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8694bdad 09/30/2013 11:56 am Stavros Sachtouris

Separate object/container level args, raise errors

Refs: #4301

-R/--recursive argument will be a container-level only argument,
so all arguments should be separated and raise erros in case of wrong usage

7f85a914 09/27/2013 05:21 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Remove token from http body (can be switched on)

Refs: #4300

62d2efd8 09/27/2013 03:20 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Merge branch 'feature-improve-wait-behavior' into develop

bf5408f4 09/27/2013 03:07 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Modify Changelog for updates in cli wait methods

Refs: #4351, #4352, #4345

8547cd19 09/27/2013 03:01 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Add a timeout argument to cli *_wait methods

Refs: #4352

e9c73313 09/27/2013 01:49 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Modify progress bar behavior in cyclades wait

Refs: #4352

Progress bar is now able to "count down", be "eating" the bar instead of
filling it, thus has meaning for timeouts
All waits are time-outs, except for "server BUILD"

a9598baf 09/26/2013 06:15 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Make wait_* methods to behave gracefully in CLI

Refs: #4345, #4341

176d8002 09/26/2013 05:06 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Merge branch 'feature-general-documentation-update' into develop

9684f569 09/26/2013 04:24 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Adjust pithos tests to error code corrections

e372fc24 09/26/2013 02:53 pm Stavros Sachtouris

Remove progress from docs requirement

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