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Feature #367: Rate-limiting των requests στο API
Feature #689: Μετάφραση όλων των strings στα ελληνικά
Feature #829: Garbage collection for VirtualMachine and Image instances
Bug #869: Instance details href on network page hover fix
Feature #967: Monitor the number of blocks actually synced to disk
Bug #1069: No Content-Length in empty HEAD responses
Feature #1171: Migration tools
Bug #1537: URL encoded question-marks handled erroneously
Feature #1550: Explore adding Synnefo-specific state in API to support transitional states
Feature #1622: Interface with a full-text search engine
Feature #1717: Support CORS headers
Bug #1732: Filename encoding in Content-Disposition headers
Feature #1733: Check/fix node statistics
Feature #1781: Log all actions
Feature #1910: Write tests
Feature #1998: Static file handling
Feature #2188: Auto activate whitelist file
Feature #2254: Mailcheck integration
Feature #2310: Use password for user authentication
Bug #2314: django processing seems to enter busy-wait loop
Bug #2613: Add recaptcha in password reset
Feature #2742: Use queues for sending emails
Bug #2793: Group quota modifications
Bug #2816: Fix astakos to work with mysql database
Bug #3007: Invalidate active user sessions if password or token change
Bug #3008: Limit the next parameter
Bug #3010: Differentiate validation message in password reset form in case of inactive account
Bug #3149: Detailed object list malfunctioning
Bug #3170: /ui/ and pithos+ not accessible
Bug #3420: kamaki pool initialization
Bug #3480: kamaki logs tokens
Bug #3498: retry http requests, not entire functions
Bug #3530: snf-manage user information
Bug #3534: Section numbers in docs
Feature #3557: Management command to display overdue pending commissions
Bug #3560: Accepting commissions sometimes fail with deadlock in astakos DB
Bug #3561: Make pithos backend pool size configurable
Bug #3562: Make plankton backend pool size configurable
Bug #3572: Synnefo Projects - User information
Bug #3573: Synnefo Projects - WEB UI corrections
Bug #3576: Synnefo Projects - Entering values for a Project
Bug #3582: Determine and document which transaction isolation level Pithos backends can and should be run
Bug #3591: pithos-usage --reset should only reset diverging quotas and should provide a --dry-run
Bug #3594: pithos commission serials must be safely registered in database to allow for recovery
Bug #3613: Change conflict handling in object write
Bug #3625: Change pithos commands
Bug #3645: String literal escape database warning in postgresql
Feature #3650: Utilize astakosclient for communication with astakos
Bug #3745: PUT raises 500 error in case of misformated json request body
Bug #3770: Move - instance
Bug #3988: Configure visibility of astakos components in get_services/get_menu catalogs
Bug #4007: /servers/detail OpenStack API
Bug #4063: Fix partial content responses
Bug #4090: Investigate and improve Shared with me performance
Feature #4127: Extend pithos api to conform with the openstack storage object versioning
Feature #4128: Review public backend implementation
Bug #4166: Do not allow to create a group with the same name of an existing group
Bug #4197: Restore object' s version does not work properly
Feature #4198: Translate uuids to account display names
Bug #4213: Reconciliation exclusions
Bug #4248: Reverse image listing is not an exact reverse listing
Feature #4309: Pithos UI: footer extra message
Bug #4426: Possible pithos bug
Bug #4581: Wizard does not respect the SORTORDER image property
Feature #4601: Investigate use of caching by astakosclient
Feature #4792: snf-manage diffsettings
Bug #4921: Different footer in pithos ui and cyclades ui
Bug #4944: Command output
Bug #4963: object PUT with x-move-from ignores X-Source-Version
Bug #5001: snf-manage user-list --group= ... wrong output
Bug #5063: List over 10000 container objects (paginated listing)
Bug #5069: Wrong Pithos quotas when moving objects
Bug #5111: Gateway on private networks
Bug #5113: Update pithos & astakos docs
Bug #5355: Cyclades helpdesk tool - IPv6 depiction/search
Bug #807: The vncauthproxy package should not be a dependency for Synnefo
Feature #991: Extend Synnefo mechanism to support custom Images
Feature #995: Admin tool to collect and display statistics from the Synnefo DB and the backend
Feature #1151: Admin interface feature requests
Feature #1453: Document the kamaki client
Feature #1462: Update API implementation based on latest version of spec draft
Bug #1481: Setting proper changes-since values for recurrent requests
Feature #1486: Handle change of ganeti master in snf-ganeti-eventd
Feature #1513: Support dynamic attachment and detachment of RBD volumes to and from Ganeti instances
Feature #1514: Explore OpenStack Lunr API, compare with Synnefo block API
Feature #1515: Implement Synnefo Block API
Feature #1523: Machine bundling tool for creation of custom images
Feature #1524: Improvements to the snf-burnin tool
Bug #1787: Proper handling of errors raised on ui initialization
Feature #1791: Display weekly graphs in UI
Feature #1840: Write unit tests for Plankton
Feature #1848: Make the location of all static files a configurable setting
Bug #2022: Fix way version of Python distribution is extracted from 'git describe'
Bug #2126: Reusable middleware to identify the client ip
Bug #2264: Strange chrome behaviour
Bug #1445: IE7 compatibility
Feature #1463: Update UI, use updated version of OpenStack API as per updated draft
Feature #1518: Design and Implementation of Disks tab in the UI (mockups)
Feature #1519: Design and Implementation of Disks tab in the UI (integration)
Feature #1520: Support registration of custom Images with HTTP URIs in the UI
Feature #3012: Display warning when using non-system provided image
Bug #3033: List overflows box and overlaps with utilization graphs in single-server view
Bug #3047: Mixup of connected machines with two private networks
Bug #3074: UI: Message: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'values' of undefined
Bug #2921: UI bug, "resp.images" undefined
Bug #3161: UI: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Window] has no method positionFooter
Bug #3369: Conditionally expand classic signup form
Bug #3395: Astakos does not use CONTACT_EMAIL consistently, MISLEADING documentation
Bug #3396: Cyclades UI, excessive delays on initialization
Bug #3421: Pool size settings
Bug #3442: DELETE on a pithos container returns
Bug #3467: UI proceeds with VM creation while not enough resources are available
Bug #3489: Selecting for update raises EmptyResultSet when filtering on an empty list
Bug #3519: Update pithos installation guide
Bug #3554: Deactivate pithos md5 update by default
Bug #3304: Sort out the Django app space
Feature #3338: Global Synnefo logfile
Feature #3340: Move all Astakos API calls under /astakos
Feature #3341: Quotas API at /astakos/quotas
Feature #3342: Resources API at /astakos/resources
Feature #3343: CRUD management of resources at the Astakos command line
Feature #3344: Define and manage resources as part of Astakos
Feature #3345: Review and rename all Synnefo settings for uniformity
Feature #3346: Service management commands for Astakos
Feature #3347: Implement Quota management commands inside Astakos
Feature #3348: Document the process for adding new resources into Astakos
Feature #3349: Make maximum number of outstanding Project applications a quotable entity
Feature #3350: Integrate the quotaholder into Astakos
Feature #3351: Remove all independent settings for Astakos URLs
Feature #3352: Implement OAuth support inside Astakos
Bug #3356: Make Plankton handle bad reqs correctly
Feature #3361: ~okeanos-neutral branding for Synnefo
Feature #3364: Add progress report for console output of server-list
Feature #3366: add --dryrun argument to all DB-changing management commands
Bug #3397: Misleading initialization messages in the Cyclades UI
Feature #3411: Rename user-set-initial-quota to user-set-base-quota
Bug #3417: apache proxy module pooling
Bug #3418: kamaki + objpool logging
Feature #3435: Quota and usage: option for user-friendly display in management commands
Feature #3495: Show disk template for VM in the UI, get info from Flavor
Feature #3510: Pithos backend: Return objects in a specific domain, optionally filtered by user
Feature #3543: Change pithos default container policy quota to unlimited
Bug #3569: Incorporate pithos tests in burnin tools
Feature #3585: Verify etags behaviour is atomic
Bug #3586: Suppresed exception in snf-pithos-app
Feature #3588: Avoid using user auth token as a parameter in user activation url
Feature #3599: Make possible to accept/reject multiple requests for project membership
Feature #3607: Prevent admins from sending duplicate activation emails
Bug #3717: Replace DateFields to DateTimeFields for enhanced precision.
Bug #3722: pithos backend creates data file parent dirs even if it is only checking for existence
Bug #3733: snf-manage --settings-dir not working
Bug #3793: Protect remove auth provider views from CSRF attacks
Bug #3935: Support archipelago COW provider
Bug #3997: PUT and/or HEAD "object" request ignores content type
Feature #4028: Implement the /extensions API
Bug #4042: -> in all default settings in Cyclades
Bug #4344: snf-deploy procedure throws exception at configuration step
Feature #3353: Support flavor attributes
Feature #3386: Configuration file for snf-burnin
Feature #3829: Make it possible to mark a service as deleted
Bug #4218: Cleanup legacy astakos lib methods
Feature #4739: Burnin as a stress testing tool
Feature #4980: API request validator
Bug #4981: Django's testrunner fails to destroy test DB
Feature #5007: Introduce resource-pool projects replacing current ones
Feature #5008: Adapt UI to resource-pool projects
Feature #5014: Update snf-manage project-list command to match rest of --filter in Synnefo
Feature #5024: Simplify project/application scheme
Feature #5055: Support for multiple snf-vncauthproxy daemons
Feature #5071: Redesign Pithos DB Schema
Feature #5072: Keep same version/uuid when changing object metadata
Feature #5078: Pithos Backend functions for Cyclades
Feature #5109: Optmize Cyclades DB queries
Bug #5119: TypeError when listing over-populated containers
Feature #5164: Provide tests for checking rados backend
Feature #5184: Delete object if ETAG match
Bug #5186: Failing upload of a non existent object with If-None-Match
Feature #3452: Display additional vm fields
Feature #3453: Search by vm id
Feature #3454: Helpdesk logging
Bug #3460: Update token from cookie
Bug #3568: Do not reject all emails if some are invalid in project add member form
Bug #3580: Pithos queries outside transactions cause pooling problems when isolation level is serializable
Bug #3583: Fix helpdesk csrf token handling
Bug #4086: Return region info in the result of POST /tokens
Bug #4092: Restore communication with openstack clients
Bug #4131: Fix shared listing for implicitly shared objects
Bug #4154: 413 REQUEST ENTITY TOO LARGE move object
Bug #4240: favicon missing from pithos ui
Bug #4501: Views should return 405 (Method Not Allowed) instead of raising (500) AssertionError for not allowed request methods
Bug #4502: 500 Internal Server Error on file sharing
Bug #4727: Fix detailed listing of public objects (shared by me)
Bug #4776: View failure for objects under directory
Bug #4786: Astakos: Remove existing unverified users on third party identifier takeover
Bug #4796: Exception thrown: DoesNotExist: AstakosUserAuthProvider matching query does not exist.
Bug #4804: Exception thrown at /oauth2/auth
Bug #4971: Fix unicode issue in requests for authorisation code
Feature #5019: Optionally enforce a specific content disposition type
Bug #5064: Update API documentation
Bug #5168: Failure during accessing public object
Bug #4142: Email of user a file is shared to is invisible
Support #5025: Adjust kamaki CLI to astakosclient/project_API changes
Feature #5051: Semanticly clean up responses
Support #4058: Create unittests for top-level kamaki.cli.* functions
Feature #4664: Implement a command for opening and editing remote files with local applications
Feature #4668: Implement a command to encrypt files before uploading them
Feature #4670: Support aliases in kamaki
Bug #4704: Document file ranges and make them friendly
Feature #4810: Allow pithos commands to recognise users by username
Feature #4811: Add match and filter arguments in listing commands (and others of similar functionality
Bug #4865: Non positional arguments are partially matched
Feature #4873: Use burnin for functional tests
Feature #4960: Meta file at image register should be shared the same way the image file does
Bug #4986: URL params are not always url-encoded
Bug #4987: kamaki file list does not show all directories as directories
Bug #4990: In image modify, rename --(un)publish to --public/--private
Feature #4991: Better handling of file/image target location
Bug #4992: Multiple ways to create a container
Feature #5002: AstakosClientError class to merge ClientError and AstakosClientException
Support #5031: Enrich documentation with network-related examples
Support #5052: Adjust project-related commands to comply with synnefo > 0.15
Bug #5104: Make network_id an optional param when creating a floating IP
Feature #5150: Take care of HTTP headers with unicode values
Bug #5160: Status bar not woking when appending to a file
Bug #5180: Unquote and encode ONLY the synnefo-related headers when receiving an HTTP request
Feature #4337: Cache user catalog requests
Feature #4340: Reorganize astakosclient-originated command namespaces
Feature #4479: .kamaki.history recommendations
Feature #4546: Implement the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) API
Feature #4563: Expose networking commands
Feature #4583: Design and implement a new kamaki commands naming scheme
Feature #4596: Wrap argumentparser to allow required yet non-positional arguments
Support #4612: Seperate starting points for kamaki one-command and kamaki-shell
Feature #4617: Move threading control to the commands that use threads, add --threads option
Feature #4624: Implement wait-while and wait-for, generalize and extent to networks
Support #4625: pithos object identification
Bug #4692: Update Documentation to reflect the changes in version 0.12
Support #4752: Document astakosclient commands w. examples
Bug #4880: Keep bw compatiblity and update documentation to reflect astakos renamings
Bug #4081: Do not tag upsteam branch if tag already exists
Bug #3049: User is not informed that his token is invalid
Bug #3050: Loading Status is offcenter on the x
Bug #3051: Invalid token cannot be updated
Bug #3052: Default Provider is Rackspace
Bug #3053: Change of wording in the New Account option
Bug #3054: Folders show 0 byte size
Bug #3055: Selecting any file on the list results in an FC
Feature #2175: No desktop notifications
Bug #4684: Refreshing API Key fails randomly
Bug #4685: Possible memory leak
Bug #4686: Issue with syncing phandom files
Feature #4687: Vendor Registry
Feature #4688: Restructure New Account/Add Account wizard
Feature #4689: Action Log
Feature #4751: Force Update Check
Bug #4773: Client Fails to check authentication
Feature #4781: Add checks in installer
Bug #4805: Link to home issue on tray icon.
Feature #2224: Try to embed the file upload plugin in the file list area to use for drag'n'drop
Feature #2304: Always show the container in the "shared by others tree"
Feature #2318: New left pane layout
Bug #2335: Labels in permissions dialog should have more space between them
Bug #2336: There is a system error when setting permissions
Feature #2337: Selected folder 's background should be darker
Feature #2338: The icon for permission removal should be replaced by the remove icon of plupload and a tooltip "remove" should be added
Feature #2340: When there are no groups and the user selects add group permssions should be presented with the create group dialog
Feature #2341: Add a "create group" node as a last item in the group tree
Feature #2342: Change the look'n'feel to closely match that of okeanos
Feature #2343: In shared by me section bring the context menu and toolbar items back
Feature #2344: In Shared by me filelist add a path column
Bug #2345: Shared by me and Shared to me sections display the progress indicator forever if there is nothing shared
Feature #2346: My files section should be collapse/expand
Feature #2347: Add validation to metadata form
Bug #2348: Show correct values for creator and parent in dialogs
Bug #2349: Add validation to permission form
Feature #2373: In sharing dialog the "remove" button should be a "remove" link
Feature #2375: Create group should ask for users (do not allow empty groups)
Feature #2376: Turn + and remove buttons into "Add", "Remove" links for metadata
Feature #2378: In "Shared by me" contect menu add a "Copy" option
Bug #2398: When the last member is deleted the group should dissapear too
Feature #2399: Even smaller font for the total statistics
Feature #2400: Check the usernames in sharing to be valid emails
Feature #2401: In sharing, user and group names should not be in bold
Feature #2402: Rename "close" to "hide" in upload window when there are uploads in progress
Feature #2403: Drag 'n drop uploads
Bug #2436: Context menu is displayed incorrectly with an offset equal to the amount the page has scrolled
Bug #2438: When removing the last user from a group, the group tree still displays the group
Bug #2440: The regexp that validates usernames accepts incorrectly xxxx@xxxx (4 chars) but not xxx@xxx (2 chars)
Bug #2441: Uploader selects previously uploaded files if the uploader popup has not been opened (so that old files are cleared)
Bug #2442: ScrollToView after upload should be done to the name cell instead of row to avoid horizontal scroll
Feature #2443: Hide start upload button as it is not needed
Bug #2444: If I drop a file and then drop another the alert still shows 1 and the progress bar is not updated
Bug #2488: After rename the file should be selected and scrolled into view
Bug #2530: Selecting pithos of a user sharing with me, results in selecting all pithos from all users sharing with me
Bug #2548: If the number of subfolders is too large, a "Show more" is displayed at the end. We need to avoid this behaviour
Feature #2550: Auto-refrsh requests should use the if-modified-since for the container
Feature #2551: Εμφάνιση των folders και δεξιά
Feature #2552: Use retries in case the server returns errors
Feature #2553: Avoid requesting for each subfolder to determine if it has children
Bug #2554: Change empty trash command to delete all objects in the container instead of traversing the tree
Feature #2630: Use the new DELETE with delimiter
Feature #2631: Use the new COPY with delimiter
Feature #2632: Use the new MOVE with delimiter
Bug #2633: Empty trash does not work due to 409 CONFLICT
Bug #2650: Make delete operation blocking with a glass panel
Feature #2651: When empty trash is ready add an "empty" option in all containers
Feature #2652: Check the behaviour when non-marker folder has been shared to me with read-only and I try to act on it
Bug #2747: Avoid 403 when heading foreign folders that are not shared but are parents of shared
Feature #2748: Don't show size for subfolders in the list (on the right)
Bug #3058: Sharing is not recursive
Bug #3059: Trying to remove a contact from a group fails
Bug #3071: Chrome & FF cant download PDF files
Bug #3111: Context-menu unusable in Chrome 24
Bug #4033: Multiple selection issue
Bug #4035: Erroneous behavior in case of objects with same name
Feature #6115: Support container creation and project reassignment
Bug #6698: `Show more` link is almost invisible in Shared with me side list
Feature #5195: In dd, check how bs, obs and ibs parameters behave
Feature #4956: Examine how much space the snapshot consumes
Feature #4957: Allow the user to omit the snapshot
Feature #4982: Add a mechanism for allowing the user to delete arbitrary files during image creation
Feature #5074: Run arbitrary scripts to the guest image
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