From 01/01/2012 to 01/30/2012


06:08 pm Bug #1964 (Closed): glance upload does not interleave read()s with POSTs to remote
It seems @kamaki glance upload@ does not interleave reading from an image file with POSTing blocks to the remote Pith... Vangelis Koukis
05:56 pm Feature #1963 (Closed): progress report on image upload
Please add some sort of progress monitoring during @kamaki store upload@, for example a text-based progress bar.
Vangelis Koukis
05:53 pm Feature #1962 (Closed): More helpful error codes on HTTP errors
Currently, without @-v@:... Vangelis Koukis
05:39 pm Bug #1961 (Closed): .kamakirc created with insecure permissions
@~/.kamakirc@ is created with @-rw-r--r--@ permissions, which is insecure, because it contains auth tokens.
Please m...
Vangelis Koukis
04:39 pm Revision b3b32add: Bugfixes
* Rename asterias to cyclades
* Remove create image from compute
* Fix missing imports
Refs #1956
Giorgos Verigakis
04:37 pm Revision 1e45c7f8: Fix
Include kamaki.clients in packages
Refs #1955
Giorgos Verigakis
03:25 pm Bug #1956 (Closed): global name 'ClientError' in not defined
When running @kamaki glance list@ without proper authentication:... Vangelis Koukis
03:19 pm Bug #1955 (Closed): Failure to install in virtualenv
Trying to install ./kamaki using Vangelis Koukis


03:58 pm Revision 176894c1: Add a store download command
Giorgos Verigakis


06:41 pm Revision d2cea1e2: Add Pithos support
* Use Pithos' smart upload if available
* Add store container command
* Add store delete command
Giorgos Verigakis
01:08 pm Revision a1c50326: Modularize clients
Giorgos Verigakis
01:04 pm Revision 6c35c63c: Add setup tools support
Giorgos Verigakis


03:20 pm Revision 8ab2c986: Add missing glance functions
Giorgos Verigakis


05:51 pm Revision a6757cbc: Add full support for list and register in glance
Giorgos Verigakis


04:27 pm Revision 614b80ce: Rename to
Use absolute imports
Update build script
Giorgos Verigakis
04:04 pm Revision eb3ca8ca: Major refactoring
Groundwork to support different APIs (synnefo and
New configuration mechanism (kamaki config)
Giorgos Verigakis
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