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Latest revisions

# Date Author Comment
4067cdaf 11/26/2012 02:12 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix sphinx auto-doc syntax warning

b8e90894 11/23/2012 07:25 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Document with client cli commands showcases

a6370d73 11/23/2012 06:33 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Document command specs and one-command interface

f23a5cdb 11/23/2012 03:38 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Quick setup guide, remove empty lins in image list

457cb69b 11/23/2012 12:13 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Initialize new documents in docs

8f489707 11/22/2012 06:22 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Expand documentation

d44b407c 11/22/2012 03:39 pm Kostas Papadimitriou

Sphinx config file fixes

- proper path append
- check if snf-common is available

e9304ec6 11/22/2012 03:33 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix some docs errors

7845bf51 11/22/2012 03:21 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Fix local-path ref, undo register_cli syntax modif

WAS: register <name> <location>
THEN: register <location> [name]
NOW: register <name> <location>

but can run with --update to update an existing image instead of
replacing it

329753ae 11/21/2012 12:39 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Update docs, fix bug when progress not installed

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