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1 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
.. _NEWS:
2 bbcd3dd1 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
3 bbcd3dd1 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
Unified NEWS file for Synnefo versions >= 0.13
4 bbcd3dd1 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
5 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
6 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
Since v0.13 all Synnefo components have been merged into a single repository.
7 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
8 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
.. _NEWS-0.13:
9 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
10 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
11 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
12 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
13 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
Release Date: UNRELEASED
14 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
15 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
16 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
17 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
18 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Support for pooling throughout Synnefo
19 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Pooled Django DB connections, Pithos backend connections, HTTP
20 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
    connections using single `objpool` package
21 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Improved management commands
22 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Unified codebase for output of tables in JSON, CSV
23 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Bring most of Synnefo code inside a single, unified repository
24 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
  * support automatic Python and Debian package builds for individual commits
25 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
  * with automatic version generation
26 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Overhauling of Synnefo settings: renames and refactoring, for increased
27 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
  uniformity (in progress)
28 1be9263c Vangelis Koukis
* Deployment: Standardize on gunicorn, with gevent-based workers
29 1be9263c Vangelis Koukis
  and use of Green threads throughout Synnefo
30 1be9263c Vangelis Koukis
* Documentation: New scale-out guide, with distinct node roles,
31 1be9263c Vangelis Koukis
  for mass Synnefo deployments
32 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
33 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
34 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
35 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
36 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Support multiple authentication methods
37 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Classic (username/password), Shibboleth, LDAP/Active Directory,
38 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
    Google, Twitter, LinkedIn
39 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Users can enable/disable auth methods, and switch between them
40 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Introduce a UUID as a global identifier for users, throughout Synnefo
41 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * The UUID remains constant as the user enables/disables login methods
42 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Allow users to modify their email address freely
43 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Per-user, per-resource accounting mechanism (quotaholder)
44 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Full quota support, with per-user, per-resource quotas, based on quotaholder
45 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Projects: Users can create and join Projects
46 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Projects grant extra resources to their members
47 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* UI Enhancements for quotas and projects
48 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * distinct Usage tab, showing usage of individual resources
49 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * Project management UI
50 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
  * New Overview page
51 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
52 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
53 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
54 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
55 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Commission resources on quotaholder/Astakos
56 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Support mass creation of flavors
57 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Support for the ExtStorage disk template in Ganeti
58 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Query and report quotas in the UI
59 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Pass VM configuration parameters over a VM-side API (`vmapi`)
60 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
  * Do not pass sensitive data as Ganeti OS parameters
61 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
  * Keep sensitive data in memory caches (memcached) and
62 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
    never allow them to hit the disk
63 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
64 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
65 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
66 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
67 00e1dd01 Vangelis Koukis
* Support storage of blocks on a RADOS backend, for Archipelago
68 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Rewritten support for public URLs, with admin-selectable length
69 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
70 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
71 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
72 5ede2c79 Constantinos Venetsanopoulos
73 0d25d281 Vangelis Koukis
* Extend snf-burnin to include testing of Pithos functionality