From 02/28/2013 to 03/29/2013


01:34 pm Revision c87d99e9: Make logging more consistent
Generate all logging-specific function members of VncAuthProxy
("info", "error", etc) dynamically, from a single temp...
Vangelis Koukis
12:48 pm Revision fe5fc466: Fix minor typo
Vangelis Koukis
12:35 pm Revision 68caea79: Add support for devflow
Add support for computing version numbers using devflow infrastructure. Vangelis Koukis


05:08 pm Revision 6e40f2a8: Be more verbose when waiting for client to connect
Vangelis Koukis


07:36 pm Revision 03a592b9: Support argument parsing in command line client
Make the vncauthproxy client a proper command line tool,
by adding support for argument parsing. Also output debuggin...
Vangelis Koukis


07:02 pm Revision 180a750f: Work with multiple versions of python-daemon
Vangelis Koukis
07:00 pm Revision 31965126: Make source PEP8-compliant
Vangelis Koukis
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