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Added by Georgios D. Tsoukalas about 11 years ago

pool context manager, http pool AssertionError fix

Refs #3492

- Introduce a generic PooledObject class to act both
as a context manager for getting and putting back
an object from a pool.

- Implement a class PooledHTTPConnection(PooledObject)
as a sublcass of the one in (1)

- Eliminate httplib.HTTPConnection patching of close().
Eliminate put/get_http_connection.
The httplib.HTTPConnection object is no longer released
back to the pool via a method on it.
One must explicitly put it to the pool,
or use the PooledObject context manager in (2) above.

- Update lib.astakos, lib.quotaholder.http,
synnefo.api.delegate, pithos.api.delegate to use

- Update tests


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