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Revision 5f90e24c


Added by Christos Stavrakakis over 10 years ago

cyclades: Various fixes relative for volumes

  • Do not store source_{volume_id, image_id, snapshot_id} as seperate
    fields. Instead store them in the 'source' field, with a special prefix
    to indicate the source type.
  • Add 'origin' field to Volume model to contain the origin that will be
    passed to Ganeti disk
  • Check that 'source' option is used only for ext_* volumes
  • Check that if a volume is used as source, the volume is in 'AVAILABLE'
  • Implement deleting a volume by detaching it from the corresponding
    server. Also, forbid detaching the root volume(index=0) of a server
  • Rename 'hotplug' to 'hotplug_if_possible' in Ganeti methods.
  • Rename 'name' and 'description' API attributes to 'display_name' and


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