A Shibboleth Where Are You From service & SAML 2.0 Discovery Service.

Its main features include:
  • Bindings for parsing Shibboleth 1.3 & Shibboleth 2 metadata and extracting institution information.
  • Heuristic grouping of institutions into categories.
  • Heuristic detection of a user's identity provider using cookies, reverse DNS lookups & static IP address maps.
  • Replaceable HTML templates.
  • Full support for localization and internationalization using customized templates and gettext (currently featuring English & Greek).

As a bonus, the web application can be used for serving an AAI website, including support pages that extract contact information from the metadata.

In fact, it has been successfully used to serve the AAI website of GRnet.

The software is written in Python using the Django framework.

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Manager: Zenon Mousmoulas