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cc_helper.c 12.7 kB
cpu-qom.h 2.2 kB
cpu.c 5.2 kB
cpu.h 37.2 kB
fpu_helper.c 20.8 kB
gdbstub.c 2.7 kB
helper.c 22.2 kB
helper.h 6.4 kB
insn-data.def 40.8 kB
insn-format.def 2.4 kB
int_helper.c 4.4 kB
interrupt.c 796 Bytes
ioinst.c 18.5 kB
ioinst.h 6.8 kB
kvm.c 25.2 kB
mem_helper.c 27.5 kB
misc_helper.c 13.7 kB
translate.c 129.1 kB

Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
986a2998 07/27/2013 01:04 am Andreas Färber

gdbstub: Replace GET_REG*() macros with gdb_get_reg*() functions

This avoids polluting the global namespace with a non-prefixed macro and
makes it obvious in the call sites that we return.

Semi-automatic conversion using, e.g.,
sed i 's/GET_REGL(/return gdb_get_regl(mem_buf, /g' target*/gdbstub.c...

5b50e790 07/27/2013 01:04 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Introduce CPUClass::gdb_{read,write}_register()

Completes migration of target-specific code to new target-*/gdbstub.c.

Acked-by: Michael Walle <> (for lm32)
Acked-by: Max Filippov <> (for xtensa)
Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

cfae5c90 07/27/2013 01:04 am Andreas Färber

target-s390x: Move cpu_gdb_{read,write}_register()

Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

a0e372f0 07/27/2013 12:23 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Introduce CPUState::gdb_num_regs and CPUClass::gdb_num_core_regs

CPUState::gdb_num_regs replaces num_g_regs.
CPUClass::gdb_num_core_regs replaces NUM_CORE_REGS.

Allows building gdb_register_coprocessor() for xtensa, too.

As a side effect this should fix coprocessor register numbering for SMP....

9282b73a 07/27/2013 12:05 am Christian Borntraeger

target-s390x: Fix CPUState rework fallout

Commit f17ec444c3d39f76bcd8b71c2c05d5754bfe333e
exec: Change cpu_memory_rw_debug() argument to CPUState

missed to update s390x KVM code, breaking the build.

Let's fix it up.

Signed-off-by: Christian Borntraeger <>...

00b941e5 07/23/2013 03:41 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Turn cpu_get_phys_page_debug() into a CPUClass hook

Change breakpoint_invalidate() argument to CPUState alongside.

Since all targets now assign a softmmu-only field, we can drop helpers
cpu_class_set_{do_unassigned_access,vmsd}() and device_class_set_vmsd()....

bdf7ae5b 07/23/2013 03:41 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Introduce CPUClass::synchronize_from_tb() for cpu_pc_from_tb()

Where no extra implementation is needed, fall back to CPUClass::set_pc().

Acked-by: Michael Walle <> (for lm32)
Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

ed2803da 07/23/2013 03:41 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Move singlestep_enabled field from CPU_COMMON to CPUState

Prepares for changing cpu_single_step() argument to CPUState.

Acked-by: Michael Walle <> (for lm32)
Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

f45748f1 07/23/2013 03:41 am Andreas Färber

cpu: Introduce CPUClass::set_pc() for gdb_set_cpu_pc()

This moves setting the Program Counter from gdbstub into target code.
Use vaddr type as upper-bound replacement for target_ulong.

Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>

91b1df8c 07/09/2013 10:33 pm Andreas Färber

cpu: Move reset logging to CPUState

x86 was using additional CPU_DUMP_* flags, so make that configurable in

This adds reset logging for alpha, unicore32 and xtensa.

Acked-by: Michael Walle <> (for lm32)
Reviewed-by: Richard Henderson <>...

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