Giorgos Verigakis

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05:52 pm Synnefo Revision 3e470a3a: Add missing arg strings
04:00 pm Synnefo Revision 61b9822f: Add --set-active and --set-inactive in modifyuser
03:59 pm Synnefo Revision cee58c74: Ignore .egg-info files


03:15 pm Synnefo Revision 397d5cbe: Move common code to
02:50 pm Synnefo Revision add3d318: Add inviteuser command
02:49 pm Synnefo Revision 004cc109: Send an email to user when activating
01:43 pm Synnefo Revision ca96a346: Use the correct year in copyright clauses
01:38 pm Synnefo Revision 19a2b04c: Merge branch 'master' of into admin


06:33 pm Synnefo Revision df48dd1b: Add admin management commands
Added the following commands:
* activate user
* create user
* list invitations
* list users
* modify user
* show invi...


12:50 pm Synnefo Bug #1986: Disallow creation of VMs from images deleted in Plankton
It should now return Image not found if you try to create an instance with a deleted image.

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