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Added by Gleb Natapov about 14 years ago

reduce number of reinjects on ACK

Windows 7 BSODs under load with HAL_RTC_IRQF_WILL_NOT_CLEAR error.

It happens here:
8281b93a 8bff mov edi,edi
8281b93c 56 push esi
8281b93d 33f6 xor esi,esi
8281b93f 6a0c push 0Ch
8281b941 e8b2ffffff call hal!CMOS_READ (8281b8f8)
8281b946 84c0 test al,al
8281b948 7920 jns hal!HalpRtcUnmaskClock+0x30 (8281b96a)
8281b94a 6a0a push 0Ah
8281b94c 46 inc esi
8281b94d e854c8ffff call hal!KeStallExecutionProcessor (828181a6)
8281b952 83fe64 cmp esi,64h
8281b955 72e8 jb hal!HalpRtcUnmaskClock+0x5 (8281b93f)
8281b957 6a00 push 0
8281b959 6a00 push 0
8281b95b 6a00 push 0
8281b95d 680a010000 push 10Ah
8281b962 6a5c push 5Ch
8281b964 ff1500c38082 call dword ptr [hal!_imp__KeBugCheckEx (8280c300)]
8281b96a 5e pop esi
8281b96b c3 ret

So it loops for 100(64h) times reading register C before BSOD. Lets
reduce number of immediate reinjection well under this limit.

Signed-off-by: Gleb Natapov <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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