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snf-manage user information

Added by Konstantinos Tompoulidis about 11 years ago. Updated almost 11 years ago.

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When using "snf-manage user-show $UUID" the received information is the sum of all quotas (user and project quota).
This is not mentioned somewhere explicitly.

In order to get more precise quotas we now use "snf-manage astakos-quota --user $UUID" which has a detailed output of all the above.
The "snf-manage user-show $UUID" should contain everything in detail regarding the user.
"snf-manage astakos-quota ..." should not contain user specific information.
"snf-manage project-show $ProjID" should contain the project related information and should also specify in the accepted members the $UUIDs of the accepted members.

In order to have a general overview there should probably be a "snf-manage stats..." or "snf-manage astakos-stats...".

Associated revisions

Revision 91eca048
Added by Giorgos Korfiatis about 11 years ago

astakos: List quotas in user-show with `--quotas'

Refs #3530

Use the same utility function as astakos-quota. Update the latter
to a SynnefoCommand.


#1 Updated by Konstantinos Tompoulidis about 11 years ago

I happened to also need the current usage besides the whole (project and user) quota.

Ideally under snf-manage user-show $UUID at the bottom the information should be displayed in a table.
The values should be vertical and the horizontal fields should contain user:used/total - project:used/total - total : used/total (per field).

#2 Updated by Konstantinos Tompoulidis about 11 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Georgios Tsoukalas to Giorgos Korfiatis

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