This project page is obsolete. All Synnefo-related development has been moved to Github, please see http://github.com/grnet/snf-vncauthproxy.

snf-vncauthproxy is a fork of the original vncauthproxy
mostly used by Synnefo

It is a small gevent-based VNC proxy with man-in-the-middle authentication.

vncauthproxy listens on a UNIX domain socket for control messages and sets up one-time port forwardings upon request. As soon as a client connects, vncauthproxy fakes an RFB 3.8 server to request authentication from the client. If the client authenticates successfully, a server connection is initiated by the proxy and both connections are bridged to allow transparent client-server communications.
Main features include:

  • Lightweight, coroutine-based main loop with gevent
  • JSON-formatted requests and replies over the control channel
  • Port pooling for automatic selection of source port
  • Supports RFB protocol versions 3.3, 3.8
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • Configurable timeout for client connections

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