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b9e12624 10/17/2013 11:09 am Hrvoje Ribicic

Add a console information RPC call

As the instance queries need console information, and the information
is retrieved through python classes that should not be ported yet, an
RPC call supplying the information has been added. Some tests as well.

Signed-off-by: Hrvoje Ribicic <>...

b9b4f1bf 02/25/2013 11:37 am Iustin Pop

Improve the rpc-test program

This is an ugly patch, sorry. It adds the following features to
rpc-test, to help with (stress) testing the Haskell RPC client:

- customisable repeat count for the RPCs
- customisable parallelisation factor
- options to show timing stats and other information...

3add7574 12/24/2012 11:38 pm Iustin Pop

Rename htools/ to src/

Per offline discussions, this is the first patch of the
renames. Tested with "make distcheck", seems to work fine.

The only change outside of the renaming is a bit of simplification in
the .gitignore rules; otherwise, simply s/htools/src/....