From 12/05/2011 to 01/03/2012


09:31 pm Revision 5e31048f: Some warning fixes and change of some agents from a hand-coded Agent to Datafl...
Panagiotis Kanavos
05:35 pm Revision 692ec33b: Now closing web request immediatelly after executing a request that has no con...
Fixed content logging that improperly disposed the response stream in RestClient.cs Panagiotis Kanavos


10:40 pm Revision 06f11e8b: Fixed frequent timeout by always closing WebResponse objects
Panagiotis Kanavos
06:21 pm Revision e38c5881: Merge branch 'master' of
Panagiotis Kanavos
06:21 pm Revision 23821bd2: Modified icon
Fixed account SiteUri Panagiotis Kanavos
12:10 pm Bug #1799 (Closed): No debug logging files
Must add appropriate debug logging in log4net configuration. Some exceptions are lost now because they don't reach th... Panagiotis Kanavos
12:08 pm Bug #1798 (Closed): Adding a new file to the Pithos folder causes an SQLite error due to locking
Is the agent code broken? Are multiple monitors using separate status agents targeting the same database? Panagiotis Kanavos


12:57 pm Revision 52e8e7d9: Converted Content-Length to optional in CloudFilesClient.cs
Added validation message to AddAccountView.xaml Panagiotis Kanavos


09:35 pm Bug #1785 (Closed): Removing an account causes repeated exceptions
When an account is removed from the accounts page the corresponding FileSystemWatcher is also removed, yet the networ... Panagiotis Kanavos
09:01 pm Bug #1784 (Closed): "Next" button remains inactive after validating credentials
The "Next" button remains inactive in the Automatic Pithos Account page of the Add Account Wizard after validating cr... Panagiotis Kanavos
08:39 pm Revision 8dd2bdfb: Fixed error that caused continuous credential retrieval in Auto account page
Panagiotis Kanavos
03:45 pm Revision 74d78c90: Fixed settings save that was disabled due to the addition of a Uri property
Removed "IsPithos" property from UI and classes
Using default token 0007 for feedback
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:09 pm Revision f734ab5b: Updated wizard and AccountInfo to include the server's URL. Added account vali...
Panagiotis Kanavos


10:51 pm Feature #1763 (Closed): Add verification for manually entered account info
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:42 pm Revision 0338939c: Changed MonitorAccount to call StartMonitor which handles reauthentication
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:41 pm Bug #1762 (Resolved): Entering account info by hand can result in 401 errors
Panagiotis Kanavos
10:41 pm Bug #1762 (Closed): Entering account info by hand can result in 401 errors
This can happen if the api key entered has expired or is invalid. The code path that starts monitoring after entering... Panagiotis Kanavos
09:46 pm Revision 56d43ebb: Changed version date to 2001-12-07
Panagiotis Kanavos
09:44 pm Bug #1701 (Resolved): Open Pithos folder appears yet does nothing
Resolved as in #1702, by disabling the menu and changing its text to "No Accounts Defined" to tell the user why the ... Panagiotis Kanavos
09:43 pm Bug #1702 (Resolved): "Open Pithos folder" doesn' display existing accounts until they are authen...
Resolved by disabling the menu and changing its text to "No Accounts Defined" to tell the user why the menu is disabled Panagiotis Kanavos
09:42 pm Revision 6aa29f4f: Added splash gradient
Added icons to taskbar menu
Replaced box icon with pithos icon at 16x16
"Open Pithos Folder" menu is disabled if no a...
Panagiotis Kanavos


11:28 pm Revision 363bad87: Fixed setup registry issues and removed unnecessary MEX endpoint from StatusSe...
Panagiotis Kanavos
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