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Name Size
Makefile 2.3 kB
cac.c 12.6 kB
cac.h 741 Bytes
card_7816.c 27.3 kB
card_7816.h 2 kB
card_7816t.h 6.9 kB
event.c 2.2 kB
eventt.h 518 Bytes 221 Bytes
link_test.c 572 Bytes
vcard.c 7.8 kB
vcard.h 2.8 kB
vcard_emul.h 2.1 kB
vcard_emul_nss.c 37.1 kB
vcard_emul_type.c 1.6 kB
vcard_emul_type.h 1003 Bytes
vcardt.h 1.7 kB
vevent.h 562 Bytes
vreader.c 11.2 kB
vreader.h 1.9 kB
vreadert.h 564 Bytes
vscard_common.h 4.7 kB
vscclient.c 20.5 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
2542bfd5 08/29/2011 01:47 pm Stefan Weil

Fix spelling in comments and debug messages (recieve -> receive)

Signed-off-by: Stefan Weil <>
Reviewed-by: Andreas Färber <>
Signed-off-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <>

0fc6b582 08/27/2011 06:42 pm Brad

Fix build on OpenBSD with BSD userland emu and smartcard NSS enabled

The first issue is the hard coded POSIX Real Time extensions library in the
libcacard/Makefile. From looking at the code it doesn't seem this is necessary
anyway. Robert Relyea seems to think it most likely isn't necessary....

3f534581 08/22/2011 06:20 pm Brad

Improvements to libtool support.

Improvements to the libtool support in QEMU. Replace hard coded
libtool in the infrastructure with $(LIBTOOL) and allow
overriding the libtool binary used via the configure

Reviewed-by: Andreas F=E4rber <>...

1f22a6bc 08/22/2011 06:19 pm Diego Elio Pettenò

build: list libraries after objects, for proper linkage

Without this change, when using -Wl,--as-needed with GNU linker, the
libraries would be discarded.

Signed-off-by: Diego Elio Pettenò <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

92f562ec 08/21/2011 04:37 pm Anthony Liguori

Remove remenants of qemu_malloc

This covers the various check commands

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

7267c094 08/21/2011 07:01 am Anthony Liguori

Use glib memory allocation and free functions

qemu_malloc/qemu_free no longer exist after this commit.

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

14015304 08/21/2011 07:01 am Anthony Liguori

Make glib mandatory and fixup utils appropriately

Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>

4995f0d6 08/02/2011 02:57 pm Alon Levy

libcacard: use INSTALL_DATA for data

Signed-off-by: Alon Levy <>

0f94d6da 07/26/2011 10:42 am Alon Levy

libcacard: add pc file, install it + includes

+ add --includedir configure parameters
+ make install-libcacard install vscclient as well

2b56cb87 07/22/2011 06:05 pm Christophe Fergeau

libcacard: replace copy_string with strndup

copy_string reimplements strndup, this commit removes it and
replaces all copy_string uses with strndup.

Signed-off-by: Christophe Fergeau <>
Reviewed-by: Alon Levy <>

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