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3f68fa52 11/11/2013 03:28 pm Dimitris Aragiorgis

cyclades: Remove deprecated network type in ganeti

Signed-off-by: Dimitris Aragiorgis <>

b36d45e6 11/11/2013 03:28 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Use opportunistic locking

Use opportunistic locking, introduced in Ganeti 2.7, to allow parallel creation
of VMs in the Ganeti backend. When this option is set, Ganeti iallocator
will allocate the VM only to nodes that not locked (e.g. by other VM...

2b4becab 11/11/2013 03:28 pm Christos Stavrakakis

gtools: Fix compatibility issues with ganeti-2.7

  • SimpleConfigReader has been removed. Use SimpleStore
  • QUEUE_DIR has been moven from ganeti.constants to ganeti.pathutils
  • _QueuedJob.Restore takes 2 more arguments
  • cyclades: Group info is returned as list instead of string
94ea30c8 11/11/2013 03:26 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Fix bug in network reconciliation

Skip reconciliation for a network that does not exist in the DB, if
reconciliation is running without the '--fix' option.

01f5f8d9 11/04/2013 03:20 pm Christos Stavrakakis

cyclades: Workaround for race condition in Ganeti

Workaround for race where OP_INSTANCE_REMOVE starts executing on Ganeti
before OP_INSTANCE_CREATE. If this is the case, OP_INSTANCE_REMOVE will
not wait for locks, instead it will fail because the instance has not...

3d5906fe 10/16/2013 06:21 pm Giorgos Korfiatis

Resolve some undefined names

Add missing imports; remove call to sqlite3_changes; set key and val
in render_meta.

27724645 09/27/2013 04:50 pm Christos Stavrakakis

Revert "wheezy: Remove setup_environ"

This reverts commit a813a25117f3db14d5517f630d6d0e163a58b0f8. This
commit is reverted because it breaks compatibility with Django 1.2. This
should be applied for Synnefo 0.15.

68d7a31d 09/27/2013 04:34 pm Christos Stavrakakis

reconciliation: Strip Ganeti IP addresses

Strip spaces from Ganeti IP addresses, since they are not automatically
ignored in newer versions of ipaddr.

a813a251 09/27/2013 03:22 pm Christos Stavrakakis

wheezy: Remove setup_environ

From Django docs:
This function temporarily modified sys.path in order to make the parent
“project” directory importable under the old flat startproject layout.
This function is now deprecated, as its path workarounds are no longer...

eb99b367 09/25/2013 12:40 am Christos Stavrakakis

wheezy: Temporary disable reconciliation tests

Temporary disable reconciliation tests because they still run with
fixture data, that are not loaded correctly.

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