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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
4805 BugNewLowLink to home issue on tray icon.01/15/2014 04:33 pm
4773 BugResolvedHighClient Fails to check authenticationGiorgos Pantazis12/18/2013 07:19 pm
4686 BugNewMediumIssue with syncing phandom files Giorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 01:03 pm
4685 BugNewMediumPossible memory leakGiorgos Pantazis01/15/2014 04:34 pm
4684 BugResolvedHighRefreshing API Key fails randomlyGiorgos Pantazis12/02/2013 02:07 pm
2352 BugClosedMediumTry to determine whether we can upload files in folders Shared to the client by uploading a test filePanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:51 pm
2329 BugClosedMediumDisable Selective Synch if the account is not authenticatedPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:52 pm
2307 BugClosedMediumMultiple permissions for the same account on the same object cause exceptionsPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:52 pm
2287 BugClosedHighDrag and drop a single text file results in stuck hashingPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:52 pm
2276 BugClosedHighIn Selective sync the selection is never savedPanagiotis Kanavos04/09/2012 06:17 pm
2275 BugClosedLowUsage context menu show 1 entry for multiple accounts.Panagiotis Kanavos04/09/2012 06:17 pm
2274 BugClosedLowSelective Sync doesnt show all available folders in the cloud.Giorgos Pantazis04/09/2012 06:18 pm
2253 BugClosedMediumUpload status notifications should be similar to the download notificationsPanagiotis Kanavos04/03/2012 11:44 pm
2252 BugClosedHighFailure to retry failed upload due to 502 errorPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:53 pm
2239 BugClosedMediumNew accounts may appear twice in the Account Folders menuPanagiotis Kanavos04/26/2012 09:53 pm
2227 BugClosedHighWrong synchronization of empty foldersPanagiotis Kanavos03/20/2012 06:09 pm
2225 BugClosedHighInstaller doesnt install 64bit Pithos.ShellExtensions.dll on 64bit forcedGiorgos Pantazis03/23/2012 05:32 pm
2221 BugClosedLowMenu option No Account Defined should be linked to Account creationPanagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2220 BugClosedHighLogin URL for Production environmentPanagiotis Kanavos04/03/2012 08:12 pm
2219 BugClosedMediumShow notification when the user clicks "Check for upgrades"Panagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2205 BugClosedHighNew Pithos Server URLPanagiotis Kanavos03/15/2012 06:34 pm
2204 BugClosedHighKill currently running Pithos proccessGiorgos Pantazis04/09/2012 06:17 pm
2201 BugClosedMediumDisable menu items if no account is addedPanagiotis Kanavos03/21/2012 11:57 am
2200 BugClosedMediumAdding an account and pressing Apply and OK results in the creation of two entriesPanagiotis Kanavos03/13/2012 02:40 pm
2197 BugClosedMediumCreation of multiple empty Pithos folders results in only a single download operationPanagiotis Kanavos03/12/2012 09:20 pm

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