Pithos Web Client Wiki

Production of new Pithos Web Client releases

By date:

git archive --prefix=pithos-web-client-<date>/ HEAD | gzip > pithos-web-client-<date>.tar.gz

By release:

git archive --prefix=pithos-web-client-N.N.N/ vN.N.N | gzip > pithos-web-client-N.N.N.tar.gz

Create a new version on redmine, upload to the Files section of the project.

Build the web client binaries

prerequisites: git, jdk 1.6, ant

git clone https://code.grnet.gr/git/pithos-web-client

cd pithos-web-client

Edit the file runtime.properties and set the loginUrl and cloudbar properties to the correct values eg.

CLOUDBAR_LOCATION =https://accounts.staging.okeanos.grnet.gr/static/im/cloudbar/
CLOUDBAR_SERVICES =https://accounts.staging.okeanos.grnet.gr/im/get_services
CLOUDBAR_MENU = https://accounts.staging.okeanos.grnet.gr/im/get_menu


cd bin/www/gr.grnet.pithos.web.Pithos

This folder contains the "binaries" (html and javascript actually). Those files should be put somewhere to be served by the web server.
For deploying to pithos.dev.grnet.gr, upload everything to /var/www/pithos_web_client where they are served under /ui.

Important reminder: Due to Same-Origin-Policy the web client should be served under the same domain as the API.