 (Closed): "Next" button remains inactive after validating credentials
While the status of the wizard buttons is controlled by the respective properties (CanSelectNextPage etc), these are ... Panagiotis Kanavos
04:52 pm Revision 53032fb7: Fixed inactive Next button when validating credentials. Fixes #1784
Panagiotis Kanavos


10:10 pm Revision 73cdd135: Simplified several functions by replacing task continuations with async/await
Panagiotis Kanavos
08:08 pm Revision a0dcfcc9: Replaced object load and update with direct HQL execution to resolve database ...
Removed dead code in StatusAgent.cs Panagiotis Kanavos
05:20 pm Revision 4ec636f6: Removed Dataflow code
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:20 pm Revision ab2f6f79: Changes to NHibernate/Activerecord storage code
Panagiotis Kanavos


09:31 pm Revision 5e31048f: Some warning fixes and change of some agents from a hand-coded Agent to Datafl...
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:35 pm Revision 692ec33b: Now closing web request immediatelly after executing a request that has no con...
Fixed content logging that improperly disposed the response stream in RestClient.cs Panagiotis Kanavos
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