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Added by Georgios D. Tsoukalas almost 11 years ago

Enhance the new settings framework.

- Add an annotation superclass Setting
See synnefo.settings.setup:Setting for documentation.

- Add Mandatory, Default, Auto, Constant, Deprecated, setting subclasses.

- Add management command 'settings' with setting filtering and
various options for displaying settings.

- Add fundamental dynamic settings such as SERVICE_BASE_URL, etc.

- Write some example annotations for settings.

- Transition and other concerns: * Eventually all settings must be annotated and conformant.
Currently this has been relaxed with a FIXME.
Duplicate annotation errors and setting override errors
are disabled with a FIXME.

  • Django settings that are critical for synnefo must be annotated?
  • Django settings that are not critical must be set in specific
    files 'NN-system.conf' in order to be accepted without annotation.
  • Cleanup test settings so they don't need many exceptions
    (e.g. relaxing mandatory settings)
  • The following are demos, and probably will need to be tuned
    to specific requirements:

    - The Deprecated and Constant classes
    - Setting validation.
    Right now it must be incorporated within the configure callback.
    - The snf-manage settings --printout-files option,
    - The snf-manage settings --select list of filters.
    - There is a commented-out synnefo.setting namespace cleanup block.
    Django only considers all-caps names for settings and
    this notion has been inherited for this setting framework.
    However, cleaning up synnefo.settings breaks it.


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