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Revision f214978a


Added by Kevin Wolf about 14 years ago

qcow2: Order concurrent AIO requests on the same unallocated cluster

When two AIO requests write to the same cluster, and this cluster is
unallocated, currently both requests allocate a new cluster and the second one
merges the first one when it is completed. This means an cluster allocation, a
read and a cluster deallocation which cause some overhead. If we simply let the
second request wait until the first one is done, we improve overall performance
with AIO requests (specifially, qcow2/virtio combinations).

This patch maintains a list of in-flight requests that have allocated new
clusters. A second request touching the same cluster is limited so that it
either doesn't touch the allocation of the first request (so it can have a
non-overlapping allocation) or it waits for the first request to complete.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Wolf <>
Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <>


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