Feature #5019

Optionally enforce a specific content disposition type

Added by Sofia Papagiannaki almost 7 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

Status:Resolved Start date:02/03/2014
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Target version:0.15


Introduce a disposition-type request query parameter in the object read requests (public requests and views).

The only accepted values are inline and attachment (other values are ignored).

If disposition-type is provided and has a valid value this disposition-type is enforced in the Content-Disposition header
regardless of the object's Content-Disposition metadata.

Associated revisions

Revision a7887941
Added by Sofia Papagiannaki almost 7 years ago

docs: Update pithos api guide.

Document content disposition type enforcement.

Refs: #5019

Revision 1d2af25c
Added by Sofia Papagiannaki almost 7 years ago

pithos: Optionally open object's content inline in the browser.

Refs: #5019


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